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Journey Through Literature

31 Jan

Do the things that writers say about other writers bother you?

No. I think every writer thinks they know what will sell, but no one knows what will sell. If we all had the right ingredients, we would all be rich. It takes a true classic that exists for itself, and never for the sake of a reader. Yes, readers are good, but real writers know they create works of art that keep persisting and what they say is more about their characters and their thoughts than the writer and his imagination. Robert Belano said, through his character Archimbaldi, “that the joy is in reading” and not writing, but sometimes, a writer can have so much fun with what he’s doing that he might sound important by making fun of other writers, but sometimes, writers are products of their imaginations and the time they are writing in. If one had to examine my work, they are essentially looking for what i was thinking when I wrote this “on such a such” page and the truth is as Salman Rushdie said, “I don’t know.” It takes a peculiarly methodically writer to understand what he was thinking at that moment when he wrote this sentence. Sometimes, i think that when the writing is done, it all belongs on the pages. It has to resonate in the writer and always stay there. It can be on the page, but there has to be a secret in between the characters that the audience can’t understand. That sounds bad, but there are no apologies there. If writing is something that can be created, it can perish too. Lolita has this affect on me. It feels, as to quote Amy Hungerford from Yale University, “the way Nabokov is writing is that he wants the prose to outlive him.” It helps when writers can be famous and people can interpret their work however they want, but it seems like most truths about fiction have to be about the facts surrounding them. If one is going to write a good essay for school, that is. But since school is not the factor, most works of art are never discovered in their lifetime. One who imagines they can survive this is trying to fight off their deteriorating words from their booger crusted cheeks. It’s what most people want but they will never have. The feeling of that they will be remembered for their work, which is an unknown in any writers existence. It’s often that people try to surround the facts around a writers work, and that’s not the way to study fiction. It’s about the journey, and not really about the way one can feel it happening from a macrocosm or some large building nucleus. The nucleus is always in the words and the journey. It’s not like people have enough problems to deal with, but escaping into a dangerous world can make people feel calm. It works for the writer as it does the reader. It helps that people like it, but sometimes, a writer must exist on his own before someone else can respect them. They have to embrace their dream or let it go. Writing is a journey that most writers should take, even if they don’t stop and think about what they are doing. If they mostly hide in their imagination and add characters and their thoughts and feelings, most of the time, things will work out well for a writer. A writer must take the journey as well as the reader. it’s about finding a narrow hallway where we can creep to the side, and read a book that we have been itching to read. A writer lives for the essence of what a reader can offer them, and sometimes maintaining true to your own words and use them without mercy, one can win.

Journey Into Literature

30 Jan

Is it hard surviving when there is no one willing to help?

It doesn’t help when life has it out for you. The second you are born you should just be named “You will never have what you want in life.” But then that’s why writers are so easy to consider that they have to make up the lives their characters live because something is wrong with them. It’s not that they are terrible people, but there is something that forces people to sit inside and write. The world created a wound that can’t be healed. A journey to redeem one’s own nature is what makes an interesting journey. One can’t understand what it’s like to survive in the wilderness anymore. it reminds me of all those survival stories, like Call of the Wild, and Moby Dick, when as Alan Moore proclaimed, “Fame has replaced the sea.” We want to be famous for our talent so that we can be adored and know that what we want is a nice house, a family, and what we have in life will never fail us. People are fallible, and yes they will fail us. But that’s why you have to keep searching for people who will help you. You have to understand that most people outside your home don’t care whether you live or die, or they just want to get to their destination. Everyone’s in a hurry, but it’s all a game. As the character in True Detective said, “We’re all just racing toward a red light.” That’s what most people are doing. It’s not like people are finding themselves at their jobs, but what happens today is that we think there is something inside our fantasies. Yes, when i write, I always try to balance it out. There always has to be someone reminding the character of who he is, because it’s that type of nannying that this generation wants, but in a way, we all have to force ourselves to be individuals. It’s easy to be apart of the crowd, but everyone’s scared of being alone. Sometimes it’s easier having to worry about your own feelings than someone else’s. It’s another reason why someone has to obliterate the things around them. They have to be quiet once in a while. It’s important to take that journey of self reflection, and if someone makes fun of you for it, they are not your friend and you don’t need to be around their poisonous words. It’s easy when people say they care about you, but they don’t pay your bills when you have no money. It’s another reminder when all who speak relatively calmly are hateful people inside. The journey to rid ourselves of those people are just the reason why writers do not talk to people. They can sit there and listen, but they won’t talk. It’s better if they write it down. All of this is a journey.

