Journey Through Literature: Romance/Erotica

10 Jun

Why do you think romance is so important?

Romance depends on what makes people look at one another and a feeling pervades, (sometimes), that “I love this woman and we are compatible, and she’s my best friend,” but Romance is something that must be earned. An earned Romance is along the lines of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Two people who don’t initially like one another. They should never be together in real life end up changing one another’s life for the better. A hardened heart can only be mended by someone who accepts them for who they are, and they can change. The deception is whether those stories are good for us or not. There are many who consider the “earned romance” the staple of romance since Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice. Modern Romance has not really done anything new in terms of what the Romance story can do. If Romance is concerned, that’s Nicholas Spark’s territory, and we all know the Notebook, and we won’t talk about that. What Jane Austen did was commercialize the pain of two people who shouldn’t belong together, in the real world and realizing it was for the best. It’s through the narrative that the romance for the two character’s is earned. When Mr. Darcy helps Elizabeth’s sister marry Mr. Wickham because Mr. Wickham was going to leave her, it changes the worldview of Elizabeth. Her inability to see past Mr. Wickham’s charm is what Elizabeth and her sister fell under, as it made him the villain of the story. It means that gossip will ultimately ruin people before Elizabeth decided to confront Mr. Darcy. The wild ambition of two lovers that earned there respect is what made Pride and Prejudice a class in the Romance genre.

Do you think Modern romance is missing the ingredient of earning trust between two people?

I know that people might not agree with this, and I don’t defend 50 Shades of Grey for the idea that it was “well written.” Guess what: it wasn’t. 50 Shades was essentially made from Twilight fan fiction, and while it’s better to assume that it has not helped modern romance, it certainly helped push the BDSM culture in a weird way. I never got past the 15 page, because if it’s horribly written, I’m going to google it. BDSM love romance is there, and it’s best represented in The Secretary, with Maggie Gyllenhall and Jame Spader. It’s what most modern romances know is that sex becomes soccer mom’s days when she’s drunk and tipsy off her third glass of wine. She works in the house all day and she walks her dog and she’s a midl mannered mom from the suburbs. Her purpose is there, but it’s 50 Shades of Grey that turns her on during the day. When she has cleaned the whole house, it’s that wine and a book that makes her remember her days being home. Millennial women game, but it’s for a certain demo that 50 Shades of Grey belongs to. It’s the ability to let a man like Edward Grey, in 50 Shades, be his own man, but it’s by the third book, that he devolves, but that series sucks. What modern romance is should be best characterized in hashtags and bullshit posts about “how they love each other” when it’s not working out. The problem is neither your girlfriends fault that she wants your dad bro because if you make no money, that’s the only option she has left. But dating an older person means learning to accept that there back might not work. As Dave Chappell said, “There is no such thing as a good 37 year old pussy.” But Romance is defined by women in gender studies programs that have never found true love so they become lesbians and never have sex.

Don’t you think that’s an overstatement?

It’s all over twitter, and you tell me that’s not real. The problem is that it’s not real, is what happened to women on there quest to being independent? Did they realize that no man wants to be with a woman who screeches all the time, treating him like shit? Because that never worked. Yelling at men doesn’t make men respect women. It’s problematic to think this, and I don’t like thinking this is true, but Twitter always makes me think this way. Twitter women have no instance of morality or they treat men like shit because they’re married, (which is fake, and seriously guys, don’t go on twitter, bc you don’t want the leftovers from the 2000’s). What makes romance seem disingenuine is that women want to be aggressive and they want to be independent. Great, but romance is when two people come to the agreement that they are flawed and being together helps balance them out. If you are a TERF, please just date cats, but even cats won’t like them. It’s because women think “no matter how ugly I am they will always love me” and obese women love to lie about “how they look.” There skinny friend is fucking there man behind there back, and it’s funny when they stay silent, and they think about there ugly friend’s man. Women are far colder than men when it comes to cheating. If a woman tells you, “We’re trying this out and if we break up, please accept it,” take it that your relationship was not built on a solid foundation of respect and love. It’s accepting who people really are and learning how to not rush things. To not send “dick pics” without permission. The reality is that most relationships never start successfully with a dick pic. If that’s the basis for a modern romance, there is no romance. That’s just stupidity. But then again, “some people say cucumber taste better than pickle” as Dave Chappelle said.

Why do you mention comedians instead of philosophers?

