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22 Dec

Development notes for Terra Inferma

Do you think you have a lot to say?

I do, but doesn’t everyone? You have to know exactly, but not know at the same time. Give into the demons and you might find a new voice in your prose. But Thomas Pynchon and Robert Belano helped me find love in sentences, and reach my maturing status as a writer, but again, who is ever mature?

Does someone need to be taken seriously anymore?

No. It’s for people who can’t take a joke or women who have dad humor. Please, stop. For all men out there.

Is there a reason for life?

If you are a eunuch, you are useless. A carrot is more useful than a eunuch. If you apply that to a mentality, you are fucked again. But a monk is something to behold. They have a reason unlike anyone else. I purposefully withheld all my writing for a long time and continued writing like a monk only enjoyed the sentences and was figuring out what he was writing. A monk is what the writer should model themselves after. Partying is not what writers do. They are the assassin’s who work in the dark. But even that is not what I think of writers. They are the scholars lost in the bookstores picking up everything they can read. It’s about gathering information and using it or misrepresenting it to their own benefit. A monk is the next best thing that always helps the writer remain focused. It’s about sitting still and never moving. It’s about constantly writing. The monk has been a mysterious figure and the abbots are ones to hold dear. They are the essential slacker in giving up the fruits of life and holding onto the scholarly knowledge of God without giving the world what it truly wants. It’s about withholding all earthly pleasures to find the beautiful moment in what they tend to understand is the private thought that even they had to consider the depths of their own locks between young men and the old wise men. But scholars have yet to find the true existence of their craft unless it’s to study another’s craft. A writer studies their own intricacies and knows what they mean. The writer who knows his own work can figure out and continue to find deliberate meanings in the way they listen to their own vowels and how the words are delivered. The best writers are the best observers of the delivered phrase. It’s about revelations, and if a writer doesn’t have that intent, the vision will always remain cloudy. It’s not bad to be an entertainer, but if you are selling garbage and cliche’s that people have already seen before, then don’t come to me to ask how to fix your problems. You have chosen the life of bullshit, but sometimes if it’s interesting, then it can slide, but if it’s straight garbage and the garbage that comes out of your mouth and sentences infects others. I didn’t use affect because infection sounded better. But to remain a staunch republican about books is not my MO. Creativity will never find itself in a classroom of snobs with turtlenecks and glasses who have no other aspiration but to discourage people from writing because their writing is not very good, but the best writers never listen to the pessimism of lesser mortals. The best writers can encourage other writers to be and do better without using negativity as a crutch for their ego. It’s hard to find someone who can help bolster but also give you good advice on where to go with your writing, but in the end, you have to know where you are going. I may have repeated it before, but what helps a good writer is intuition, and if it’s for the reader, then that’s not bad, but sometimes telling the reader where to go isn’t good sometimes. A voice is a voice and it needs to interact with the reader. The best writers have a voice too. As the Wu-Tang Clan say, “they bite their own rhymes,” because it’s better to copy yourself instead of someone else. It’s nice to understand your own language than someone else. I always keep my best stuff to myself and never let it go out before it’s ready.

Do you have any projects you want to pursue?

I never talk about that. Only what has already been done.

What do you think of movies today?

The only two good movies that came out this year are mother! and Blade Runner 20149. I think the real winner this year was Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Other than those two movies, it still can’t do what #wolf2 is doing today.

Do you believe a writer should be apart of a staff?

I belong to no company or publisher that will tell me what to say. I don’t believe I fit in corporate culture any more than I do a job. It’s a job, and if you treat writing like a job, it won’t be fun anymore.

What do you think of fans?

After you write a book, you really don’t expect anyone to read it. It’s fine because there’s no expectation and worrying if it will sell. Granted, you would like it to sell, but if it’s a piece of art that exists without the attention of a reader, you will be fine. Many good novels are still novels for a reason. They still can’t seem to make a movie out of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. It’s so gruesome, and even when all the violence happens, the villain wins in the end. No one wants to sit in a movie theater to see that. It’s hard to watch Marvel movies when they all have a happy ending. But fans demand too much out of art because they don’t know how to make it. The ones who do, know how to do it, but whatever it means, fans do not concern me. If people read it, I’m fine with it, but I have never met anyone who was totally in love with me and my avatar. That seems like science fiction to me. But I’m not against readers taking an interest in the words, studying them with a loving fascination, but the crazies are the ones I have not met yet.

