Journey Through Literature: Juggling Ropes

7 Feb

Reading: Distant Star by Robert Belano, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore,

Playing: Doom on Nintendo Switch

What does it mean to review games and books that you feel takes you on a journey?

Books always represent a journey for me. Writing them is another facet of a journey that has to be aware and reliable at the same time. Journeys in video games seem to be something that respects the player while giving them responsibilities to think about after the game is over. While books do this as well, writing is another facet of it all together. It’s knowing that you are taking characters and developing them along the way because things happen every day. It’a journey to have a vocation that you can be proud of, and video games represent a new facet of that journey since literature can be found in many forms of expression. But writing books has always represented my lifelong journey through identity and finding what suits my reality at the time of writing a book. Video games represent a different type of journey, but when I see my own writing I can be proud of what I have done. Writing is something that can only be measured with patience and those who are willing to be the best at what they are. It’s the best option for those who feel like they don’t have any control. It’s better to understand the reasons why there are so many journeys that one must make. I have written over 40 novels, and they are thousands of journeys that I have taken. The feeling of accomplishment and those who feel they must continue to focus on their appreciation and what they see as the only chance they can to have more than one journey. Those who don’t feel like they have a purpose tend to move towards art because that’s a journey that they can take on their own. It’s an escape out of a life they never asked for. The contentment one has to understand is the same appreciation that they don’t feel is what art can provide. The reason why so many people are artists is that they feel like they have never been heard or taken seriously. it means that what people can do is appreciate the feelings one impresses in their art and know that sometimes it’s not just happiness, but sadness and rage, and characters who push through even when they have nothing to live for. Maybe it’s foolish to think people can be reached with words, but it’s a journey I’m willing to take. The overall impression that is allowing them to feel what they have to contain and even they are instructive in what they feel. Sometimes works of art don’t have to be sweet or sensitive, but sometimes anger is appropriate in any works of fiction. It speaks to those who don’t have a way of releasing their emotions. It’s hard to say whether people shouldn’t release their emotions, but it if people are so sad that they can’t speak it, then art should speak for those who are sad or enraged and know that someone else feels the same way as they do. Violence instead of art leads to nothing but sadness and misery. Without art and artists speaking for people and addressing such vital things in our society, or to a personal level, their emotions, then what is art good for? Nobody wants a mirror. But it’s good to study and appreciate things, but not “ennoble away from its subject matter” as Walter Hill said on the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast. It helps when art can speak for the disenfranchised, and it relieves stress. Understanding people’s pain is where an artist is needed. The feeling of relieving demons and art has to say the things we can’t say in polite conversation. It has to say what others will not be able to say in what they will see in themselves. They know they are hiding, but what art, video games, and books, can express what is seen in their lives. If people can’t express who they are, then they look to art. And blaming Republicans for everything doesn’t solve the problem of what is wrong either. It’s when art takes that neutral view and knows that what happens is still out of our hands, and our journeys are what make us who we are. That’s why books and video games, and graphic novels, are still what reach people today, and those journeys are our own.

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