Journey Into Literature

30 Jan

Is it hard surviving when there is no one willing to help?

It doesn’t help when life has it out for you. The second you are born you should just be named “You will never have what you want in life.” But then that’s why writers are so easy to consider that they have to make up the lives their characters live because something is wrong with them. It’s not that they are terrible people, but there is something that forces people to sit inside and write. The world created a wound that can’t be healed. A journey to redeem one’s own nature is what makes an interesting journey. One can’t understand what it’s like to survive in the wilderness anymore. it reminds me of all those survival stories, like Call of the Wild, and Moby Dick, when as Alan Moore proclaimed, “Fame has replaced the sea.” We want to be famous for our talent so that we can be adored and know that what we want is a nice house, a family, and what we have in life will never fail us. People are fallible, and yes they will fail us. But that’s why you have to keep searching for people who will help you. You have to understand that most people outside your home don’t care whether you live or die, or they just want to get to their destination. Everyone’s in a hurry, but it’s all a game. As the character in True Detective said, “We’re all just racing toward a red light.” That’s what most people are doing. It’s not like people are finding themselves at their jobs, but what happens today is that we think there is something inside our fantasies. Yes, when i write, I always try to balance it out. There always has to be someone reminding the character of who he is, because it’s that type of nannying that this generation wants, but in a way, we all have to force ourselves to be individuals. It’s easy to be apart of the crowd, but everyone’s scared of being alone. Sometimes it’s easier having to worry about your own feelings than someone else’s. It’s another reason why someone has to obliterate the things around them. They have to be quiet once in a while. It’s important to take that journey of self reflection, and if someone makes fun of you for it, they are not your friend and you don’t need to be around their poisonous words. It’s easy when people say they care about you, but they don’t pay your bills when you have no money. It’s another reminder when all who speak relatively calmly are hateful people inside. The journey to rid ourselves of those people are just the reason why writers do not talk to people. They can sit there and listen, but they won’t talk. It’s better if they write it down. All of this is a journey.

Do you think writers are supposed to live in pain?

Drinking can help calm you down. If you are a calm drunk that is. But video games help too. Having my nintendo switch next to my computer on my desk. it helps me think. That’s what most writers need. Inspiration. Inspiration is something that most people think they need to find, but who can find it are the one’s that will never be bored in life. There is a constant thought that keeps me investigating the terrors that keep me thinking. Death keeps me focused on what I need to do in life. It’s not life. After you search for most of what fiction and literature have in common is that there are characters trying to crawl out of their shitty predicament. It’s not hard spending time with a demented character, but I have to follow a character that will ultimately die. I do not want a character to have multiple books. Tell a story in one book. Sometimes a story should not be extended past one book. It’s easy to understand that most of the characters who savor their time and live in a life of luxury, you have to find new meanings in what it means to live in poverty. You have to find new appreciations that have to understand the motives of a character, but if you don’t, just don’t answer that question. Let it go. “There is nothing more obnoxious than a properly motivated character,” said Bret Easton Ellis Podcast quoting Walter Hill.

Sometimes its important for a character to go missing, and rarely explain why they go missing. It’s a good way to start a story. No one is allowed to know. If you think there are rules to getting them back, then fo write that book. I rarely follow the rules when it comes to writing novels. It helps when one is allowed to make sure they have enough problems surmounting. A journey can sometimes be inside the mind, but it’s best to never tell anyone when it is inside the mind. Everything should be real. No one is allowed to follow the narrative cohesively. If it is, that’s when I give up reading. Or if it’s just boring, then that’s another problem altogether.

As quoting my sister’s niece, Claire, “I don’t do boring things.”

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