The State of Art

17 Aug

The purpose of art is to alleviate the monsters who would come forth to demonize our waking nights. Art and should be an escape, and many other reasons to make, but the reality of Art being controlled by corporations, is the true nightmare we are living in. Maybe the Stephen King story about a hack writer who gets everything he wants only to be told what to do by corporations, is the meaning of horror in a capitalist society that only lends its ear to the horror they used to feel, as a starving artist? Game developers and comic book writers are now creeping closer to this point that Art is a futile place if it’s not serving a global brand. 

What makes the Last of Us 2 enjoyable to study the relationship between two societies that want to be a dominant force, while Ellie is pursuing her vengeance in the middle of a civil war, is what makes Last of Us 2 the highlight of 2020. While Art is meant as an escape, does this mean that Art is supposed to include everyone? Does every person need to be represented? Even Isaac in the Last of Us 2 is black, and he is as villainous as Abby is, as his goals are more simply laid out. Lev, is a Seraphite, who represents a religious cult turned into a violent uprising where they clash unwittingly with  As he wants an end to the conflict, he would erase the existence of the Seraphites in order to have peace. What makes the world far more complicated is that today, there is no escape. Science Fiction has always made no attempt to talk about identity or a social problem, and even the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020, addresses many issues of class from three different perspectives, Nomad, street kid, and Corpo. 

What helps people become better is that we have a way to escape. There is nothing in Last of Us 2 that is meant to be an escape, but a study of violence and revenge that it’s meant to be more of a seventies film than a commercial game about escape. Lessons are always apart of fiction and it can help create a catharsis and help people change their mind. Art is meant to be defiant in the world of same speak mentality, and science fiction is the individual who knows he must find the corruption, and become better in a generic way that readers can relate and become better. Art defies the limits of a reader or players, and sometimes, a simple answer is not what makes a novel, game, or movie essential to what defies each generation of viewers, players, or readers. The general message of a story can’t be based on one single idea. Art is meant to coexist, and realize what is imperfect is the essence of life proving that Art can mean different things to different people. 

What is not objectively clear is misunderstood by a generation of people who misunderstand the themes of a single piece of Art. Whatever you call it, can be a piece of Art. The destruction of Art is not done by discourse, or arguing over its meanings. It’s done by misrepresentation. What is wrong with Art is not what a generation it was made for, but the legacy that can’t be put into play. The error of knowing exactly what a piece of Art is is not what makes Art grand. Being able to escape and also present its true meaning that can be understood over time. What is prepared for an audience, such as genre, aren’t limited when a new piece of art can take genre and put a new spin on it. There are no defined logistics when it comes to Art. There are no rules. There are no reasons to think that structure and lore when a new piece of Art is created. Sequels are a modern concept that helps sell a legacy, but if it’s only meant to make money, Art can be quantified and calculated. What has to work. What if it doesn’t work? 

Then it’s turned into a failure. If Art can fail, so can people too. If you want escape, you must write or make your own. Escape is purely subjective. Drugs can do that, but to a deadly effect (except pot). Art can help be a ruse to what is an escape, and can trick you into liking what “you don’t like.” Art can surprise and be bigger until you think that “escape is insincere.” Maybe playing, or even reading formulaic work can be fun, but learning how to raise your own expectations of what you read or see. Playing games can sometimes mean you are handed a choice to be what you want, like in CyberPunk 2077, but in books, you aren’t handed a choice. In all Art, you have a choice to follow a character into hell, and if you don’t, you aren’t better or worse. 

            If all you want is escape, it’s fine, and escape is good. I watch Anime to confront and face a darker self, but maybe people don’t want to see it. Enjoyment is good if you want something to help you cope with the horrifying reality you are unleashed in. The desperation of Art is to help people be better is a lie. Art shows you who you are, and without it, we would be left distraught and devastated without it. Whatever piece of Art you consume, it’s your choice to be led by the nose, in reading books, or follow your own path, like in Cyberpunk, or make your own art, as the artist you would become. 

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