Journey Through Literature

10 Feb

Reading: The Butterfly’s Burden by Mahmoud Darwish

Do you think Literature should have pain in it?

Pain is what helps us confront what we are really afraid of. I have given up being tough. If one is tough, they are a braggart and they wouldn’t last a fucking day in the real world. I am weak. I am the one who has to deal with my own insecurities, so I put it all out there. It’s better to be weak and strong because you’ll live longer. Literature is what allows us to transcend the usual dorms of our bodies. It’s better to understand what we don’t have, and know that we are being punished. It’s better to understand that punishment will release us from our miserable lives, but still, it doesn’t make sense. Why do people run towards pain when all they do is live inside a world of hurt? Aren’t we compassionate enough towards people? Have people lost the basic rights of moral empathy or have they just been burying their hatred and love into Netflix and rolling our eyes at the ones we love? Do we think just because we are talented is that we are morally superior? It’s better to live on a ration of soup because it will teach you what you need in life and what you don’t. But I do enjoy my treats. I know that I will be better if I shed myself of the fast food, and literature is about watching us go on a journey. If we are all insecure, literature will help us. If we just watch the words through our tears, maybe we will be happy. Maybe we will look at our family members and forgive them for what they have done to us? It’s only right. Why do we have to hurt each other when we don’t know what we are thinking or feeling. It’s better to admit we are weak and protect those who are weaker than us. They need help, and we should protect them and give them the support they need. It’s better to admit that being a loser is not what are born to be. Sometimes we are just born to be losers, and maybe if we work at it, maybe we can better, but what we see is not really our fault. It’s hard to be in the field when you know you belong in a palace. It’s hard to suffer. I have suffered and suffered and I can’t look at anyone until I achieve my dream. It’s a fools hope, but every fool has hope. Literature is what gives us the strength to go on, and we have to bury ourselves in words, or we will collapse. If people can’t see why we are in pain, then they are “the deaf, dumb and blind” and those who know their journey will see their journey next to me. We will walk together and know that our struggle is bound to each other. The way we comprehend it is up to us. We need to find what motivates us, and it can’t be money. If everyone knew the secret to getting paid for writing, then everyone would be rich and famous. But no, we starve, and as the Seven Samurai fought for Kana village, I fight for my books and those who fight for their ideas. We are all one, and we shall be connected through words and thoughts, and those who haven’t seen it, will never see the vision. Without pain, there is no literature, and we are all connected through our words. WE ARE IMMORTAL!

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