Journey Through literature: The Horror Genre

5 Jun

Can you think of a time when you were scared and would force you to want to even look at the ugliness human beings do in fiction and explore that?

I think it’s when I was very young, I was afraid of scorpions. And rats crawling through toilets while you are on the toilet. Snakes. It’s worse when you know you aren’t facing up to shortcomings. Barton Fink is a horror movie for writers to never enter into making movies. It’s fine now, Miramax is dead so no one can be blackmailed. jk. But I’m not the type of person who thinks that horror can be easily defined. It’s learning that you have no control that can be one type of horror related story. Being in a abusive relationship is a horror story. It’s conceited to think that all abusive relationships make great horror, but maybe that’s because Rosemary’s Baby killed that idea for anyone else, because it was so good and the instant someone thought of it, it had a name. Like the Exorcist. The Exorcist is the modern version of all demonic tales, making up a modern detective story with a spiritual thriller. it’s more than disjointed to think that what we have today is horror that follows all the tropes that were imagined before, but to truly take them in is to learn that you have to find out the ugly truth about the world.

What is that?

Truth is far uglier than the lies we tell ourselves. It’s when we say, “Little Benny will get over his alcoholism” but he only gets worse. This is a personal subject for me. No family is perfect and neither is mine. The character who is an alcoholic is one of the many tropes of modern horror. Jack Torrance from the Shining. Modern interpretation of horror is also one of personal vendettas. Forged by horror is the unmistakable bond of death and the idea that Jack Torrance dies and succumbs to the will of the ghosts, ending up dying in the process in the snow. What we know from the series is that the hotel is destroyed, which makes no sense to have a sequel. But horror is also one of cathartic experience. It’s in science fiction body horror too. David Cronenberg’s early films are rife with interpretation of the soul that manifests itself in horrible contradictions. But horror is to realize the contradictions that we manifest in our lives. It’s that annoying co-worker that won’t stfu and you just imagine if you had a gun pointed at the side of his brain. It’s like putting out a dog who is about to die. They won’t care. They are just another broken human being and sometime death is the easiest option to think about when you have to listen to there dumb conversations. They think they are like you but they really aren’t. People protected in there job are like teachers with tenure, you can’t touch them, so you think about how there brain and your bosses brain might look on the wall. You would want to bring a polaroid camera so you can take a picture of it and wave it with such beauty. Being made into a villain is often far more heartbreaking too. Like Joker (2019) with Joaquin Phoenix. It was a reminder that not all villains are forced into being a public figure with blood all over there body. It’s knowing that people with mental illnesses have no choice but to be different and they all don’t have to end up like Joker, but becoming a villain makes a more interesting story. Being good is for people who are limited and they have to reject what they don’t know. Once you humanize a villain, it changes how people think about what a villain or anti-hero actually is. It changes with each decade. Some simple people want “good versus evil” and I just have no option but to say, “No.” If that was done, Joker (2019) would not have worked in that logic. It’s very rare when people can do very sublime and subtle things. It’s a true master that can destroy all preoconceptions of what people see.

Why should people see things in a subtle way?

