The Void is Losing Control

23 May

How has this insanity with the Last of Us Part II affected you?

It has been a while since the original Last of Us came out in 2013, then the time has finally come to accept that no other choice is made. Turn off from negative criticism. I can understand why people are definitely mad. I wrote about it too, but it seems at this point there is a deep resentment for the content community. They are facing an uphill battle.

I support there right to boycott the game if they want, and that’s the beauty of choice, but what youtubers don’t understand is that I have seen there channels. They scream and shout and shit on people who have differences in opinion. It’s there right, and I accept that people were not happy about Naughty Dogg copyright striking there channels, but youtubers have to become a Howard Stern performer to make sure people watch them, and it’s no different than NPCNN and Fox News shouting and complaining about political opinions on each side.

Alex Jones is far more unbiased than most you tubers, but he has conviction and humor, and a personality, and is genuine. There are only few you tubers who have wit and intelligence to there credit. Raz0rfist, It’saGundam, Sargon of Akkad, Sh0eonhead, Joe Roegan, Tim Pool, Lady Alchemy, Milo Yiannopolous (as his twitter game was hilarious) and Styxhexenhammer666. They are the only two people on youtube I hold with respect, and are entertaining to watch and or listen to. They are definitely two creators that have anything left to say. Raz0rfist made a powerful video on the positive influence of copyright, and those who would defy the original creator just to exploit it for profit gains. He doesn’t like Hideo Kojima, but I still know what a smart man is, and a smart person will never agree with everyone. I like Hideo Kojima but I wouldn’t stand against Raz0rfist to speak his mind (never bet against the Razo bitch!). I’m not the thought police, and I don’t want to be. Controlling people is a scary idea and it doesn’t end up working for the better.

Why do you feel so attached to the Last of US Part 2

It’s a dream to see this game finally come out. I have dreamed of scenes for the new game and at my lowest point, I could play this game and feel better at the end. It got me through a rough emotional time in my life. I am happy to see Ellie, Joel, Tommy, and the new characters of the world. I am excited to spend 40 hours in the world, and test my grit. It makes me happy to see all that time wasn’t wasted. I will judge if the game is a stinker on my own and I will make my own decisions on whether the game is good or bad. Otherwise, I am excited.

What problems do you have with Naughty Dogg?

I have asked Naughty Dogg to talk to me. I want to hear there side of the story. I wanted to talk to Neil Druckman, and get his side of the story. As a independent writer and avid fan of the game, I wanted to see what he had to say about the controversy of the leak. I would be pissed myself if something I was working on for seven years was stolen and leaked online. I would be out for blood. The other thing that wasn’t surprising to me, it’s woke story. Which no one cared about. It’s never been the issue with me. The whole problem is the Crunch method, which pushes people to work constantly and not let them go home. Neil Druckman’s idea about “mysognitic” integrity is like watching a muslim eat a ham sandwich, and expecting me to believe the words he says. It’s hypocritical, because as Bret Easton Ellis said, “An act of mysogny in a work doesn’t mean the work is mysoginist.” It’s Druckman’s right to think how he does, and I expect him to never give this article the time of day. A narcissist who stares into a computer all the time is not the best person to ask if he actually ask if he can relate to others.

So Creative people are proud?

As a writer of over 16 books, and a total of more than seventy books, you have to have confidence to write and live inside your own thoughts. Read novels, and experiment, and become better in your craft. Whether it’s youtube or a poet, devoting to your craft is what makes you better. I needed to fall in real life in order to become better in writing. Forced into Woodrow Wilson Rehab clinic, it was often a time I disregard in my narrative. It’s a place that I don’t talk about. It’s like entering a mad house where no one talks to you. But I did learn to just stay quiet and take notes. I was proud to be a college graduate when I was forced into chains. But I did figure out who I was. I was lonely and I could become stronger as a writer. The underlying problem is accepting that I wasn’t at my best, and I pushed myself to focus in, and I wrote all the time after the time in the desert. So, yeah, I’m proud to be who I am. To be mocked, which is fine. To be loved, which is fine too. No victimhood mentality here. The journey sometimes has to put you in hell and then you cover yourself in gasoline and become the fire you want, and you shouldn’t care what people say.

Are you a little jaded by you tubers, or more so the Fandom Menace?