What do you think of SJW’s?

I think they mean well, but I believe they don’t actually want to listen to anyone except themselves, and they spend so much time trying to fix society, and it just doesn’t work. There are three things you can’t change: Hollywood, The Internet, and toxic relationships. Everyone tries, but they all fail in the attempt. Hollywood has been sexist for so long that it seems like an impossible task to try and change it. I don’t really want to see a feminist movie that doesn’t say anything at all and has dad humor in it. That’s not a movie and don’t try to sell it to me. The Internet has always been an open garbage can, and once you start cleaning it, it gets dirtier quickly. The Internet is about free expression, and never about tea and crumpets. Such an old saying, but it works. But SJW’s mean well, but I’m an old-school liberal, who is willing to listen to all sides of an opinion, and want to listen rather than speak. As Bill Maher said, “The last good liberals are filled with come.” And let’s be clear, I don’t hate the people who voted for Trump, but I think they were deceived, but it was hard to say that when it comes to the 2016 election, both candidates were awful, even though I did vote for Hillary, it was a bad choice for me. At this point, I have no political party I am linked to other than Bernie Sanders. He just seems like the best candidate out of our current situation now. I don’t hate Trump or the people who voted for him either.

What do you think of penning an autobiography?

Other than speak memory by Nabokov, I don’t think writers should write their autobiography. I find more truth in fiction than I do in real life.

Development notes for Terra Inferma “new project”

21 Dec

Development notes for Terra Inferma

Disclaimer: this concerns the last post concerning the “new project”. The name is Terra Inferma.

Currently reading: Speak Memory by Nabakov

Currently playing: Doom and Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Nintendo Switch. Skyrim on switch (barely and losing focus on each playthrough) Wolfenstein 2 on PS4 and Switch (next year).

Is there a place in the world for writers who think?

Thinkers will always think. If people don’t think, then nothing will get written or made.

What is the C Axis?

It’s something unexplained by the wisdom of the Terra Inferma, which means that code can always move in and out of dimensions. The feeling that what happens on a Y and X axis cannot compete with the C axis, which understands itself beyond two different points. It’s often made no compromises with the Engine. It takes up little room but what it continues to use is the main circumference. Code in a circle.

Is there a point in which you should stop?

If I’m dead, then I will stop writing.

Is there apathy towards people who sell a lot of books?

I’m not against selling books, but if it’s genre crap that doesn’t speak to the human condition, then it’s another batch of garbage. Sometimes really smart writers sell but they don’t have the same support that a Dan Brown will have.

What do you want to sell?

Really eccentric stuff that wouldn’t even be seen on the NY times list. New York has really been out of touch when it comes to what readers want. For a long time, NY knew what people wanted, but they grew too fat and happy selling crap to people because they need crap writers to keep the business of publishing going. Stephen King is not a crap writer, but others who fall into that category, like Dan Brown, are a name that represents garbage in words. His writing is cliche but people like cliche’s, and that doesn’t mean that all cliche garbage will sell. Literature reminds me that it’s this ghetto that can’t really represent real life, and I have always thought science fiction and fantasy has taken over where literature held it for so many years. Ideas are what help science fiction sell, but sometimes it takes a character to make a story work or multiple characters. It’s not a bad thing to misunderstand, but what fiction reminds me is that anything can happen. I write against type and genre, and I have no demand to stay in one genre. Words and actions and thoughts are what make me live and breathe in novels. Being a philosopher is what I am to reach in my fiction. Defying genre is a high expectation for any writer, and most writers do not work that hard. They just want to write a story but not be as ambitious. It’s often the ambitious who are ignored, but they are doing things that most people would never think of. It’s a commitment. Commitment is about leveraging honesty and bullshit together. The setting may be out of your depth, but the truth of a subject has to shine forward. Life is complicated, and people don’t have the patience of crafting a difficult novel. They don’t have the patience. They know their feelings are too lost in making money and they have no craft left to say it. I have more left to say, I’m not that old yet.