It’s for there own good. Sometimes we need to say things that are over the top too. Masters know what they can do and they must change in order to find a new way of expression. Sometimes people need to tell fantasy stories of good and evil. Horror is based on the idea evil will win. It’s a simple conceit. It’s about how sleeping beauty wakes up into a raging bitch with no filter and she has to have an ark in how she becomes it too. An evil person must have the breaking points that even a young hero must need in order to become better than he has. It’s every bad thing you want happening that will make the unsuspecting villain become what you want them to be. Or anti-hero. But victimhood is not a message that horror should be represented in Horror unless the character is going through an arc to lose everything they have. It’s to represent the breakdown of the individual and adhering to the belief of fear. It’s fear that makes such interesting cases in fiction pure and wonderful. People are afraid because they don’t want to see what they are afraid of, and if they knew how to combat it, they would not be afraid at all. They would choose to be who they are and not living by other’s rules. It’s fear that pushes people into a vulnerable position. It’s deception that makes a villain persuasive and his depth in human persuasion is also helpful. It’s when the victims in a horror story know the evil person is lying but he is so seductive when he speaks. The animosity of men who are cunning never show there true anger, but hide it with suggestion and persuasion. It’s never the same once you know what someone thinks of you. No one likes someone once they are criticized, but it’s not to be confused with helping people who are sick and those who are trying to poison there lover against there family and make them think otherwise. The Secretary is a great example of a submissiv/domination relationship where it is portrayed in a positive light, but others around her are trying to convince her it is wrong. It’s possible to note that all children at some point have to become an individual and find there own tastes that do not match up with there parents. it’s not healthy to always think you are like your parents because it doesn’t allow you to grow and be different and establish your own traits. A good son or daughter would know what tastes are there parents and what there’s are. Everyone must be open-minded to realize that people have different tastes but the reality is that this kind of thinking is what makes a great villain is that they are a hero. But not in the case of the Secretary. Horror is a response to the time in which people are living in, but in most cases, it’s the victim of a rape crime who thinks it’s within her jurisdiction to kill men who want to rape her, but they are murdered by the woman when it wasn’t the case. It’s a horror story when the good guy thinks they are right all the time. They have no bounds of reality or willingness to pursue a life of peace. It wouldn’t be a horror story if that was the case. Horror is not just an abstract idea. To confuse such who know when it’s the embodiment of horror and the main character, who thinks he’s good, knows he’s not anymore. They have become the thing they have fought to destroy, as Obi-Wan said in Star Wars. Horror is learning that you cannot change. You don’t have the will to look beyond the individual pain but learn when you must turn your hand against the aggressor. It’s doubtful to think people can change, which they can, but reality is not art. That was tried for years in independent films but it has never worked. Midsommar is not a good example of a horror film. It’s a boring mess of a film that was overhyped by the studios. What you think is horror might just be an everyday occurrence.

What are some everyday occurrences for you that make a horror story personal?

When a hero cannot find a job. When they are looking and sending in applications but they seem to be not the best candidate. Being rejected by literary agents is one thing, but to not be able to make a living makes the world a strange place. it make searching for jobs another chore, and the hopes of getting one, and pleasing someone in an interview turn to apathy. It’s knowing that mistakes you made can never be forgiven. When the hero tries so hard to please people that he becomes an alien upon his making. He hates the very people who help him. Having to see his bosses look down at him asking for help when they weren’t ready to train him. They didn’t care about his problems and they want him to just do it flawlessly when they half assuredly train the person when they no longer persuade him he is worthy. It’s probably not the best time to think about it, but when bosses think they can bully you about politics and you just sit there silently not able to speak in opposition, you are left with no option but to wish a heart attack upon your co-workers. That’s better than a plague. It’s learning that the world doesn’t want you anymore. They have no use for you that you lose the purpose to find a job and think you are worthy to work. When your family bugs you about it and you put in applications every day but it doesn’t matter. You are the very thing they choose to hate. When they don’t want to help you and you are better off dead. I have felt like this and so has everyone else. When the world doesn’t care if you are white, and they hate you for existing. It’s making a villain where there doesn’t need to be one. To be called “racist” will only make that person believe he is racist, and choosing not to be, is what makes him redeemable. But horror is knowing that the outside world will not care about there plight or thinking they can understand the will to become better. To label someone for there faults only makes the wisdom of men seem like charlatans and there voice hollow and disjointed. It’s the family members who you don’t speak to who lecture you when they think they are right. It’s when you stop speaking to them once you get a job that they wonder, “why doesn’t he talk to me?” If people learned when to shut the fuck up they might just be the better person. Learning to never speak is the way of victory. To give such hollow messages of “get a job” only makes the character learn to despise and never say what they are thinking. Then they know what the villain sees in the hero. A false leader with words of tyrannical opposition and no answer that could help them in a real world way. It’s there misunderstanding of being good that makes a villain see the hypocrisy in a good person. They have no answers and they wish to pretend they are good. Maybe it’s when life hands you nothing that you know you must take things. To survive means little to the rich. They have there millions, and the villains, who are fired constantly, whether by skin or inability to do the job, they are pushed to become what they most despise. To learn you are alone and the people who care about yu have no way to help. They are the hero’s without answers. A typical power struggle that makes the will to listen to the powerful more than irksome. A boring dispute between the faithful and those who don’t believe. For thinking too much. To know the system is rigged and there is no more space for you. When you have to learn that you hate all who have come before you. To become yourself against the powerful hero’s who have all the available funds to get ahead in life. Or the better grades at a private school means more than public school with good grades. You are last on the list for the dean of Harvard. But what is learned from villains is simple. They are people. They are born to learn the hard way that life doesn’t want them. They are never going to please anyone even when they show up early to work. They try to do everything there boss tells them to do, but with each day, the hatred against your boss grows. You know they are not learning the same things. They want you to suffer and they push you to quit. They tell you to go back to school in there office. Giving you subtle hints. it’s learning that you have no more options. Villains are only unforgiven when they know that the system doesn’t want them as they are. To learn to be like society when it’s flawed fron the beginning. To take away a man’s pleasure in life might as well be akin to a firing squad death. To take away such purpose from men is learning that you have lost the crowd. And to label them villains is the will of the corporate sponsor. It’s power that the good guys are obsessed with and they want to destroy those they see. It’s goodness that holds such people hostage. Sexual frustration in hero’s does too. They are born to live with there ugliness but the villain knows he is beautiful and wants the same thing. To hate such villains is to admit they are right. To bring up every past sin is that the hero’s are hiding the skeletons in there closet. Your parents hate the difference in you so you must leave to find your own way. Hero’s are just villains with the ability to hide away there sins and drink away what little value they have everyday. Drink away swine, because I know who you are.

