Journey Through Literature: European Aesthetic

12 Feb

What do you think of the European Aesthetic in terms of Critcisim?

Europeans and Asians are born to write, but they are also good translators and critics, because they are taught to critque something based on it’s aesthetics, and not a moral message. Everyone wants to be a moralist when there are no good satirists. It takes a strong person to write critiques of others art but make it well balanced and  scholarly. America has an ugly reputation of being moralists instead of Academics. Anthony Burgess was a great scholar and critique. Nabokov too was a critique. Their Aesthetic reminds American writers on why they are missing out on being critics and rather just moralists. The European Aesthetic is based on an intllectualism and what they know is the perception one has to face when they know that good critcism comes from a neutral point of view and not from a personal view. It means that Americans have to be extra careful not to let their opinions overshadow what the work might mean. But Americans are not good at listening to reason. They get overly angry and attack people. They can’t handle criticism, and so they think they shall be the one to criticize others, and what they know if they were criticized, they would react emotionally, and not from an Aesthetic point of view. If one is criticizing art, they must be criticized as well. It makes sense that Americans, like myself, need to learn from the Europeans and see what they can offer us. An intellectualism that is rarely given in most American viewpoints. Most Americans are afraid of being smart, but they aren’t afraid of pretending to be smart when they don’t have a college degree. They can critcize the news and act morally superior, but they will never have that Aesthetic viewpoint that most European writers have. Most Americans are afraid of others and so they will attack people verbally because they are basic creatures who don’t know what it means to accept criticism. They are better at criticizing, but not receiving criticism. This is a weak point that most American artists share. They are quick to attack, but not to consider what another person says. They don’t ask “Why do you think that way” but attack people for no reason at all except that it was a difference of opinion. These are the type of ignorant people who have no excuse for ill behavior. But art requires intelligence that most Americans do not have today. Most American Millenials do not read books, and they find the fact boring to do so. Except for this person. It makes sense why people want to escape, but escapism is only one form of literature, a journey. Criticism is understanding that you can be judged and another opinion will be said against yours. That’s why the Internet has become the toilet bowl of opinions because it’s not based out of rational judgments. Books are an intellectual viewpoint, and receiving criticism is just as good as it is bad, but it depends on the person. Not all criticism you hear will be good, but what most people see is their behavior and not the intellectual side of an opinion. Do Americans have small brains or small hearts? Are they just confused or are they pessimistic? These are things to consider when giving and receiving criticism. Cynicism and irony are the only perceptions that I have to give when someone is yelling at me. But when someone is yelling at you they don’t have an artistic style to bear. Aesthetic takes a willpower that most people don’t want or have time to do. Art means that Aesthetics must come from a place of one who will give out criticism and be willing to take criticism. It’s not a place that newscasters can ever do anymore. It takes more to listen than it does to talk. To ask questions and probe how people feel is what makes up as good aesthetics in art. It’s not all about the mind, but be willing to take a different approach to each task. To see the victim, murderer, and police officer must feel. Art is aesthetics, and aesthetics is art.

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