Do you hope to be published by a big or semi-big publisher?

If they were willing to accept my demands, and we can find a middle ground between their space and mine, it should happen. But let’s say we’re working on a horror novel, and are about to publish it, the novel has certain criteria and I want to see certain things in it that the publishers are afraid of. If the characters are hard working blue collar people, that’s what they should remain. It’s easy to write about smart people, but hard-working people need their moment to shine as well. Celebrities already have their space. Working in mud and sewage appeals to me as a writer. Sometimes I write about people in an office, but it all depends on the novel too. I am a big admirer of video games, and I feel that I am making games just as they are meant to be seen in words. So, I have no competition with anyone, and I can write a novel better than any top ten writers. It’s knowing how to push the buttons, and make people push back into intellectual debate. Visual imagery can help with that too, but sometimes it takes deep thought that can wake people out of a comatose nightmare. Bleed into words and find the path through the subconscious. Ozone layers that seep into the bloodstream and coagulate into pure mushrooms festering in the stomach glands.

Is there anything left as pure art?

There is with my stories and novels. They are the reason I continue to prosper. Video games are entertainment, while novels and paintings are art. But they have put video game art in museums, so go figure.

Have you ever thinking about donating something to science?

A dead pigeon.

Do you have something against science or religion?

They think they both have the answers, one requires evidence and the other belief, but sometimes, it takes both, not clearly identified by both. Sometimes your mind needs to think about dragons and how cool it would be to see one, but there’s a thing about how you can make a child boring. Give it no imagination. If you only give it facts and science, it will turn into a living petri dish of profundity and skepticism. To believe in something takes more brain power. It’s giving in and over to a belief that something exists that you can’t see. Now, if it’s a religion, it has its moments too. The experts who willingly say they know something are genuinely lying to convince someone they are right. It’s all preachers and scientists do. They all lie, just with a difference of opinion and evidence. Both are supremely stupid. Be yourself even when others tend to force their science on you. The science of the streets are one to look for in writing too. Catch the ear of the streets, and you will succeed. Catch how the common man talks, and you will be king in their eyes. Every writer is king until they act against the God, all living and breathing in unity with the same wisdom that captures the spirit and soul.

Does religion bother you?

No more than dragons or demons do, but if you are a storyteller, you can’t shy away from the metaphysical aspects of what’s not there.

Development notes

19 Dec

Development notes:

Currently read: Invitation to a beheading and Lolita by Nabakov. Masters of Doom by Jared Kushner.

Currently reading: The Eye by Nabakov

Is your next project connected to any other of your novels?

No, this project has only one reference to a previous novel, The Data Chase, which references one video game studio, Malpractice Studios, which is the main character’s video game company, which was more of a business type of thriller, which I didn’t want to do. I wanted to do a novel where you are getting to know the people who work behind the screens, and are making a game where they don’t know what they are making. A plot was there before, but it still sounded like a thriller. This had to be the opposite of a thriller. The people who write thrillers all the time must get bored, because, after a while, everyone will try and refer it to something else. It’s fine, but what we wanted to do is find something that might potentially bore people but fascinate them at the same time. It meant talking about everything else instead of the plot. It’s hard to find a plot, but a plot that has been already used is still the same, and what happens is that the writer is just repeating the same thing to no end. I find that while my writing is difficult, the simplicity of following a group of characters that don’t have a single idea of what they are making. Video games are rather basic writing, but the plot, if there is one, is about a game that no one knows that they are making, but it continues to evolve on its own, and the makers are finding their own meanings in it. If that’s the plot, it’s a rather threadbare one.

What do you hope to achieve by writing a book that has little to no plot?

