Journey Through Literature-The Post-birthday Post

3 Feb

How does it feel to be old?

‘It feels great. As each day continues, my writing is getting stronger. It means that I can consciously make mistakes and call it a literary technique. I am not afraid to admit there are things that I don’t regret because I think everything I do is worth reading. It means that no matter what people say, I know I am talented. If you don’t think you are talented, you need to question whether you really want to be a writer. But sometimes that comes with age. You have to understand that writing as you get older means you can make better decisions and make the audience think like you. You are taking care of what you are writing, and what you do is necessarily not for the reader’s pleasure either. I am aware that there are readers, but writers have to have their own space where they can create. Sometimes being a fan is not a good thing. You can cloud yourself with their mistakes. If you like them, you are influenced by them. But no one is allowed to master the mistakes like a pro. It means that there is a choice in understanding the remaining decisions that one must make in order to turn their life into a living legend. But even then, legends are made to die, so I don’t think I’m a legend. It means that sometimes you have to expect that someone might think you aren’t good enough, but what you have is better than the rest. It means that sometimes there are mistakes that you have to make in order to accept who you are as a writer. It’s better to say “people can change” but you can only change if you want to change. Accepting the faults we make gets easier as we get older, but literature has always been made of faults, and what people think are editorial designs is a design that has been chosen by a team of editors. While editors help a novel become better, it’s the fact that without the writer there would be no editors. An editor has to accept the eccentricities of a writer and help readers understand their eccentricities. It helps when all have been understood, and a piece of art can be made. It’s better to assimilate and know that writers are open-ended about their questions. Even what they see is still manageable. Even what they see is still the predicament of most writers and they have to find their own means of traversing through the literary territory. It helps when one is understood and those who sense that what they see as a good opportunity for writing a novel might not be the best idea. But sometimes, if you realize what’s wrong with it, you can make it work. But even then, sometimes what’s wrong is what helps a novel predicament change. You have to always rely on tensions within a character or a plot device, but still, using the word plot device feels like it should be used in baking. This isn’t food. Writing is something that can’t be measured or divided up in a petri dish. If it is, there is no choice but to admit that people are allowing themselves to be changed by old techniques rather than their own literary style. It’s good to have influences, but those influences are not what most writers tend to think about. John Irving loves Herman Melville, and I do too. But this doesn’t mean that we should all try and find new meanings in each new work. It’s hard to attempt to see that even those writers had to take on monumental tasks on their own, and without help. It’s good to have a book ready if you have nothing else to say, but you should always be ready to write anything down. Even if it makes people uncomfortable. if someone is uncomfortable, you have done your duty. It’s easy to find out that most people are easily disturbed by things, and you have to understand what most people see as disturbing as a fun adventure for you. The writer. No one should stop and say, “Let’s all calm down.” No, there is no reason that we should stop and those who find new meaning in the chaos are often rewarded with new emotional wells that never stop filling up. It helps when we have to focus our strength and know that with each story we write, it’s a new depth of imagination one is ready to undertake. Sometimes it’s a short or a long journey, but it’s totally up to you. Being older means you can make more crazy decisions with your writing than you have imagined. But birthdays are continuing to find themselves, even when we don’t realize it. But to be old is not a cause for a writer to undertake. Taking risks is what the writer should see in their old age. Jump off the cliff and never think about the consequences. Slay a dragon. Just don’t let the dragon know you see them. And if they see you, run after them.

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