Journey Through Literature

31 Jan

Do the things that writers say about other writers bother you?

No. I think every writer thinks they know what will sell, but no one knows what will sell. If we all had the right ingredients, we would all be rich. It takes a true classic that exists for itself, and never for the sake of a reader. Yes, readers are good, but real writers know they create works of art that keep persisting and what they say is more about their characters and their thoughts than the writer and his imagination. Robert Belano said, through his character Archimbaldi, “that the joy is in reading” and not writing, but sometimes, a writer can have so much fun with what he’s doing that he might sound important by making fun of other writers, but sometimes, writers are products of their imaginations and the time they are writing in. If one had to examine my work, they are essentially looking for what i was thinking when I wrote this “on such a such” page and the truth is as Salman Rushdie said, “I don’t know.” It takes a peculiarly methodically writer to understand what he was thinking at that moment when he wrote this sentence. Sometimes, i think that when the writing is done, it all belongs on the pages. It has to resonate in the writer and always stay there. It can be on the page, but there has to be a secret in between the characters that the audience can’t understand. That sounds bad, but there are no apologies there. If writing is something that can be created, it can perish too. Lolita has this affect on me. It feels, as to quote Amy Hungerford from Yale University, “the way Nabokov is writing is that he wants the prose to outlive him.” It helps when writers can be famous and people can interpret their work however they want, but it seems like most truths about fiction have to be about the facts surrounding them. If one is going to write a good essay for school, that is. But since school is not the factor, most works of art are never discovered in their lifetime. One who imagines they can survive this is trying to fight off their deteriorating words from their booger crusted cheeks. It’s what most people want but they will never have. The feeling of that they will be remembered for their work, which is an unknown in any writers existence. It’s often that people try to surround the facts around a writers work, and that’s not the way to study fiction. It’s about the journey, and not really about the way one can feel it happening from a macrocosm or some large building nucleus. The nucleus is always in the words and the journey. It’s not like people have enough problems to deal with, but escaping into a dangerous world can make people feel calm. It works for the writer as it does the reader. It helps that people like it, but sometimes, a writer must exist on his own before someone else can respect them. They have to embrace their dream or let it go. Writing is a journey that most writers should take, even if they don’t stop and think about what they are doing. If they mostly hide in their imagination and add characters and their thoughts and feelings, most of the time, things will work out well for a writer. A writer must take the journey as well as the reader. it’s about finding a narrow hallway where we can creep to the side, and read a book that we have been itching to read. A writer lives for the essence of what a reader can offer them, and sometimes maintaining true to your own words and use them without mercy, one can win.

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