Plot is not bad. Sometimes it’s not needed. Sometimes the best books are about people that don’t know what they are doing. Art is simply that. Writing is essentially the most complicated passion, which only gets easier when one continues to write. But sometimes plot can prohibit the language from speaking to the reader. A voice is what readers look for, and plot for everything seems silly. I just wish they would use fewer plots in novels because if that’s the intent, the reader is into it. This is a novel about first world problems. Third world problems make a faster thriller, but first world problems are what continues to make people laugh, but take it seriously in the context of the story. What happens is the reader must become apart of the characters lives and know that there is no plot to it, and plot is for people who have rather untidy lives. They want to be told that everything is okay, and sometimes, I’m not going to say that. Don Delilo said that too. The best writers tell you it’s a bad world out there. Plot is sometimes letting the reader know you are respecting them, but the story is like connecting stars and identifying stars, but sometimes, the best stories are the stars they make for themselves. Nabakov uses plots very deceptively, and subtlety. Lolita is a very subtle book that doesn’t allow one spark of rage to follow until the last half of the book. And Humbert doesn’t seem like a pervert but misunderstood. It doesn’t sound like there should be no sympathy for a child molester, but as a man who has dated young girls of 21, there are intricacies that Nabakov just understood about young girls. What allows the reader to empathize is to understand become the character as well. Plot was important to me as a young man, but I know where I’m going now, and the reader can infer from the sentences, and read into them for deeper meaning.

What’s your process?

My process is one of a philosopher who writes novels. Camus said if you want to be a philosopher, be a novelist. It has stuck with me and that’s why I write, and it’s not to fill a genre because a genre is a classification, not a way of writing. It’s where booksellers put the book. Sometimes writers have fallen into the pitfalls of a genre and all the traps that come with it. Sometimes if a mystery is really terse, and the character says too many cliches’s, it’s become a genre book. If a mystery book has sentences and it’s building the world and it’s describing into immense detail the way the room is lit, and someone can see beyond the murder, and empathize with the victim and oppressor, without being a cliche, can achieve a perfect balance of creating sentences and call itself a genuine piece of art. But it’s easy to create cliche’s than make works of art. It’s easier to not give backstory and just run in a direction that’s easier for people to follow. But making art is sometimes playing against the expectation of genre and the audience expectation of a novel. Novel means new, and you have to create something new, unless it’s broken into a series. Most of my books are one single book, but they have been broken into parts, which I never agreed with, personally. If the publisher is offering more money to be broken up, but to just be broken for the reader’s sake is not what writers think about. I mostly think about the sentences and what a writer has to achieve by losing friends who won’t call them back. It’s always for the best if people never call you. You have all the time in the world to write.

Do you distrust people?

My priest told me that you shouldn’t expect much from people. It’s weird to hear that from a priest, but it’s the best advice that you could ever give someone. You won’t be disappointed and bitter towards them if they don’t always call you back. Sometimes they have ten times more mental health issues than you, and just need to be alone. Sometimes they are dealing with gender identity and relationship issues such as co-dependency, or sexual addictions, but people won’t tell you this in life. They think they can handle it on their own, and that’s when they commit suicide. People are complicated, but I wish people could just have told me that “I’m dealing with some things, I need to be alone,” because I’m not a mind reader. I’m pretty smart, and perceptive, now, but in your 20’s, you miss out on a lot. But being a writer all through my life, I have had to figure it out with the best way an artist can, is through art. You can’t expect much out of people, and their limits can only hold but for so long. I hold no resentment or ill feelings toward them because sometimes, you just have to look out for yourself. Find a woman or man, and just pour everything into them. For virgin men, gay or straight, lose your virginity to a prostitute, which will help you out tremendously. The pain won’t feel so bad. Pain can sometimes blind people from appreciating each other, and selfishness is just another reason why most people have no friends. For a writer, they can feed off loneliness, the best ones can. As William Burroughs said, “If you can’t handle being alone in a room with a typewriter, find another profession.” Writing is hard profession. It’s an act of knowing who you are and redefining your goals with each book. Apocalypse Soldier took seven years to write, and a lot of it made me really want to cringe, but it was an exorcism, but the best stories are exorcisms from a writer’s soul. What happens is what most artists experience is turning over in the grave without actually dying, and you think, did I just write this, and a big shit eating grin should be on your face. Then you can start the next book.

