Development notes for Terra Inferma “new project”

21 Dec

Development notes for Terra Inferma

Disclaimer: this concerns the last post concerning the “new project”. The name is Terra Inferma.

Currently reading: Speak Memory by Nabakov

Currently playing: Doom and Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Nintendo Switch. Skyrim on switch (barely and losing focus on each playthrough) Wolfenstein 2 on PS4 and Switch (next year).

Is there a place in the world for writers who think?

Thinkers will always think. If people don’t think, then nothing will get written or made.

What is the C Axis?

It’s something unexplained by the wisdom of the Terra Inferma, which means that code can always move in and out of dimensions. The feeling that what happens on a Y and X axis cannot compete with the C axis, which understands itself beyond two different points. It’s often made no compromises with the Engine. It takes up little room but what it continues to use is the main circumference. Code in a circle.

Is there a point in which you should stop?

If I’m dead, then I will stop writing.

Is there apathy towards people who sell a lot of books?

I’m not against selling books, but if it’s genre crap that doesn’t speak to the human condition, then it’s another batch of garbage. Sometimes really smart writers sell but they don’t have the same support that a Dan Brown will have.

What do you want to sell?

Really eccentric stuff that wouldn’t even be seen on the NY times list. New York has really been out of touch when it comes to what readers want. For a long time, NY knew what people wanted, but they grew too fat and happy selling crap to people because they need crap writers to keep the business of publishing going. Stephen King is not a crap writer, but others who fall into that category, like Dan Brown, are a name that represents garbage in words. His writing is cliche but people like cliche’s, and that doesn’t mean that all cliche garbage will sell. Literature reminds me that it’s this ghetto that can’t really represent real life, and I have always thought science fiction and fantasy has taken over where literature held it for so many years. Ideas are what help science fiction sell, but sometimes it takes a character to make a story work or multiple characters. It’s not a bad thing to misunderstand, but what fiction reminds me is that anything can happen. I write against type and genre, and I have no demand to stay in one genre. Words and actions and thoughts are what make me live and breathe in novels. Being a philosopher is what I am to reach in my fiction. Defying genre is a high expectation for any writer, and most writers do not work that hard. They just want to write a story but not be as ambitious. It’s often the ambitious who are ignored, but they are doing things that most people would never think of. It’s a commitment. Commitment is about leveraging honesty and bullshit together. The setting may be out of your depth, but the truth of a subject has to shine forward. Life is complicated, and people don’t have the patience of crafting a difficult novel. They don’t have the patience. They know their feelings are too lost in making money and they have no craft left to say it. I have more left to say, I’m not that old yet.

Do you hope to be published by a big or semi-big publisher?

If they were willing to accept my demands, and we can find a middle ground between their space and mine, it should happen. But let’s say we’re working on a horror novel, and are about to publish it, the novel has certain criteria and I want to see certain things in it that the publishers are afraid of. If the characters are hard working blue collar people, that’s what they should remain. It’s easy to write about smart people, but hard-working people need their moment to shine as well. Celebrities already have their space. Working in mud and sewage appeals to me as a writer. Sometimes I write about people in an office, but it all depends on the novel too. I am a big admirer of video games, and I feel that I am making games just as they are meant to be seen in words. So, I have no competition with anyone, and I can write a novel better than any top ten writers. It’s knowing how to push the buttons, and make people push back into intellectual debate. Visual imagery can help with that too, but sometimes it takes deep thought that can wake people out of a comatose nightmare. Bleed into words and find the path through the subconscious. Ozone layers that seep into the bloodstream and coagulate into pure mushrooms festering in the stomach glands.

Is there anything left as pure art?

There is with my stories and novels. They are the reason I continue to prosper. Video games are entertainment, while novels and paintings are art. But they have put video game art in museums, so go figure.

Have you ever thinking about donating something to science?

A dead pigeon.

Do you have something against science or religion?

They think they both have the answers, one requires evidence and the other belief, but sometimes, it takes both, not clearly identified by both. Sometimes your mind needs to think about dragons and how cool it would be to see one, but there’s a thing about how you can make a child boring. Give it no imagination. If you only give it facts and science, it will turn into a living petri dish of profundity and skepticism. To believe in something takes more brain power. It’s giving in and over to a belief that something exists that you can’t see. Now, if it’s a religion, it has its moments too. The experts who willingly say they know something are genuinely lying to convince someone they are right. It’s all preachers and scientists do. They all lie, just with a difference of opinion and evidence. Both are supremely stupid. Be yourself even when others tend to force their science on you. The science of the streets are one to look for in writing too. Catch the ear of the streets, and you will succeed. Catch how the common man talks, and you will be king in their eyes. Every writer is king until they act against the God, all living and breathing in unity with the same wisdom that captures the spirit and soul.

Does religion bother you?

No more than dragons or demons do, but if you are a storyteller, you can’t shy away from the metaphysical aspects of what’s not there.

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