Who are they?

It’s the everyday struggle of finding who believes like you and learning to push others out. But again, silence is just another way of not having a personality. A silent worker is no better than a bruised dog. It’s just following orders in a corporate structure. They have no place in the world. All they know is the rules and they follow them. Villains know when they must pursue what returns bias without causing such interference. Villains are the way into life beyond the hell of everyday. To think “oh, maybe black and jewish people only have the ability because they are gifted the chances in society” and hard work is only gifted to societal mores. To protect a criminal means to gift them the ability to keep up with the crimes of there disjointed thinking. Hero’s are the reason why most normal people shoot up there offices or commit suicide, because all they know is being stuck in a cubicle. Office Space could be a horror movie if it focused on Milton, and not the rest of the cast. But then again, humanizing a character who is misunderstood can be seen as villainous. Taxi Driver is another example. It’s when you no longer persuade such fear to control you. You look at robbing liquor stores as a means of survival because they wouldn’t hire you to work there. Learning that society is against you is when white people have heard “learn to code” more than once. it’s defiance that will put such anger in perspective. When the rich have never known such failure and they lose money in stocks, no one cares. it’s through malpractice that a villain knows how to take advantage of the system because he is not offered the chance to be apart of normal society. To be told to do something when he doesn’t want to. To learn that you are cutting yourself not out of pain, but pure enjoyment. A villain takes part in self mutilation because he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. He is human and he is fully aware of what could happen if he dies. A villain knows that God hates him from the beginning of his birth. He tries to be apart of society and like the things people like but they don’t care. They have nothing to offer. With no dissenting voices, all we have is silent eunuchs thinking the same way with no real conversation. When your co-workers gang up on you when you have a dissenting opinion, it turns you against such conversation. You hate the very air they breathe because they return the hatred too. If black people know how to use white guilt they can control the conversation. To laugh at black suffering makes you a villain. But if all you hear is black people laughing at you, why not laugh at there suffering. Then the rational voice says, “That’s not good you will be ostracized from the group.” Using race against white people, and those blacks who defend white people, as a tool for race baiting, it’s the quiet conversation of who becomes a villain. To use such anger against people is when villainy is formed within society and the times they live in. Horror is based on who can survive within the grey area of life and know it’s learning how to tune people out in the work place. Putting on ear phones only makes the insufferable co-worker talk more, and they don’t get the hint. Again, horror is born out of the presence of a society that will call people evil, and they were never born like that. Society, especially concerning white guilt, is another evil built into society who will think blacks deserve everything. It’s insulting and horrific to gift people what they want because they will not work to earn it. They will not want to become better if they know there race and skin color can get them out of working hard. Horror is built out of superstition and also the will to see what is not there.

What do you think people see that is not there that people see?

