To the Moon and Back: Reflections on​ Science Fiction and Current Events

3 Dec

Upon retrospect of the posts I have written in the past, it troubles me. Not because I am living in fear of Trump, but I was living in fear, like every Democrat. I began to imagine a world that was not living in fear. I wrote “To the Moon and Back” and I began to imagine if the world wasn’t as trustworthy of the press, but I also saw another metaphor that couldn’t be ignored. Aliens. The people who are abducted reminded me of the people who had been overlooked in all the years that came bubbling up from the underground. Many who are abducted are told they are crazy or psychotic. They are given no benefit of the doubt. I wanted to take that and place it in the larger context of where we were today. I am not a Trump supporter, but I am less resentful or angry, or could be called a far left wing person. I had to be in the mind of people who didn’t like Hillary Clinton. But now as I wrote the book I came to peace with the notion that Trump is an evil dictator. Bannon was as close as people saw who was damaging to the White House more than Trump did. It made sense that when I wrote the book, it was disenfranchised Liberals who voted for Trump. But when I wrote “To the Moon and Back,” I think that I am proud to have published it as well. It reminds me that when you try to understand what Republicans must have felt like under Obama, Democrats are feeling the same sting they felt a long time ago. I am not distrustful of the media, but I do see they are living in the past when it comes to Republicanism. I am not completely Republican or Democrat, but I am hopeful of a Bernie Sanders revolution (now as I look at this with immediate regret as the case of Anti-fa ravaged America in 2020, I hate Bernie and his clan) in my lifetime. I was duped by the media to believe that Hilary was the better option. But what made me reconsider Hilary in retrospect is that, yeah, she was smart. No doubt. She wanted to help people. She even posed with a black child at one of her meetings. It just seems that Bill Clinton represented this voice more than she did. I describe that it “hurt” my characters to vote for Hilary, but they did it anyway. But the problem was how could she prove that she was the best candidate? Yeah, I understood it, but the public didn’t believe it. Calling people “Deplorable” was the last thing anybody voting for her wanted to hear, especially in Pennsylvania, because that’s where most business suffers. Bernie Sanders never played into that trap, god hoping he doesn’t in the future. I hope he doesn’t. But what I explored in “To the Moon and Back” is to be hopeful for the future when it does look grim. As Killer Mike said in an interview, “Befriend a Republican” because you will help change Trump supporters minds. Help them see that you are a good open-minded person. The willingness to understand is what I implore of everyone. When I wrote “To the Moon and Back” I feel like science fiction and current events are molded together now. I find it hard to go back to the extreme left wing or right, but I am more currently involved in trying to become a better human being through science fiction as well.

-Louis T. Bruno

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