Do you think writers are supposed to live in pain?

Drinking can help calm you down. If you are a calm drunk that is. But video games help too. Having my nintendo switch next to my computer on my desk. it helps me think. That’s what most writers need. Inspiration. Inspiration is something that most people think they need to find, but who can find it are the one’s that will never be bored in life. There is a constant thought that keeps me investigating the terrors that keep me thinking. Death keeps me focused on what I need to do in life. It’s not life. After you search for most of what fiction and literature have in common is that there are characters trying to crawl out of their shitty predicament. It’s not hard spending time with a demented character, but I have to follow a character that will ultimately die. I do not want a character to have multiple books. Tell a story in one book. Sometimes a story should not be extended past one book. It’s easy to understand that most of the characters who savor their time and live in a life of luxury, you have to find new meanings in what it means to live in poverty. You have to find new appreciations that have to understand the motives of a character, but if you don’t, just don’t answer that question. Let it go. “There is nothing more obnoxious than a properly motivated character,” said Bret Easton Ellis Podcast quoting Walter Hill.

Sometimes its important for a character to go missing, and rarely explain why they go missing. It’s a good way to start a story. No one is allowed to know. If you think there are rules to getting them back, then fo write that book. I rarely follow the rules when it comes to writing novels. It helps when one is allowed to make sure they have enough problems surmounting. A journey can sometimes be inside the mind, but it’s best to never tell anyone when it is inside the mind. Everything should be real. No one is allowed to follow the narrative cohesively. If it is, that’s when I give up reading. Or if it’s just boring, then that’s another problem altogether.

As quoting my sister’s niece, Claire, “I don’t do boring things.”

Journey Through Literature

29 Jan

Reading: Same as the previous post.

Listening to: Wu-Tang Clan “Wu-Tang Forever”

Do you have a problem with authority in fiction?

Doesn’t every writer? Isn’t there a story about how every little guy wants to win over the large corporations or dictatorships. America did, and we won WW 2. But after that, it seems like reality is a hard thing to take. Literature is sort of a lie but truth as the same time.  A journey is what most people think has to happen in a very movie style with certain act breaks, but there is no one allowed to find that the truth behind every overthrow of the government is that the little guy doesn’t win all the time. Kafka is a good example. It doesn’t help when the world doesn’t want to help each other, but literature and writing it is a journey that consequently seizes within my own vivid thoughts. It’s seeing the disaster before the bomb hits. But sometimes life is a little bit messy. But fiction is where the bad guy always ends. Hopefully, all we can hope for people who screw us over in real life is that they get fat and die of high cholesterol. But it helps when you exercise and think critically, and read into things. Keep people at a distance. Not your loved ones, but don’t trust anyone and try to keep everyone at arm’s length. It helps you, but in writing, you have to understand your enemy. It’s understanding that sometimes there are just good people forced to do bad things. I think that in wartime, everyone, before they picked up a gun were living their life and war calls people to do terrible things. There are trebles of ignitions in the journey and there is no one stopping the train from moving. It helps when others leave their life and they pursue a dream. It’s scary and those who don’t take part in it will always be left bitter. It’s often that without a terrible equation, there is no one allowed to focus their attention, and what helps them see their own vagrant thoughts aligned and those who feel they constantly glow and those who feel they must listen. It’s not a hard thing to admit when war might just ask us to do bad things, and even when there is enough problems allowing writers to not make it, is it our bad or society? Society doesn’t value art. They want us to work jobs where we hate it, but don’t pursue our dream. That’s the corporations talking. They want our insides on fire by the end of the day. But those who defy the wishes of corporations and what had been lost will always find its way to those who are on a journey. Creativity is its own journey. It’s often the feeling that we can’t do it that doesn’t help creative people write. There is a choice to find new meaning in what has been lost, but with Aspergers it’s hard to see without it being written. But again, no one is allowed to circumcise their feelings. if we are forced to do bad things, like i used to do, it’s not our fault. If we stop, or someone stops us, then we can progress.

Do you think literature is supposed to guide people?