The afterlife is a contradiction to the atheistic viewpoint of “there’s only one life.” What I have found is that the afterlife is spawned to show that there might be an existence far beyond what we know. Dots in a picture are proof of a ghostly presence. Sometimes it’s ghosts that can show who we truly are. Ghosts are the experience of a situation you can’t explain. Sometimes the devil is what you want to see, like in politics, but the unbelievable can be heard from women in churches who pray but they have never met a devil that could make them truly afraid. Sometimes that woman praying is a woman who wants to destroy a man’s life and learn his inner ways and then sue him with the intent to put him out of business. Women offer only what they can do with a skill, as most Americans can do, and most women are apart of royalty and there bloodline is the will of men who want her bloodline, but know she has nothing to offer. A horrible woman who mistreats a man, and can have sex with his best friend in a demonic ritual can make a man know that they have met such a devil. The devil has a penis and a vagina, and can form whatever shim likes. The devil knows the will to appeal to men. Horror can exist in the will to see something in very simple terms, but to understand it is learning that the complexity is far beyond women’s knowledge. A woman can start a twitch account, drawing and painting, to go full blown Wiccan and mesmerize men to pay her money because she never had talent and needed the devil to make her interesting. I dare you to write that story and think that’s not terrifying. It might just be passable as fact. It’s the world that lets women get away with what they want online. Shearing men’s will to live is worse than a woman who would kill a man. Draining him of money is the true horror a woman can produce. She was no different than Daisy in The Great Gatsby, but she would be a twitch thot today. A whore that makes money with painting her tits. Women know they are arbiters of evil when they know they don’t have to learn a skill to become evil. Some men would just call that being an independent woman, but most men know they win against those women when they end up lonely cat ladies and have sex with there dogs. Horror today means learning how to push such temptations away, and there are some who don’t want to. People need to feel it in order to know what they have done wrong. Some have to face jail time instead of reading a situation. Maybe pursuing a dream girl will lead you down the wrong path. Horror is not the despair of having a talent and putting your art online, but paying women for nothing in hopes of winning her heart. It’s a modern fixation. Misleading horror is thinking that Republicans are evil and they want statewide oppression. It was Malcom X who warned you about the guilty liberal, and they are probably guilty white females who must stick up for black men when they have no idea what suffering is. They have a nice office job where they have one black person working on staff and she’s the only white woman there so you must say what the office thinks. It’s women held hostage by minorities is also a modern horror story. What Horror allows you to feel that either as a man or woman, the character is a punching bag, and you must show an aggressor destroying another’s life. Horror is known for the subtlety that pursues the weak and wants to destroy them. It doesn’t take a horror slasher hero to know that they can destroy men’s lives. All they need is a vagina, and a twitch account, or a guilt complex.

Why do you think the modern era is harder to write about horror?

