Journey Through Literature

29 Jan

Reading: Same as the previous post.

Listening to: Wu-Tang Clan “Wu-Tang Forever”

Do you have a problem with authority in fiction?

Doesn’t every writer? Isn’t there a story about how every little guy wants to win over the large corporations or dictatorships. America did, and we won WW 2. But after that, it seems like reality is a hard thing to take. Literature is sort of a lie but truth as the same time.  A journey is what most people think has to happen in a very movie style with certain act breaks, but there is no one allowed to find that the truth behind every overthrow of the government is that the little guy doesn’t win all the time. Kafka is a good example. It doesn’t help when the world doesn’t want to help each other, but literature and writing it is a journey that consequently seizes within my own vivid thoughts. It’s seeing the disaster before the bomb hits. But sometimes life is a little bit messy. But fiction is where the bad guy always ends. Hopefully, all we can hope for people who screw us over in real life is that they get fat and die of high cholesterol. But it helps when you exercise and think critically, and read into things. Keep people at a distance. Not your loved ones, but don’t trust anyone and try to keep everyone at arm’s length. It helps you, but in writing, you have to understand your enemy. It’s understanding that sometimes there are just good people forced to do bad things. I think that in wartime, everyone, before they picked up a gun were living their life and war calls people to do terrible things. There are trebles of ignitions in the journey and there is no one stopping the train from moving. It helps when others leave their life and they pursue a dream. It’s scary and those who don’t take part in it will always be left bitter. It’s often that without a terrible equation, there is no one allowed to focus their attention, and what helps them see their own vagrant thoughts aligned and those who feel they constantly glow and those who feel they must listen. It’s not a hard thing to admit when war might just ask us to do bad things, and even when there is enough problems allowing writers to not make it, is it our bad or society? Society doesn’t value art. They want us to work jobs where we hate it, but don’t pursue our dream. That’s the corporations talking. They want our insides on fire by the end of the day. But those who defy the wishes of corporations and what had been lost will always find its way to those who are on a journey. Creativity is its own journey. It’s often the feeling that we can’t do it that doesn’t help creative people write. There is a choice to find new meaning in what has been lost, but with Aspergers it’s hard to see without it being written. But again, no one is allowed to circumcise their feelings. if we are forced to do bad things, like i used to do, it’s not our fault. If we stop, or someone stops us, then we can progress.

Do you think literature is supposed to guide people?

Yes and no, but maybe if it makes you think differently from who you were before you read the book, maybe it will help you think about how you have undermined the  person you really were. Literature is sometimes destructive. It’s not supposed to help people, but if it’s nonfiction, it should, but fiction has the same tendency too. But if we think about journey’s, there is no other choice to follow. Fiction allows me to see underground and into the soul. It helps when one has to focus their silky choices who see their focus in what they feel as the loss of those who feel they must obey the rules of fiction. It’s turning those missiles into flowers, or flowers into missiles. No matter how crazy it is. It’s not what others see that are supposed to bother writers, entirely the opposite. It helps when millions of decisions are lost within, and even those who found their developments troubled within. It’s when we feel we must listen and those who feel they must obey their decisions. It’s all about how one sets up their mind as a mental image. See the image and you might figure out how to tell people a story or give them obnoxious thoughts because sometimes, it’s better to be obnoxious. Obnoxious people have more to say than polite people. They will always follow the rules. They are grandmothers who will always listen to what people tell them. It’s never a good idea, if you are seeing a movie you want to see, be told by a grumpy old man what you should see. Never follow them unless there is a chance to gain something, and then ignore everything they say.

What are these pictures at the bottom?

These are things I have seen or would recommend to people if you are a creative person, and it helps me keep this site going. If you buy these things, the posts can happen, but having a small patronage is not a bad thing. To have fans and spread the wisdom of the game is to understand the wisdom of the Old Earth you never had. Old Earth is what the Wu-Tang Clan would call their parents. But these products at the bottom will definitely help you become a creative person and if you are a writer, definitely read the books I recommend. You will definitely appreciate what the words of these writers and musicians I respect. It’s better to know what people like but also give them the truth and let them know what the books we read will help us along our journey.

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