Should books be long or short?

If it’s long or short shouldn’t concern the writer, but a long book can be fun too. It’s breaking protocol. It’s a bad ass way to live a life of letters. It’s an experience that should always be interpreted multiplied, and never petitioned by politicians.

Do you have any misgivings writing a book?

Fuck. No.

You don’t ever worry about people misinterpreting your work?

Fuck. No.

What should people know about your work?

I have been writing since I was sixteen, and what I have learned is that after many years of writing is that you can’t expect the writing to stay the same forever. Through years of practice, you will get better. I have written so much that people will know that it falls into two categories. The earliest stuff will be commercial and using more quotations. The later period will always have more sentences, and fewer quotations. Sometimes like “To the Moon and Back” has a little bit of both, because I had to use a system that most readers would know. The regular reader needed quotations, but it wasn’t a demotion to use it. I wrote To the Moon and Back and am still proud of it. I would rather write a book that felt dangerous rather than safe. Writing against type and genre and story is what I live for. Offending the status quo, on both political avenues, is where most writers should live.

Do you hate your enemies?

My enemies are dead or are living normal lives, while I have tasted the wine of excess and continue to taste shotgun powder and return it with two barrels in their face. I have little to say to them because my time is more important to recognize them. But what makes it even better is that winners know how to win. By not following the rules, and playing against type and genre and story, and you will be complete and happy.

To the Moon and Back: Reflections on​ Science Fiction and Current Events

3 Dec

Upon retrospect of the posts I have written in the past, it troubles me. Not because I am living in fear of Trump, but I was living in fear, like every Democrat. I began to imagine a world that was not living in fear. I wrote “To the Moon and Back” and I began to imagine if the world wasn’t as trustworthy of the press, but I also saw another metaphor that couldn’t be ignored. Aliens. The people who are abducted reminded me of the people who had been overlooked in all the years that came bubbling up from the underground. Many who are abducted are told they are crazy or psychotic. They are given no benefit of the doubt. I wanted to take that and place it in the larger context of where we were today. I am not a Trump supporter, but I am less resentful or angry, or could be called a far left wing person. I had to be in the mind of people who didn’t like Hillary Clinton. But now as I wrote the book I came to peace with the notion that Trump is an evil dictator. Bannon was as close as people saw who was damaging to the White House more than Trump did. It made sense that when I wrote the book, it was disenfranchised Liberals who voted for Trump. But when I wrote “To the Moon and Back,” I think that I am proud to have published it as well. It reminds me that when you try to understand what Republicans must have felt like under Obama, Democrats are feeling the same sting they felt a long time ago. I am not distrustful of the media, but I do see they are living in the past when it comes to Republicanism. I am not completely Republican or Democrat, but I am hopeful of a Bernie Sanders revolution (now as I look at this with immediate regret as the case of Anti-fa ravaged America in 2020, I hate Bernie and his clan) in my lifetime. I was duped by the media to believe that Hilary was the better option. But what made me reconsider Hilary in retrospect is that, yeah, she was smart. No doubt. She wanted to help people. She even posed with a black child at one of her meetings. It just seems that Bill Clinton represented this voice more than she did. I describe that it “hurt” my characters to vote for Hilary, but they did it anyway. But the problem was how could she prove that she was the best candidate? Yeah, I understood it, but the public didn’t believe it. Calling people “Deplorable” was the last thing anybody voting for her wanted to hear, especially in Pennsylvania, because that’s where most business suffers. Bernie Sanders never played into that trap, god hoping he doesn’t in the future. I hope he doesn’t. But what I explored in “To the Moon and Back” is to be hopeful for the future when it does look grim. As Killer Mike said in an interview, “Befriend a Republican” because you will help change Trump supporters minds. Help them see that you are a good open-minded person. The willingness to understand is what I implore of everyone. When I wrote “To the Moon and Back” I feel like science fiction and current events are molded together now. I find it hard to go back to the extreme left wing or right, but I am more currently involved in trying to become a better human being through science fiction as well.

-Louis T. Bruno