Yes and no, but maybe if it makes you think differently from who you were before you read the book, maybe it will help you think about how you have undermined the  person you really were. Literature is sometimes destructive. It’s not supposed to help people, but if it’s nonfiction, it should, but fiction has the same tendency too. But if we think about journey’s, there is no other choice to follow. Fiction allows me to see underground and into the soul. It helps when one has to focus their silky choices who see their focus in what they feel as the loss of those who feel they must obey the rules of fiction. It’s turning those missiles into flowers, or flowers into missiles. No matter how crazy it is. It’s not what others see that are supposed to bother writers, entirely the opposite. It helps when millions of decisions are lost within, and even those who found their developments troubled within. It’s when we feel we must listen and those who feel they must obey their decisions. It’s all about how one sets up their mind as a mental image. See the image and you might figure out how to tell people a story or give them obnoxious thoughts because sometimes, it’s better to be obnoxious. Obnoxious people have more to say than polite people. They will always follow the rules. They are grandmothers who will always listen to what people tell them. It’s never a good idea, if you are seeing a movie you want to see, be told by a grumpy old man what you should see. Never follow them unless there is a chance to gain something, and then ignore everything they say.

What are these pictures at the bottom?

These are things I have seen or would recommend to people if you are a creative person, and it helps me keep this site going. If you buy these things, the posts can happen, but having a small patronage is not a bad thing. To have fans and spread the wisdom of the game is to understand the wisdom of the Old Earth you never had. Old Earth is what the Wu-Tang Clan would call their parents. But these products at the bottom will definitely help you become a creative person and if you are a writer, definitely read the books I recommend. You will definitely appreciate what the words of these writers and musicians I respect. It’s better to know what people like but also give them the truth and let them know what the books we read will help us along our journey.

Journey Through Literature

28 Jan

Reading: Robert Belano’s “2666” “The Lost City of Zed” by Robert Grann

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Watching: Berserk 2nd season

What is literature without pain?

That’s not literature. Literature is pain, excitement, and all the things that we wish to accomplish in life are beset by the tales one is set out to accomplish. The feelings one have when they set out on a journey is to find a place where they would ultimately find exciting and abhor. It’s one that can’t be defined by dystopia anymore since it has become a cliche. There are things in a dystopia that say more than a utopia does, but what it means is finding your own world. It’s not about finding another’s world to inhabit, but to find new meaning in a world that doesn’t exist. it’s often a painful experience trying to find it, but the writing is what is our reward. For those who explore, they are finding new meaning in the ways one is set to find and explore the physical world. For a writer, it’s about leaving all things to chance. It’s hard when one can’t pay bills, but the world he believes in must hold. It must stand against the way life must look into it. It must hold one’s attention and share in the dignity that even they are found by the truth that even they tend to symbolize and even though they are terrorized by it, you must hold firm. If one is to be mocked for their work, they must withstand all the blows. No one is allowed to enter your kingdom unless they bend to your rules. But the problem is no one wants to bend to anyone’s rules. That’s the danger with self publishing, everyone has become a critic and a writer, without the proper credentials. It’s not like everyone has to go to school for it, but they do have to have talent and drive. It’s understanding the motives one has to uphold when they are writing. They can’t just give up. If a work is short and is meaning to be short, they will stop. But the writer must be happy with where they stop. A writer must be happy with their work, and I am happy with all of my work. I wish I was a little bit happy to be around strangers. They constantly test me, but it’s apart of the job. Not everyone is supposed to be around people. I know that where I rest is with my words. That’s my contribution. If someone tells you to grow up, they have become a monster they don’t recognize in the mirror.

Are you afraid of growing up?

Who isn’t? Why should we all be happy about growing up when it’s nothing but bills and bullshit first world problems. Their curtains and their stupid little achievements around fixing their houses. So, you work hard all day, but authors have to spend days in the dungeon and know their inner self. So, if we don’t talk about our accomplishments, it’s because they are too scary to talk about. No one wants to hear about pimps and prostitutes. They are too busy trying to “maintain” but they don’t realize that unleashing creativity is wielding it, like the Berserker armor from Berserk.

Will that have a happy ending?

For its sake, i hope it will.

Journey Through Literature

27 Jan

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Reading: “2666” by Robert Bolano

What have you been doing lately?