Horror is an evolving concept. Horror is always made up by certain times in the literature or movies made. Movies that have you looking into someone’s screen takes no ingenuity. At some point, it gets boring to watch someone experience horror on the opposite end, in a mocumentary format, like Paranormal Activity, but even they had a loose character trope that was still recognizable, but faded when it tried to reach outside it’s normal boundaries. What horror means today in a digital world is that Freddy Kreger would be a digital menace than one of the imagination. A recent Friday the 13th remake didn’t seem to find the same audience because boomers really liked the 80’s horror films. While David Cronenberg dabbles in and out of the science fiction genre, with Existenz, being a subtle Cronenberg horror masterpiece, and almost promising a sequel while Videodrome never was given the chance to blossom into a franchise. You can fuck it up like with Scanners and the Fly sequel, but we won’t talk about that. Some movies are ruined with sequels that rarely involve the original creator and the same themes the story teller was working with. What makes Horror transcend is the idea of knowing what is truly terrifying. Realizing that you might not be able to do something you’re expected, as you might be a cleaning a house, the haunted house trope can be taken further with the creative freedom Horror needs. Horror can not exist on a single trope of ideas that won’t survive. Get Out, Jordan Peele’s film, was instantly popular but it could be that it was overrated and much of his films after only receive standard critical fanfare, show that a filmmaker might only have to be good once. To make it in a artistic career is a crapshoot. Knowing fear is different when applying it in art. It’s maybe turning off the lights and listening to creepy music to help along in the process. Maybe it’s internalizing the anger you feel and learning how to use words in order to find calm. The will to create in the middle of destruction and chaos is why art must survive, There is no desperation when you must learn that Horror is inescapable. Doubt is learning that you have no will to pursue the regular invitations of life. When you are considered ugly and lead around by the nose, dating feels less rewarding. If all that guys want is someone average and has no gag reflex, men would be in a better place. Horror is when you realize that money can give lots of access to things you never had before. You have to make concessions for what you want. Horror is about adapting and knowing how to survive, but there are miseries in the world that come with having everything you want. But there is more when you don’t. Learning when a character has nothing is when they have no problem with robbing someone they didn’t know in order to feed there families. It’s all honorable until someone dies. But that’s what horror is. Horror is learning that you are not in control of your life. Maybe working on Wall Street turns you into a Jeffrey Epstein con man who knows that he can get money because that’s all he cares about. Horror is about learning to find what only makes you afraid but also learning what can make society tick. Some people are terrified of clowns or they are terrified of needles. I hate having my eyes examined. That’s how some people feel about going to the dentist and my mom is a dental hygienist. So, learning how people are terrified has always been inside me. Imagine having a room growing up where you didn’t have a lock on the door. Where you had no privacy, where you couldn’t keep people out. It’s learning that you have no power, and some go to suicide or those turn to violence against the aggressors. But most acts of violence are a last act when talking doesn’t work anymore. Abusive parents are usually punched when a son gets older. They know it’s within there control to punish there abusive parents. To kill your abusive parents, within a horror story, makes the wheels turn. It’s not an original idea, but this is just one of the many tropes. Imagine you have to put on music to keep your parents screaming out of your ear. The quiet person doesn’t shoot people up, it’s the one who is picked on, because he has no friends or girls to talk to. It’s learning you have no real friends and the friends in a Stephen King book, It, don’t exist. It’s poison to believe that people care. it doesn’t make a good horror story. It’s when you lose that one person who does understand and they can’t be brought back. Drugs and booze become the best option. Why is this so depressing? This isn’t about the hero, it’s about the villains. The villains are the hero’s in horror They must exercise there revenge against parents who burned him for molesting children, i.e., Friday the 13th, as the sin of the parents returning on their children. It’s learning that the parents of horror fiction are horrible, and while it’s denied, they will die when they will not believe the horror exists. They will just see you and never once see the monsters in the corner. They want you to work and be nothing but a corporate jack hound. Money is good, but how much money do you need in order to be happy? Does money mean happiness? It allows more vice to continue in horror stories. It won’t stop the darkness from returning. No matter what the corporate media will tell you, but horror is learning when you have no choice but to be afraid, and face a problem in society. Whether it’s personal or societal.

What does Horror mean for the future?

