Journey Through Literature

28 Jan

Reading: Robert Belano’s “2666” “The Lost City of Zed” by Robert Grann

Listening to: Future “how it was”

Watching: Berserk 2nd season

What is literature without pain?

That’s not literature. Literature is pain, excitement, and all the things that we wish to accomplish in life are beset by the tales one is set out to accomplish. The feelings one have when they set out on a journey is to find a place where they would ultimately find exciting and abhor. It’s one that can’t be defined by dystopia anymore since it has become a cliche. There are things in a dystopia that say more than a utopia does, but what it means is finding your own world. It’s not about finding another’s world to inhabit, but to find new meaning in a world that doesn’t exist. it’s often a painful experience trying to find it, but the writing is what is our reward. For those who explore, they are finding new meaning in the ways one is set to find and explore the physical world. For a writer, it’s about leaving all things to chance. It’s hard when one can’t pay bills, but the world he believes in must hold. It must stand against the way life must look into it. It must hold one’s attention and share in the dignity that even they are found by the truth that even they tend to symbolize and even though they are terrorized by it, you must hold firm. If one is to be mocked for their work, they must withstand all the blows. No one is allowed to enter your kingdom unless they bend to your rules. But the problem is no one wants to bend to anyone’s rules. That’s the danger with self publishing, everyone has become a critic and a writer, without the proper credentials. It’s not like everyone has to go to school for it, but they do have to have talent and drive. It’s understanding the motives one has to uphold when they are writing. They can’t just give up. If a work is short and is meaning to be short, they will stop. But the writer must be happy with where they stop. A writer must be happy with their work, and I am happy with all of my work. I wish I was a little bit happy to be around strangers. They constantly test me, but it’s apart of the job. Not everyone is supposed to be around people. I know that where I rest is with my words. That’s my contribution. If someone tells you to grow up, they have become a monster they don’t recognize in the mirror.

Are you afraid of growing up?

Who isn’t? Why should we all be happy about growing up when it’s nothing but bills and bullshit first world problems. Their curtains and their stupid little achievements around fixing their houses. So, you work hard all day, but authors have to spend days in the dungeon and know their inner self. So, if we don’t talk about our accomplishments, it’s because they are too scary to talk about. No one wants to hear about pimps and prostitutes. They are too busy trying to “maintain” but they don’t realize that unleashing creativity is wielding it, like the Berserker armor from Berserk.

Will that have a happy ending?

For its sake, i hope it will.

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