Just trying to get your attention. I talk about what people can relate to. Love, from a Shakespearian point of view, is often doomed, when it comes to Romeo and Juliet. Probably the most copied and alluded to of Shakespeare’s work, and that’s not just the basis of all romance literature, but what two people, Romeo and Juliet, are not good for one another. They were cursed as there families remained in a blood feud, and the two main characters think love is the great equalizer. The problem is in drama, love is often doomed for the main characters. It’s learning that all your good intentions of bringing two warring families together, might not be a good idea. There’s a few terms when understanding doomed romance and Romeo and Juliet, with a few definitions, “family as entity, family as container, family as living entity, family as primary group, and family as machine.” ( What you have is the psychological presence of a family, with the character’s families, that turns tragic as Romeo is accused of murdering Tibalt, as Juliet fakes her own death to see her lover again. But Romeo’s a big dumbass. He wants it all, and realizes that he doesn’t get the message that Juliet fakes her death. He kills herself at her grave and then she wakes up and kills herself with him. Yes, I did boil down the entire plot of the novel and you should read it anyway. The Baz Luhrman and the original from the 60’s are good examples. It’s the family’s warring parties that destroy the two lovers, who shouldn’t have died anyway. But is love really complicated? Maybe you should ask Romeo and Juliet. But that’s dramatic love and how two families can destroy love on principle.

Most Millennial don’t know what love is. Is that true?

If you love someone, without ever questioning them, driving down to see them when they had no car, and buy them things, you did love someone. It’s love that can mend broken people. Maybe instead of medication, broken men need to find companionship, and get a gym account, today. Lift as many weights as you can if you don’t have a set schedule. If you are genuine, you will find somebody, but the obvious decimation of love is that when a partner can’t return the affection. They have suffered abuse by a family or a predator (in the family) or a total stranger and it can change what they think about the world. Love is not feasible to those people. They have no promise of returning it and they have no idea what commitment is. Romance can be used vindictively against the will of another, only to make the person angrier. Sometimes it’s when people have nothing to talk about. The woman you are dating is just boring and she might end up working at fast food while you are going to school and become a businessman. It’s not out of touch with reality, but those two people don’t have the same goals. You don’t want to date someone like your mother or father because that only works if you are fine with it. A lot of women in the 18-25 year olds that want older men, because they reject pop feminism and millennial feminism. It’s through a generation that is willing to experiment or focus on marriage that shows definitions of Romance. Romance is not outdated it’s just sent through text messages.

Explain to the Boomers out there who don’t go on the Internet when you talk about “dick picks’ and “text messages.”

Maybe that’s a little insulting (whoever asked this was a troll), but even Boomers may be hip to this, because you can’t tell Eric Weiner is blind to what a dick pick is. (That’s gotta hurt). What most boomers do not understand is that “dick picks” are a sign that the woman likes you. It should never be sent if the girl doesn’t want it. When that doesn’t work, find out what they like. Talk about it with them. Try and see what they like about the group you may not like. It’s empathy that helps people build relationships. Even though the Corona Virus has imprisoned people (you can’t tell idiotic BLM and Anti-fa this but fuck them they are inter-related) it’s time for romance to start up again. Writing about it is learning that you may have to change and whether that’s losing weight, or just learning that you might have to be better to your spouse, and returning back to the days you both were happy. Being grown up isn’t a death sentence when you are married. It can revitilize people’s priorities. You can read a book or play a game together. Dick picks, boomers, should be within consent and if you are spamming your dick to strangers, you might get blocked. It’s learning that you won’t win being a douche. It’s the equivalent of wanting to fuck after the first date when a girl will just eject you real quick from your lives. All you will get is “Hi” on there DM’s and some women need to just tell you to fuck off if you don’t get it. But feminism is a stupid reminder to reject men based on stupid principles too.

Do you think there is a feminist love story?

If there is a modern one, it’s learning how to destroy men’s lives and ruin them in the divorce and get half there settlement. Just do what my dad did is just ignore my mom and then after I was 18 not leave her with any settlement. Yeah, you could be like that. You could be the male version of that story. It’s personally reprehensible to treat men in shity ways if you are a feminist. Just become a lesbian TERF. That’s your feminist love story. (Kidding, or am I?) The problem is that feminism wants equality, but do women take back breaking work? No. They are gender studies and English majors (bonus points if she’s an English Major, because they fuck like crazy, so guys, marry a English teacher who doesn’t like feminism, 😂). The reality is if women can stop acting like men and embrace there felinity, and there big or little breasts, feet, or mind, then they can always find a husband. it’s about letting you both grow as people and helping each other grow past difficult points in your life. If you are an unctuous bitch, therapy is your goal. Not a living being. Cat women are best left to a job and to vote for Elizabeth Warren. Romance and the love people share with one another makes up good story telling.

Is modern feminism destroying the idea of romance?

