Berserk Chapter 362 Review

29 Oct

As Halloween arrives, and all of us get our popcorn and look at the recently uploaded chapter, spanning over a forty year decade to reach a final conclusion to old and new fans alike. The telling is again further appreciated as the Berserk armor Guts wears is tested, and Guts is meant to see something he shouldn’t. “A blood memory.” What is surprising and not to most Berserk fans is that we have a look at a character, Skull Night, confirmed as King Geiserick, in the memory Guts sees. What he proclaims is what fans of the series long questioned for years. Skull Knight is King Geiserk, and now we have proof.

Skull Knight’s admission.

What’s also shocking is the next panel.

Void: The Fifth God Hand.

We see as Void betrayed Geiserik to become a Fifth God Hand. This is monumental in the arc of Skull Knight, and to Berserk as a whole. What we see is very clear as the Godhand that brought Void into existence, and this is important. What we see is that much of Berserk is based off cyclic nature of time. It seems that the Godhand are stuck in a loop of endless leaders, but it’s far more inviting to see that Miura is showing us that Void is the key player of the God Hand cycle. But the next panel introduces us to long held belief and cannon of the Ideal of Evil.

The Idea of Evil.

What this panel illustrates is that the Idea of Evil is now making its presence known, as Guts has never seen this before in his time in the Berserk cannon. It also illustrates that cycle that the hole represents. An idea of evil has no form. It shares no gender. It has no beginning, middle, or end. It’s what is permitted by the fate of causality. If we are all faced with causality, our wounds are never healed. It’s meaningless to try and find our way if Guts is forced to do the same. What we can say is that our perceptions are far more open than we think. Miura is aware of this. The panel of the idea of evil in full view to Guts is when Guts is privy to what Griffith knows when he’s becoming Femto.

The problem is twofold. Griffith, just like the Godhand, seem to be on the cycle of causality, which they accuse every single character who is chosen to become an Apostle Demon, as we know in Chapter asdf where they rely on anger to coerce the characters to make a sacrifice, that would transcend there mortality, or gain such power. As in Volume Three, or if you read the reddit version, Berserk Chapter G0, the Count makes calls on the Godhand, as he screams, “I don’t want to die.”

The limits of Sacrifice.

But the problem is, the count can’t sacrifice Guts, but what he has to do is give up his daughter Theresia. Again, this brings us back to a cycle, as Void is and was someone close to Skull Knight, and Void. Only time will tell what this means for the journey for Guts, but this will play apart of the narrative in the future chapters. 

What we know is clear, is connection with all of Berserk, is that when a sacrifice is made, it’s made out of emotional instinct to live forever, and taking away what we love in the process. It’s the only series that makes me consider that this is about what men will do to live forever, other than Hellraiser, which it draws heavily on (but that’s for another essay), but the whole of Berserk is clear. Void must have made a sacrifice as this is reflected back in Chapter 362, where we get without words, and Void staring down at Skull Knight, is that sacrificing your loved ones for the sake of power is still at the heart of Berserk. 

            A theory, which is not a new one, is that while we understand that Skull Knight is not in control, loses all and becomes corrupted, which is why he plays a valuable role, or a Deus Ex Machina, a God out of the Machine, that saves the hero’s before they suffer a cruel fate. What is undetermined is how the sacrifice will be used later on in the story. Griffith, as we know, is a God that will ultimately betray all he sees that will get him to the throne. He has created Falconia, but will he bring it down with him? But there might be a redemption in Griffith. He might have some other ulterior motives that the GodHand don’t know will happen. The Godhand are not all powerful entities who can predict when such plotted events take place, such as when Skull Knight saves Guts and Casca in Volume 13, sparing there lives. But this begs the question that if Skull Knight was saved before, who saved him? There’s another question that has to be posed too: If Griffith pulls a 180 as they both destroy the Godhand, only to leave the two standing, Guts and Griffith, for the final showdown, that’s an unknown variable, another question that might be answered. Another idea is perfectly clear: If Griffith in that final moment kills all the Godhand and raises his knights to GodHand status? Hopefully, it is the long suspicion confirmed, but the nature of Berserk is still rooted in the world of a sacrifice, and Void’s sacrifice is still one tale that we might yet not know. As all the Godhand are left for speculation, as always. And is the Idea of Evil showing himself to Guts now because the tide of the final battle is turning? All good questions that will be answered in time. 

            Rating: 10 out of 5 



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