Journey’s Through Literature

20 Jan

Reading: Ada by Nabokov, Pale Fire,

Playing: Doom for Nintendo Switch, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for Switch, Skyrim for Switch,

Listening to: 2PAC “All Eyes on Me” LP,

How have you been?

Oh Fine. Just finished my first novel of the new year, making it my 40th novel to date. It’s called the God of Curiosity. It’s mostly been inspired by Nabokov. It seems to me that he has become a new writer that I respect out of my ten favorite writers. Of course, I’m number 10. Nabokov was a Russian Emigre who had fled Russia and lived in Paris, wrote many novels I have been inspired by, but Ada seems to be a reason that all writers should read his works. It seems that even when there is enough of Nabokov I still can’t seem to find enough of Nabokov to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. While information is plentiful, knowledge is rare. Nabokov seemed to be the only person who could understand math and find the rarity of a new find, even when he understood the motives to write succinctly and share knowledge with people. It seemed to me that even though there is enough that one can glean from Nabokov, there is still a mystery surrounding the man, and his work, but there is always a gleaming bright detail that he seems to understand and those who feel they must learn through the waves of an older writer.

What is your new novel about?

It’s about a Russian Chess Player, Demetri, set during the year 2018, and he’s looking for someone who could beat him in a game of chess. I understood that I couldn’t completely copy Nabokov, but what I found is still the reason that most people would want to read about a chess player. But I had to take another edge in my own heart. I had to do something that would reflect me and my time, and my own passions. Even one for horror and gleaning notions of acceptance. This is a book about acceptance and who you really are, and not someone you pretended to be. It helps when you can understand who you are and those feelings of the time. It’s scary for me to continue a story that didn’t come from me and my own eccentricities. It’s a time when all have to understand that what has happened in the world can not be continued in any old fashion. It’s best to write like the old school writers, but talk about new things. It’s what Gabriel Garcia Marquez did, and what Salman Rushdie continues to do now. It’s about a style that people find attractive, but Nabokov is what allows the inspiration to fill the desires that even they have to understand is the notion that while Nabokov understands mystery, there is always a separation of the text and the reader, where one might not be able to follow, but the pages continue to turn. That’s what inspires my writing. A second reading.

What is your character like?

He’s an ex KGB officer who lives to play chess and understands that he must find opponents, but without his own limitations, there is no other way to suffice that the notion when all have to see the conditions of winning can surprise people. He learns that what he sees is the basic conception that even those who offer him company would have to play chess anyway. It helps when all have to understand that even those who wash away the soap from their eyes, Demetri, and his young wife, Alexski,  find their own limitations in what have to understand the creation of a character that had to realize that even they see their own reflection in the mirror, but Demetri does, and he finds that with his own appreciation, he sees America as his new home.

What is Doom to you?

It’s a love affair, and yes with the Nintendo Switch, I can bring it anywhere with me. The Switch has revolutionized video games and travel and has helped me consider that not all video games have to be played on a large television. It’s a nice way to be on the go and know that I can play a full campaign and see the bigger picture. It’s like storyboarding for most directors, but it helps paint a visual when I need another source of inspiration. Hell, and evil presences seem to fascinate me as well, but with Doom, you can have fun and know that what happens in the same predicament where all has to understand that portability is the next wave of video games. The Switch is the best system since maybe the first Nintendo. For a working person, this can be a new wave of inspiration and portability and fun.

Does this help your creativity?

As William Faulkner said, “It’s good to be inspired, but I’m inspired every day.” It’s with the help of your inspiration that new things can be made and creativity is the underlying source of all ingenuity. The way people are inspired fascinate me, and even what has been lost to some, are goldmines for others. The appreciation that what has been lost are still the decisions that even they have to see is what inspires them. Creativity is not just about making money, but letting people see your inner dimensions, and seeing that creativity in others, can help inspire people to do better in life. It’s a nice feeling when you can share your thoughts with people and show them what it’s like to become a creative person, and know that what becomes the next source of inspiration can instill a new story, product, or idea that can help others in there time of need. Creativity reminds us that we are alive, and there is light at the end of a long work day. It helps when all who read, or have some form of creativity, they should never stop pursuing it. It can lead to happiness and save us from a lifetime of struggle.







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