22 Dec

Development notes for Terra Inferma

Do you think you have a lot to say?

I do, but doesn’t everyone? You have to know exactly, but not know at the same time. Give into the demons and you might find a new voice in your prose. But Thomas Pynchon and Robert Belano helped me find love in sentences, and reach my maturing status as a writer, but again, who is ever mature?

Does someone need to be taken seriously anymore?

No. It’s for people who can’t take a joke or women who have dad humor. Please, stop. For all men out there.

Is there a reason for life?

If you are a eunuch, you are useless. A carrot is more useful than a eunuch. If you apply that to a mentality, you are fucked again. But a monk is something to behold. They have a reason unlike anyone else. I purposefully withheld all my writing for a long time and continued writing like a monk only enjoyed the sentences and was figuring out what he was writing. A monk is what the writer should model themselves after. Partying is not what writers do. They are the assassin’s who work in the dark. But even that is not what I think of writers. They are the scholars lost in the bookstores picking up everything they can read. It’s about gathering information and using it or misrepresenting it to their own benefit. A monk is the next best thing that always helps the writer remain focused. It’s about sitting still and never moving. It’s about constantly writing. The monk has been a mysterious figure and the abbots are ones to hold dear. They are the essential slacker in giving up the fruits of life and holding onto the scholarly knowledge of God without giving the world what it truly wants. It’s about withholding all earthly pleasures to find the beautiful moment in what they tend to understand is the private thought that even they had to consider the depths of their own locks between young men and the old wise men. But scholars have yet to find the true existence of their craft unless it’s to study another’s craft. A writer studies their own intricacies and knows what they mean. The writer who knows his own work can figure out and continue to find deliberate meanings in the way they listen to their own vowels and how the words are delivered. The best writers are the best observers of the delivered phrase. It’s about revelations, and if a writer doesn’t have that intent, the vision will always remain cloudy. It’s not bad to be an entertainer, but if you are selling garbage and cliche’s that people have already seen before, then don’t come to me to ask how to fix your problems. You have chosen the life of bullshit, but sometimes if it’s interesting, then it can slide, but if it’s straight garbage and the garbage that comes out of your mouth and sentences infects others. I didn’t use affect because infection sounded better. But to remain a staunch republican about books is not my MO. Creativity will never find itself in a classroom of snobs with turtlenecks and glasses who have no other aspiration but to discourage people from writing because their writing is not very good, but the best writers never listen to the pessimism of lesser mortals. The best writers can encourage other writers to be and do better without using negativity as a crutch for their ego. It’s hard to find someone who can help bolster but also give you good advice on where to go with your writing, but in the end, you have to know where you are going. I may have repeated it before, but what helps a good writer is intuition, and if it’s for the reader, then that’s not bad, but sometimes telling the reader where to go isn’t good sometimes. A voice is a voice and it needs to interact with the reader. The best writers have a voice too. As the Wu-Tang Clan say, “they bite their own rhymes,” because it’s better to copy yourself instead of someone else. It’s nice to understand your own language than someone else. I always keep my best stuff to myself and never let it go out before it’s ready.

Do you have any projects you want to pursue?

I never talk about that. Only what has already been done.

What do you think of movies today?

The only two good movies that came out this year are mother! and Blade Runner 20149. I think the real winner this year was Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Other than those two movies, it still can’t do what #wolf2 is doing today.

Do you believe a writer should be apart of a staff?

I belong to no company or publisher that will tell me what to say. I don’t believe I fit in corporate culture any more than I do a job. It’s a job, and if you treat writing like a job, it won’t be fun anymore.

What do you think of fans?

After you write a book, you really don’t expect anyone to read it. It’s fine because there’s no expectation and worrying if it will sell. Granted, you would like it to sell, but if it’s a piece of art that exists without the attention of a reader, you will be fine. Many good novels are still novels for a reason. They still can’t seem to make a movie out of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. It’s so gruesome, and even when all the violence happens, the villain wins in the end. No one wants to sit in a movie theater to see that. It’s hard to watch Marvel movies when they all have a happy ending. But fans demand too much out of art because they don’t know how to make it. The ones who do, know how to do it, but whatever it means, fans do not concern me. If people read it, I’m fine with it, but I have never met anyone who was totally in love with me and my avatar. That seems like science fiction to me. But I’m not against readers taking an interest in the words, studying them with a loving fascination, but the crazies are the ones I have not met yet.

What do you think of SJW’s?

I think they mean well, but I believe they don’t actually want to listen to anyone except themselves, and they spend so much time trying to fix society, and it just doesn’t work. There are three things you can’t change: Hollywood, The Internet, and toxic relationships. Everyone tries, but they all fail in the attempt. Hollywood has been sexist for so long that it seems like an impossible task to try and change it. I don’t really want to see a feminist movie that doesn’t say anything at all and has dad humor in it. That’s not a movie and don’t try to sell it to me. The Internet has always been an open garbage can, and once you start cleaning it, it gets dirtier quickly. The Internet is about free expression, and never about tea and crumpets. Such an old saying, but it works. But SJW’s mean well, but I’m an old-school liberal, who is willing to listen to all sides of an opinion, and want to listen rather than speak. As Bill Maher said, “The last good liberals are filled with come.” And let’s be clear, I don’t hate the people who voted for Trump, but I think they were deceived, but it was hard to say that when it comes to the 2016 election, both candidates were awful, even though I did vote for Hillary, it was a bad choice for me. At this point, I have no political party I am linked to other than Bernie Sanders. He just seems like the best candidate out of our current situation now. I don’t hate Trump or the people who voted for him either.

What do you think of penning an autobiography?

Other than speak memory by Nabokov, I don’t think writers should write their autobiography. I find more truth in fiction than I do in real life.

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