Well, when we were “nearly” on the brink of war with Iran, women laughed that they wouldn’t be taken, and then they started to think about marriage really quickly. That’s equality that women don’t want. True equality doesn’t work in all ways. Men and women have very different roles. Men have to attain the woman. The Inferno could be a love story with a woman that Dante never ended up being with. Romance is knowing that it’s not all about Disney Princesses. It’s purpose is learning that two people must find and earn there trust. It’s how some cops, male and female, end up getting married cause they met on the job. What the world expects out of romance is the same trope, but can the trope be placed in modern day when a woman of power rejects the principles of feminism and becomes a house wife? Single women in the work place only make it worse for men. Men can’t have conversations like they did, and while many modern romances start online, it’s a wild proposition, because most relationships need a face to face romance. Unless your characters are building a video game system together, and you both make diverging quests that make your characters move at different times. That’ might be a close enough romance to the Gen Z and Millenials, but to a millennial who likes comfort, and sex, it is often “offensive to women” who hear this. What’s so wrong with sex? Well, there’s no romance, they say. Like the preening teenagers they are. Literature is about women and men helping each other…achieve orgasm. 😂 The reality is there is no modern romance that can help with today and feminism. Feminism is a cancer, and I don’t want to talk about that because feminism is destroyed by preaching women who sound like idiots, or Karens, who think they know better. Yeah, that’s real wifey material.

Would some say love is best when people are married?

Sometimes it’s true. Maybe two people can love each other and not be married? I think it can happen, but is there pressure for people to leave, but getting married is a wonderful, and expensive argument. If both the characters are broke, and they can’t get jobs, why not fool around? It’s not “sanctified” by the church, but if you are broke, there is always blowjobs, licking, and other ways to stop from getting each other pregnant. What makes a relationship work is the willingness to be what you are and perfecting yourself, but also being better who you are. Literature has rarely ever talked about the positives of relationships, but there is always something to earn.

Is literature the basis of love and acceptance?

Literature is to highlight all the distress we have, and Jane Austen is one person who would have found herself agree with Camilia Paglia, because she was a sane feminist. Romance is when two people must “agree to disagree” and know that they are soul mates, or at least willing to accept each other for the faults they have. It may seem like I am ragging on feminism, but not the sane feminists. This ire is not directed to feminists who want equality for all men and women and trans people. But romance is hard to discuss in the 21st century when the world is not ready to hear about love right now. I have no doubt that people love and they want it in books and it should be there. Because I never really followed what genre or literatures definition of romance is, it reminds us that there are new possibilities to feel. To love people as they should be. To give purpose to humans. Love gives purpose in character’s too. In 300, Frank Miller has Leonidas fighting, as the women of Sparta could fight, it was Leonidas’s sacrifice that made Greece unite. That’s another love. A love for freedom. A love to protect the innocent who would have to fight the battles that would come back to haunt them. It’s strength that will send men to there deaths and love that will keep them fighting forever.

Is love private or public?

Love is not exactly complicated. Love is when two people are equal or accept the shortcomings of others, and provide emotional or financial support. It’s the traditional system of a “man goes to work, while a woman stays at home” type, but it’s hard to talk about romance when there’s not a solid foundation in a relationship. Literature proves that when both sides are unequal or lacking they will ultimately collapse (Anna Karrinina) or a failed relationship built out of military strategy (Macbeth) or the political nature of how love is used against one another by the state (1984). Love is a hard topic to discuss when women take sexy “selfies” and then want “respect” from men who cheer them on, but they get offended and say “be respectful.” It’s when those IG models offer no content other than the skinny frame for there charm. What is public about love is when couples share there stories online, but then again, it’s to each person’s favor. Tinder profiles, who say “I’m not on here, hit my snap.” Sometimes those women have real snap accounts, but most of the time, they are e-thots. They want your money, and that’s another takeaway that feminism has allowed this type of behavior to happen. If women want to do this, I’m not going to give you money. Find another sucker, and there will be ten simps who give money for this behavior. Twitch is another reason why most of love is missing. Literature would have expected this to happen, as some would imagine an imaginary kissing booth, but there’s no one there, except a woman who will take your money, but never give you anything in return. It’s deceptive to think that Shakespeare would “approve” because this isn’t love, this is gambling with people’s lives. Who’s to stop a person, who has given money to an online personality, that they won’t go and get there money back from the woman by force. It’s allowed and how women get away with this is women’s ridiculous nature of thot like behavior. If you want to be a prostitute, go be one, but fuck guys in real life. Fucking is taking a chance, but robbing men online should be a crime against humanity. Love in literature is concerning the private, all the above means public, and making money off emotional promises never kept. It’s turning against men when they won’t go after women in real life.

Sounds like Science Fiction?

People will pay for a service, no matter what guys want. If you have money, then you can do anything you want. Paying for women makes a great story. The destruction of emotions when paying for company that never comes. At least a video game delivers, even if it might be a shitty game. I don’t want men to stop dating entirely. Maybe just look for Conservatives if you want to get married. Hey, they are likely virgins and they will worship you if you marry them. As Johnnie Taylor and Kiki Swinson in her title book named, “It’s cheaper to keep her” never sounded so true. Literature is about the expansive knowledge of romance, and the deceptive ways that fraudulence in technology defies love. Blade Runner 2049 had Agent K’s love interest as a hologram, and that was close to a love story that you could possibly get in the modern era. But love might involve a microchip now, and women can now finally love men for who they are.

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