Journey’s Through Literature: The Debate About Opening a Newspaper

9 Feb

Reading: Mahmoud Darwish “The Butterfly’s Burden” (Possibly) Doom series by Dayvd Ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver (Definitely) Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville

Listening to: The Pscyhic World of Walter Reed by Killah Priest

Have you found any reasons to open up a newspaper again?

I don’t support papers that seem to lie to people, and I think both sides of the publications lie to each other, but I do support their freedom of speech. I want them to know that I protect their right to make their bullshit up to thousands of people because it’s their publication and their right to tell whatever story or journey they want people to live in. It’s when both sides are telling opposite opinions that something is wrong. It’s the opinion that while there are stories to tell, I look for the entertainment factor. I like entertainment, but I am very selective about what I read. I am not afraid to read something like Doom by Dafydd Ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. It seems to me that books should go into realms of horror and know that they can be true to us and feel like they happened. I am promoting the ability to have an imagination, and sometimes, people don’t want imagination. They are best left at the back door where they want to tell the truth. The truth is good, but a portion of truth is partly a fabrication of truth and opinion. It seems to me an interesting statement to make. While there is a choice in understanding motivation, character and sentences are what I look for. Having the character do many things is just what I see on most journeys. My recent book is mostly about professions and what they mean. Sometimes people are born into dangerous professions knowing that this is the only choice they would have and know that what has to give in will admit that they are listening to the voices inside their head. Having voices inside your head is apart of reading fiction. Non-fiction plays by those rules too. It’s a choice we all take. But I think lies are relatively important in a fictional world because sometimes reality is not going to be able to tell the story that you want. Fiction writers need to find what their own abilities are, and play to their strengths. Non-Fiction writers choose their topics and do research. I don’t really believe that there are rules to fiction, and sometimes I did think that there were rules, but I was listening to the people who have already been accepted by the major industries. You think what they say is true, but they are just giving out there opinion. I feel like fiction does something else. It must promote lawlessness, ambition, and grandiose ideas that would sometimes stifle the result of what is lost in most nonfiction books. It’s not that I don’t promote nonfiction. I think Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear” is a perfect way to tell a story around one person’s experience, Paul Haggis, in Scientology and tell it like an interweaving story of delusions, cult, and phenomenon. As every professional thinks, I know that there is a voice in fiction that needs to be heard, and those who fight for fictional voices are fighting for the imagination. It helps when they are better at understanding the tenor instruments of voice, character, sentence structure, and the ability to do things that other professionals wish they could do. It’s not all about the dollar. It’s a nice conundrum. Living inside the margins, as Don Delilo, said, is what makes a writer good. If you take your chances and write fiction, you might just love it. If you have that voice and know what you want to do in your stories, you will always find an audience. I write against type, so I don’t get read very much, but fiction has the ability to maintain a certain degree of empathy. I became righteous when I stopped living in a bubble, and I hear both sides of the argument. Somethings I say online too, even on my personal page, are really a provocation against my own party because I feel the left has been extremely divided. It makes me consider people’s feelings. While I am imperfect, I stand for the people and their right to read whatever they want, say whatever they want, and be whoever they want. I’m peaceful but I don’t believe that creating a clammer of noise is going to help your argument either. But in a way, I’m really not peaceful. I was just teasing. I want to establish borders that have been unforeseen in the literary world, and take it further than they have. If that’s the goal, all I can do is keep writing. While I am imperfect, I believe that craft is more important than trying to put on airs.

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