It might mean that Horror may have to go backward to find new ways to scare people, because technology is only scary a few times in the Horror world until it becomes a joke or it leads into sci-fi. What most Horror can do is make the world far more complicated than people like to imagine. People think Horror is the epitome of what was wrong with the world, but it’s humanity that made the world this way, as though it wasn’t there fault. Everyone was a villain at one point in there lives. While it was further uncomplicated, it was defiance that no longer perceives the understated. It’s the understated machination that men create that hate there experiments once they gain sentience, e.g., Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. But it’s the obvious notion of why Horror must remain a perfect condition of whether to return to normal. Being normal in Horror is not what Horror stands for. It’s about embracing the odd and the strange and holding humanity accountable for the terrors they produce. A monster in a Horror film is far more believable as well as a pedophile on the street in your neighborhood. It’s just called something different. Reality is only good for realists as they are alcoholics by nature. They need it in order to survive. They can’t stand the outside world when they get home knowing that there lives could end with a home invasion. Horror confirms what all the smart people know about, and maybe they aren’t college professors. Maybe they are men who are sleeping on the street? It’s possible to assume that maybe what drove men to homelessness is not economic opportunities, but they have reached a conclusion about society that no longer permeates with them. The rigged system of the boss who would destroy his employees in the process just so they can make a quota and they can’t go home at night. It’s hard to work when there are bosses that want to drive people miserable. It’s not hard to see why Communists hate the Corporate structure of Capitalism, and while this is not promoting communism, (which has never worked at all), knows that there is always a rigged position of power. Climbing a corporate ladder is another horror story. It’s about learning how much you can lose in order to find financial stability. It’s knowing that you didn’t have any time with your kids that you worked so hard. What was once good intentions turns the children against there father. The hard worker now becomes the stranger to the family unit. Again, this doesn’t apply to all working men, but it is a scenario that makes the world of Horror a palatable weapon. It’s turning the author’s hatred into reality on those who would wrong him. While Horror might involve ghosts, there is always an existential crisis in the characters. They know they must change to become better or the villain of the story. There is knowledge once attained after reading books and it’s the possibility that all are corruptible in there own flesh as it was sustainable in the treasure of men who did once look like they know it’s the defiance of what was bound by the direct involvement of a creature that would take up such preoccupation. It’s idols who would know there place in the world of horror. Pezuzu, from the Exorcist, is one of them. While the love of Jesus can hold such men to be better, sometimes it’s a man who realizes that he can’t face the world as it is. It’s disregarding the nature of men who know they have yet to carry on as they hold onto such memories that become a wilderness to explore. The man who has a cat is instantly a man of fewer means, as it was denounced from men who did once look like they share the forgotten memory of men who once allow what is already there. To deny pleasure is what turns men into monsters. It’s a boring spouse that makes husband look elsewhere for conversation and meaningful sex. It’s certainly a boring woman who would say the opposite but the lack of communication and sex can make a man seem deviant. It’s a woman who is boring enough to only never be sexier and lose weight for her husband to make her attractive. Horror is what men know and women ultimately ignore. Only seeing the good and ignoring the bad doesn’t make the worst parts of humanity disappear. You don’t give a homeless man money because you feel good, but there begging makes you feel guilty, and it’s only supplying his will to never once better himself. Maybe this is harsh, but in Horror, the reality is that men who know the way out of misery are those who have hobbies and they can process the misery of life within works of fiction. Fiction is where most men reveal there true talent. Co-workers only care about work and you should find people to talk to outside of work. They don’t share your opinions.

What should a horror writer do?

You should read lots of books and own lots of guns.


Because what is out there is not pretty. It’s defiance that will show the armed thugs that you know how to ruin there day. They have no choice but to rob you. You think being good is going to stop people from robbing you? No matter what nice area you think and feel, and how much money you donate to some African boy in the mail, it’s not going to stop armed thugs from robbing you. If you have not felt this way before you will know it once you enter the city. As I always say, “Once you hoard, you are easier to rob.” Armed robbers only want what you have and they didn’t want to earn there way through life. Maybe they have a family too? It’s easy to think in these terms and sometimes Horror is writing about the men who are robbing people. Both sides can be examined in the destruction of society and while many would say it’s impossible to defy the logic of such robbers, it always turns wrong when they have to kill there victims. It’s criminals who know they have no choice but to rob and they have tried everything else. It’s like the fallacy of inclusiveness.

Isn’t inclusiveness supposed to be a good thing?

It really isn’t. Inclusiveness is a utopia that defies the logic of normal thoughts. It’s allowing you to be apart of society on other’s terms. It’s a TOS that no sane person would do. It’s the notion of being included when the lefties don’t care about others. It’s indignation that turns men into such arbiters of justice and they are pursuing the flesh of men who they despise only to consume there identity once done. Inclusiveness would work if society agreed it worked. Inclusivit, even by the lGBTQ community, makes it sound as though there are more rules when the LGBTQ activists fought for the right to be who they want. Imagine being a gay person being told to put your pronouns up, like it’s a badge of honor. 1.) It shouldn’t matter what your pronouns are. It’s almost like wearing a star of David in Nazi Germany. The act of inclusivity is the reason why most of the lGBTQ secretly and openly despise the politics of the left, and so they are learning what is prominently, the party they belonged to doesn’t appreciate differences of opinions. It’s a weapon used against them, and they should be fearful. What if we looked at Jordan Peele’s Get Out as a film that primarily targets leftists who know they are kidnapping black people and they are sympathetic to black lives but they destroy them, resulting in our film. If perceived any shade to the right, that would be dangerous for the world we live in. Jordan Peele would deny it as he saw it as satire but for him to create Get Out meant attacking the very hand that fed him. In the Obama era, this film could be talked about, but if we see it any shade to the right, then Get Out is not a satire, but a sad reality of leftists and there secret hatred of African Americans. It’s no secret the left think of African Americans as there tools to vote and then never talk to them again until it’s time to vote. If Jordan Peele knew this to be true, his Oscar would only prove that he was right. Lefties truly do see African Americans as a burden on the liberal party. It’s not a community of love, anymore. It’s a party of hate. I didn’t want to get into this, but seeing how the Hollywood community protected Jeffrey Epstein, it’s not out of the realm of impossibility anymore. This is when Horror becomes real life. And maybe to some in the know in Hollywood, the horrors they knew were always real. What is ultimately perceptive in the nature of men who know what reality is afforded to there cause, is how we learn what is real in the end.