A certain few in the Fandom Menace are like children yelling at a screen, like a lost transmission. They seem like people you wouldn’t want to be around. They don’t ever respond to you, unless you are questioning there authority, just like Naughty Dogg. They attack dissenters just the same as Naughty Dogg but they want to be able to harass companies like they are vigilantes in a poorly written comic book story. One content maker/youtubers drawings are second grade Bob Crumb reject comics (Bob Crumb is good compared to the garbage I see from this content creators). And they get donations for there comics (late with the delivery times and not allowing refunds) like they are pure, and no one can tell they are just bullshit artists with no real talent or craft, or didn’t earn the title to be an artist. Then there are creators who eat quarter pounders in Jersey and they chase after twitch thots and big gaming companies, as if they were god’s gift to mankind. (Real Journalistic integrity, Walter Cronkite would be so proud. I’m sure he’s going to get a Pulitizer for his work. He’s about as truthful as Ronin Farrow when he’s chasing after false leads he can’t confirm, but calls them facts. Then quote tweeting a composer thinking his was a SJW when he misread the conversation, and was totally right, and he was wrong). Then there are those creators who publicize there sister’s death on a live stream and they use it to get views. Really, benefitting off a dead sibling for views? RIP, because that’s sad, and it’s unfair to her sister. If these youtibers were in the real comic book industry, back in the day, they wouldn’t exist. Cultural Commentators are rarely artists. It’saGundam has hilarious videos about making fun of e-thots, and it makes me laugh, because he understands what is funny. There are some youtubers who are mentally unwell who got famous for it. Wings of Redemption and Dark Side Phil (who was the male twitch thot before it was populated by girls, as he masturbated on live stream once). I wish someone had given Wings medication, and maybe he would have been better. But again, bad behavior is rewarded and discussion is only jaded by single minded fanatics who have no real artistry behind there words. Then other content creators who hate Auteurs you are merely just another art school junkie reject with a microphone. Opinions aren’t facts, and I don’t believe people today know the difference. It takes more than screaming on the Internet about things you can’t control to make you an artist. To be respected by frauds in the industry is not what I want. Stephen King is another fraud who sold out, but that’s already known. He did come back for a hot minute regarding “diversity and talent” but then he went back to TRUMP BAD rant on his tweets.

Do you think they were rejected as Artists and so they took to the Internet just to complain about others?

You don’t really know what Art is until you make it yourself. Not just fan art for pre existing products. You don’t have a voice until you create your own world and characters that you thought up on your own. Knowing your genre is one thing because it will allow you to not just copy off what others do. I know that Boomers got away with this, but I have standards when it comes to my art. Critics are many and destroying artists takes no effort at all. Complaining is only an art form if you know the fundamental elements of humor and the history behind what is funny and how to make jokes. Comedians bomb all the time when they start because they need to perfect the joke or there delivery. Creating a work of art is allowing yourself to be wrong and right.Ranting is only good when you know what your subject is and you can hone your thoughts in perspective to become funny. Being funny and artistic takes years to master. It’s like what RZA said on the second disc to Wu-Tang Forever, “It takes years for this” and you can’t be funny or artistic overnight. Social Commentators, like Bill Maher, are only funny when they have a laughter backing up there words. Everyone wants validation, but do they deserve it? I hope that these people know reality will hit them one day. Have they ever had to do a job they didn’t want? Like working on a lumber mill yard or even Target where they are on there feet all day and they have to work for a boss? They scream about censorship when they have never once had to be quiet for a boss telling them they are wrong. The real world doesn’t give validation and youtube is not true validation. It’s a tool. It’s not real life.

Was that like how people hated Scorses for his comment about the Marvel Universe?

Again, he was right. Marvel films are not cinema. The Seventh Seal, Seven Samurai, 8 1/2, La Jate (later inspired for 12 monkeys), are cinema. Not Marvel. It’s worrisome when amateurs think they know everything. It’s why experience and research means a lot today. Watching films outside of your comfort zone. Knowing what has come before so you can make something new. An entire generation of people, in the Star Wars and Trek universe don’t want anything new. They want validation and telling others it’s wrong for liking things. Scorsese though is right on numerous levels. It’s entertainment, and not on the level of deep philosophical debate. The Captain America films are the only ones who even tread near it, but it’s Joss Whedon who knew how to blend the humor and make it last. Ultron is the last of the Marvel films I picked up on before I saw Infinity War. Infinity War was the end of the series. Marvel is not the world of cinema. Goodfellas is Cinema. Bad Lieutenant is cinema. The Thin Red Line is Cinema. No Country for Old Men is Cinema. Apocalypse Now is Cinema. Seven Samurai is Cinema. The Godfather is Cinema. Clockwork Orange is Cinema. Passion of the Christ is Cinema. Stalker is Cinema. Rambo is Cinema. Pulp Fiction is Cinema. La Dolce Vita and Amacord are Cinema. To hate Scorsese’s comments is only confirming what little the Marvel fans know about the history of cinema. Wes Anderson got too cutsie after a while, and while they are interesting, they don’t resonate with me that much now. That’s why bringing back the characters at Endgame was not a risky move. If you left the characters dead, it might have been interesting, and left a real dread.

Is the Void losing control?

When you enter a cult, it always tastes like honey, but after a while, the thoughts of the cult leader’s don’t change, and you can’t question them, and they repeat themselves, that the alluring presence of the cult leader sounds more tyrannical in there position. They don’t want to hear what you have to say. They want you to think like them and they will punish you, but it feels like the void of youtube is honestly dying. The only thing will be heard is Babylon’s dead womb.

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