Gathering options. Knowing what can truly count. It’s knowing that someone can control your life that truly does piss me off. It’s why people can become kiss asses so quickly. I just need that will to know that I can achieve my dreams. I can write all day long but sending it out is just another position that people don’t want to hear about. It’s knowing that people don’t want you to win is just another reason why people don’t send their work to the publishers because they want something that will sell, but the reason why so many people have decided to self-publish is that it makes sense. If someone can play God and self-publish their book they are defying the will of the Gods. They are the ones who take their own destiny into their hands. They aren’t bothered by the idea of lawsuits. They know that what they speak will outlive them. It’s better to understand that when someone creates a book, it doesn’t mean people will read it, but someone with the will to win, they will always win when they fail. Everyone learns from failures, and sometimes failures are more beautiful than the Mona Lisa and her dipshit smile. It’s better to be imperfect and knows that incorrections are the dimples we really have. Being perfect is for people who have to worry about what others think.

That’s pretty rough.

Well, it’s a tough world.

Do you think literature should be an easy thing?

Nothing is easy. Just like working for Vital Statistics, where I was their slave for a year and a half. But again, no one wants to hear that. It’s better to let things lie. I think I have more dignity than to speak of a person who spends her life serving others when she can’t even live out her dream. Again, there were some good people there, but what that job taught me is that I’m not destined to die in an office job.

How will you do it?

It’s better to leave that a secret. Sending it out is one thing. But what I find is the same difference as those who beg in the middle of the street. I am related to Tolstoy (it’s true, I have proof), and I must prove myself in letters, and hold my cocked trigger finger at those who attempted to undermine me. It’s better to understand that those who have considered me a “loser” have only excited me to consider all my options in life. Literature has shown me who I can be, and I know that I have lived a thousand lifetimes and never died. While my characters died, I have outlived those who would wish me dead. While they have brats, ” I am the closest representation of God” to quote Killer Mike, and they think they might be like me, they wouldn’t know it. Even those who say they “understand” and then snitch on me later. I hope snitches live long and die with no one around them.

You’re angry today. Why?

All writers have anger, and if writers are punished for being angry, then that’s the system and its totalitarian aspects have gone on since the beginning of time. Dante had lived his life in exile, and if I have to, I will do it too. It’s easier to be an outcast than it is to be someone’s friend. Friends are for people who are co-dependent. All I have is the source of will who will make his own life in however he will. It sounds like I’m going to do something rash, but maybe in the opening in the sky, I will find myself among the gods and I will fly away to the source of all light and devotion one is allowed to have when they have been wronged by humans, sacrificed for his rebellion, and even then, I don’t have a choice but when I have a choice, I will make my own way, and I don’t have time for everyone’s words when all they do is follow the rules. I make my own rules, disrupting the world with my thoughts, and keep the adversaries in check. If I have to do it, I will make my point known. But again, this isn’t a call to arms. It’s a call to knowledge. It’s knowing how to survive smartly and using the hate against you to remind you that people do care about you. People do care and they don’t want anyone to get hurt. But I know when I keep writing, it’s a healing notion. It helps me feel. I can relate.

Is it because you are an Aspie?

My journey through literature has only been aware of this for a few years, but I know that when I write, I am more expressive than I am in a confrontation. But my words are what make me. I am the words I write, and I know I am aggressive, but God definitely killed everyone in the Bible before everyone obeyed his words. But again, that’s just an example. I like the way words travel and they can take me into the highest cloud and I can look down on those who feel they haven’t lived their life to the fullest potential. I can hear you and see your wishes. Literature is where we will connect.

Journey’s Through Literature

20 Jan

Reading: Ada by Nabokov, Pale Fire,

Playing: Doom for Nintendo Switch, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for Switch, Skyrim for Switch,

Listening to: 2PAC “All Eyes on Me” LP,

How have you been?

Oh Fine. Just finished my first novel of the new year, making it my 40th novel to date. It’s called the God of Curiosity. It’s mostly been inspired by Nabokov. It seems to me that he has become a new writer that I respect out of my ten favorite writers. Of course, I’m number 10. Nabokov was a Russian Emigre who had fled Russia and lived in Paris, wrote many novels I have been inspired by, but Ada seems to be a reason that all writers should read his works. It seems that even when there is enough of Nabokov I still can’t seem to find enough of Nabokov to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. While information is plentiful, knowledge is rare. Nabokov seemed to be the only person who could understand math and find the rarity of a new find, even when he understood the motives to write succinctly and share knowledge with people. It seemed to me that even though there is enough that one can glean from Nabokov, there is still a mystery surrounding the man, and his work, but there is always a gleaming bright detail that he seems to understand and those who feel they must learn through the waves of an older writer.