What is reality now?

Reality, can differ to a lot of people. Horror to a rich person is knowing that they won’t be able to make money. Horror to a poor person is never being able to pay bills on time. Horror to a homeless person is the reality of both the rich and the poor. A smart person in a horror film is jaded, which will always mean he will survive in the end. What makes Horror a fascinating concept is the pressure once looking like they share such perceptions allowing nature to take its course. Animals have no concept of horror, as they are embodiment of survival over centuries before man entered the picture. The perfection of Horror is ultimately accessing the beastial nature that produces such perplex thoughts. It’s abandoning what you know in order to find the truth in a situation. But “my truth” is another fallacy. Those are the people who will die before a horror movie starts. It’s defiance and jaded qualities that will keep a hero together, and the cunningness of the villains path for the hero that will test both hero and villain. If a villain doesn’t lay every trap for the hero and his friends so that they can test there will to survive. It’s the age old question, “who’s going to die first?” It’s the villains traps that can be metaphoric in nature. It’s repeated images that have to be taken to its logical conclusion and either, be mysterious in nature, or explain the logic of the villain or hero. It’s destruction that can make a good man stronger and a villain outsmart the hero’s. It’s why there are so many toads in Mario because Bowser needs pawns to try and destroy Mario. It’s why gamers get so pissed when a level 1 pawn can beat the main character, and it forces the player to “get good.” Dark Souls would be the antithesis to the Mario games, as it is obeying the companies principle of forcing players to be better than they are. Horror must follow that principle too, as From Software, has followed the principle attained through Horror. Horror is knowing that no matter what you face, it’s up to the reader to want to take the journey through a man’s despair or the villain becoming what he must in order to show what everyone could be.

What is Horror to you?

Horror is knowing that no matter what you do, the oncoming hordes will arrive and they will not care. They see me as the enemy and they don’t want to have a conversation. They want to burn the entire world and what will they have in the end? Nothing. Nothing will help them heal the wounds of there inferior mindset. There “us vs. them” attitude only puts them as the villains, and not as the hero’s. Hero’s don’t burn down society in order to find true meaning. It’ takes debate and logic to make a society work. Horror is knowing that I will never be happy until people know who I am, but do I want that type of fame that I can’t even walk outside and put up a gated fence, and become the shill that everyone loves? Do I want to be harassed when I’m out in public and called names and not talk down to them for harassing me? What’s more horrifying for me is fame. Fame is a “second death” because your private life is now over, and your public image begins. To not be famous for what I truly wanted. It’s the concept that fame is another horror that puts such men into a tailspin. Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis is an example of this type of Horror story. What horror means to me is that no matter what normal job I take I will never find someone with the same interests as I do. I have to take the left overs of society and never have my soul mate. Again, this is reality and talking about it will help me learn what is real and not. Horror is knowing that no matter what I do I will never be accepted for the work I do. I am afraid of being another number, because a number is just one of many in a pattern in a matrix, where you have no individuality.

Does that frighten you?

It helps me remember that the only thing I must do is to continue the work I am doing, but not at the same rate. Horror is knowing that no one wants to read your work anymore, which is why I try so many different works, because it’s not about being new. It’s about trying new things. The difference is I use the word trying not being. Trying new things is how men can adapt to the changing world. It’s why so many celebrities livelihood are tanking. Stephen King should be smart enough to read a situation, when the political tide is turning, but a leftist doesn’t care what others think, and as I remember being apart of that party, it doesn’t add much to a “conversation.” Laughing at people’s opinions are why certain family members hold them in contempt behind there backs. It’s why there birthdays go unfollowed. But I think what frightens me is that the will to believe in one singular belief is why the celebrities of today are turning into the enemy they fought so hard to become. It’s going to be hard for celebrity writers to make fiction if they spoke out against Trump with such voraciousness. Rich people can afford to burn there own bridges, not independent content creators. It’s a reminder why celebrities are never to be trusted. They have no ideas of there own. They are the soulless cum receptacle they pretend to be. What frightens me is knowing how I can be free to think away from what people think. A lemming always jumps to there death when they know it’s not possible to change. They would rather burn there legacy to the ground in order to believe they are right. It’s horrible to follow celebrities because they were once the youthful spirit who saw what people wanted and they delivered it with such vigor, as they used to be the villains, but then turned into a coporate hack. Corporations are another horror story of the modern era. Slave trade is akin to Corporate buffoonery.