What is your new novel about?

It’s about a Russian Chess Player, Demetri, set during the year 2018, and he’s looking for someone who could beat him in a game of chess. I understood that I couldn’t completely copy Nabokov, but what I found is still the reason that most people would want to read about a chess player. But I had to take another edge in my own heart. I had to do something that would reflect me and my time, and my own passions. Even one for horror and gleaning notions of acceptance. This is a book about acceptance and who you really are, and not someone you pretended to be. It helps when you can understand who you are and those feelings of the time. It’s scary for me to continue a story that didn’t come from me and my own eccentricities. It’s a time when all have to understand that what has happened in the world can not be continued in any old fashion. It’s best to write like the old school writers, but talk about new things. It’s what Gabriel Garcia Marquez did, and what Salman Rushdie continues to do now. It’s about a style that people find attractive, but Nabokov is what allows the inspiration to fill the desires that even they have to understand is the notion that while Nabokov understands mystery, there is always a separation of the text and the reader, where one might not be able to follow, but the pages continue to turn. That’s what inspires my writing. A second reading.

What is your character like?

He’s an ex KGB officer who lives to play chess and understands that he must find opponents, but without his own limitations, there is no other way to suffice that the notion when all have to see the conditions of winning can surprise people. He learns that what he sees is the basic conception that even those who offer him company would have to play chess anyway. It helps when all have to understand that even those who wash away the soap from their eyes, Demetri, and his young wife, Alexski,  find their own limitations in what have to understand the creation of a character that had to realize that even they see their own reflection in the mirror, but Demetri does, and he finds that with his own appreciation, he sees America as his new home.

What is Doom to you?

It’s a love affair, and yes with the Nintendo Switch, I can bring it anywhere with me. The Switch has revolutionized video games and travel and has helped me consider that not all video games have to be played on a large television. It’s a nice way to be on the go and know that I can play a full campaign and see the bigger picture. It’s like storyboarding for most directors, but it helps paint a visual when I need another source of inspiration. Hell, and evil presences seem to fascinate me as well, but with Doom, you can have fun and know that what happens in the same predicament where all has to understand that portability is the next wave of video games. The Switch is the best system since maybe the first Nintendo. For a working person, this can be a new wave of inspiration and portability and fun.

Does this help your creativity?

As William Faulkner said, “It’s good to be inspired, but I’m inspired every day.” It’s with the help of your inspiration that new things can be made and creativity is the underlying source of all ingenuity. The way people are inspired fascinate me, and even what has been lost to some, are goldmines for others. The appreciation that what has been lost are still the decisions that even they have to see is what inspires them. Creativity is not just about making money, but letting people see your inner dimensions, and seeing that creativity in others, can help inspire people to do better in life. It’s a nice feeling when you can share your thoughts with people and show them what it’s like to become a creative person, and know that what becomes the next source of inspiration can instill a new story, product, or idea that can help others in there time of need. Creativity reminds us that we are alive, and there is light at the end of a long work day. It helps when all who read, or have some form of creativity, they should never stop pursuing it. It can lead to happiness and save us from a lifetime of struggle.







Post for the New Year

7 Jan

Reading: Ada by Nabokov

Finished: Pnin by Nabokov. Resident Evil Revelations for Switch (awesome game)

Currently watching: Twin Peaks: a limited series event

How was your break from writing?

Painful. After completing eleven novels, it’s like I want to go even further, explore new places. I have been through some hardships, but I’m willing to look forward.

You’re referring to the scam on Christmas day?

Yes. It felt really good. Someone nominated me for a literary award, which in turn, turned out to be fake, which only allowed you to nominate your work for a fee. But it was a trick. Rotten. Horrible. Dickheads. But with that being said, it was nice to feel some accomplishment. I thought like someone cared, but what turned out to be good news, came as a sign of distress. I was really down and wanted to write, but I wanted to just go without writing for four days, and I thought it was the worst week of my life. I hated my co-workers even harder, but still held true, and found what little dignity I had, and just finished out the rest of the year. Being scammed can give you some hope, but also allow disappointment to keep you grounded. Facing rejections, it was nice to have some fake hope after a while. My face felt like it could melt off with some bit of hope. But I know that life is made up of disappointments even when there are millions of opportunities to take away from it. The NY Literary Magazine. It hurts to think that they were giving me some hope, but it wasn’t their fault. It’s just a disappointment to round out the year. It really does suck to feel like you have someone who does care about your work and think you should be nominated, but if it was a scam, then it wasn’t real. It must be a fake, and everything that happens after that is just another limb being torn off, and phantom limb syndrome for a craft that has weathered disappointments and my own depression bogs me down to not send anything out, continues to follow me. But it’s all right. There might be something else out there that has to awaken the spirits, but I have not stopped writing since the new year and have found every chance to express the new feelings with the new year. I always take my feelings and put them on the page. That’s the only way I can exist without feeling like I wasted my day paying the bills. I don’t like to starve, but hobbies, if strong enough, should feel like they are just as important. The craft one is willing to undergo, when someone feels like scraped roadkill on an August day in West Virginia, there is a choice to understand that disappointment or let it fester. Putting it out there is easier.

That’s when self-destruction happens?

Yes. It came in many visual forms. A tornado. Which was one of my visual images I see whenever I close my eyes. I recently abandoned it when I felt it was too much and put it in a story. It helped, and it keeps me going, but seeing that tornado is like passing your arm through a meat grinder and feeling crushed within the weight of the choices one has to undergo when they have to convey their feelings in some visual communications. There is a fundamental dream one has to undergo when they feel they are lost in their thoughts, but even when they understand the principle depression of one’s own silliness, silliness is often the remedy to a lot of problems. Words are for novels, silliness keeps the tornado in check.

Do you see it happening again?

No. But I think the tornado is one of my images that a soul has to have in order to keep their vision together. It’s about having double vision, seeing through the lens of what is real and what is fake. It’s never the same when one has to change their life just so they can do the normal things, but when normal things are too boring, the act of making food a chore, a life of singularity that doesn’t help when you have to abandon the world for writing. It’s about letting yourself understand your own principles. Writing is about principles that you never follow, ultimately. I have it easier than most other artists.

Do you feel disdain or pity for the writing community?

I think the writing community is afraid the tornado might just come visit them. I have never really known other writers, and when they see my writing, their face takes a toll. They know that to lose a personality is to gain a perspective in the craft. It’s about whether the living life is still worth admiring. Science Fiction can help with that and many themes like that. But what happens is still the notion that even they have some decisions to make. Art has to overwhelm and seize the joints, and know there is no other moment they would rather take being artistic than living a normal life. People who are accountants and boring have to be boring. That’s all they know. They may make money, and have no friends, and maybe a wife, but all of that sounds like a dream that can only dissolve. They will know their fears when they understand their reckoning of self-deception. Material things fade, and grow cumbersome. Art is what is eternal, never the material possessions one has to attain from working at a job. So if this question is for humanity or the writing community, they know who God is when he speaks. He’s the one who sees them when they aren’t writing or making pictures they can be impressed with. Don’t worry, he sees and knows your pain. He doesn’t hate, but pity isn’t even enough. Hatred is obligatory in writing, but without it, there are no reasons left to write.

Is there a choice to leave?

True artists trust their judgment and they don’t let go. They don’t bend or cry for when they are oppressed at their day jobs, asked to do things they don’t want to do. God suffers with them, and he knows their pain. But this isn’t really a metaphysical thing either. Is it the ego talking or another reminder that even those who walk the artist’s life are connected to the id, ego, anima, the will to entrust, enslave their own fiendish haunts to the will of some grateful bird who holds their trust and carries them without letting go of the will beyond doubt. It’s about walking through walls and flying through space. It’s never about leaving, but how much you can benefit from staying. A life in letters is one that can forgo the rituals of a life that has to do with other people. Actors need people, but writers create the people they live in. Writers haunt everyone, even if they have never written a book, that tension is always there. Don’t leave without giving up your entire life for a second chance.

Are there moments between?

I guess I’m just a little biased, but there are no in-between moments. It’s always there.