Does being corporate instill another fear today?

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis does explain as to why men have a hard time being rebels but also wanting to fit in. It’s not easy to pretend that you love what corporations do. Horror is about learning the will of society, and whether to encourage the storming of the Bastille or the guillotine. It’s societal epochs that show in history what makes the realm of imagination further increase during such stressful times. What corporations represent is the suit and tie formula, and much of what Corporations support is the hive mind attitude. It’s when someone has a difference of opinion that they A. go silent in the boardroom or B. fire you immediately for disagreeing with them. It’s about living under an umbrella that doesn’t care about your life and the will to be yourself. You gave up your individuality for the ability to make money. Corporations, and those who work for them, especially the underlings, know that artists who were once unshaven now have to appear on the horrid “Good Morning America” shows and talk about there work and have to say the right script they were given in order to make money. People like Ronin Farrow know that much of what they say must sell to an audience so some of his facts can be narratively juxtaposed in order to make the story of the Metoo movement palpable. He wants to please his overlords, and the cinematic writing style is what he must do in order to tell his Heart of Darkness journey. But Conrad knew what lurked in reality, and it was worse than any fiction. Heart of Darkness is more about men who know that once they are free from society, they don’t have to return to it. Being a corporate shill is knowing that you don’t have an opinion anymore. It’s hard to live in society anyway, but to have to promote it in your personal life becomes nonsensical. It’s worrisome to see the staff of a Corporation misread a situation. They take every joke as a threat and they are old grandmothers before they even have children. Becoming a hypocrite is a learning experience, and contradictions are made in the break room. It’s learning that you are just being used by your boss when they have no will to be creative. Applauding group think becomes a game of “who can clap the loudest.” Horror is know when you have no more opinions in a work place. To learn you have to obey every single rule that is made, even when it’s wrong. When you are attacked for doing your job. That, for many people, are learning why you don’t join the break room anymore. You sit at your desk and you read Thomas Mann in order to find some peace. The quiet is normal, but many in the Corporate office will no longer see it that way. Being corporate is a horror story today. it’s learning that you have no control over your art and those who control you are your puppeteers.

So, is society just learning about this or has it always been there?

I think Mao II by Don Delilo is just an example of what people knew in the entertainment industry. Those who want to be part of the entertainment world will never talk about it. But Don Delilo doesn’t care if he loses friends over this type of thinking. It paid to be the outsider in his time. What persists today is a culture that doesn’t reward the outsider behavior. Corporate sponsors don’t like there underlings having opinions. They don’t even tell you what’s wrong at first. Corporations want you to die out and they won’t take any responsibility. It’s better when you have parents who hate you because you can tell them to fuck off. A parent who cares but won’t tell you what to do is equally worse. That’s the entertainment industry in a nutshell. The people who fade away are common and they rarely get a second act. Horror is knowing that you failed in life and you have to wait tables for the rest of your life. It’s better if you did just kill yourself. That’s the rules of Horror, but what you can’t mistake is the possibility that you might be happier away from the industry. To be creative on your own and then put it out, because it’s easier. Whether life is hard or not is up to how people choose to live there life, but Horror is always there. it’s always what you expect to be at the foot of your bed. It’s an unspoken nightmare that keeps you up realizing you did it all wrong. It’s more than just a boogie man, but men and women are horrible by themselves. All in the name of justice. A failed system that doesn’t give a damn about them, and while many who would loot and burn, will not find solace at the end. They will change nothing. Rioting will never help, but it does make the mob feel better. They have nothing better to do. But Horror is knowing that even when they are done, nothing will calm them. They will die knowing they failed too. All will fail in the end. All will know the truth when they die.

So, is there no hope?

What do you think?

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