Post Election Debacle Analysis

6 Nov

Let it be known here that politics is a confusing moment in our time. We only have two sides, and the reality here will obvious be lost on Bernie Sanders voters, who are out rioting and attacking local businesses and burning cities to the ground, I make no bones about what I think and feel. You can only push an agenda so far. When burning down cities is the only choice a broken down tool that most leftists will defend. It’s the lies we tell ourselves in order to feel superior to each other, and our opponents, especially.

The lie that Democrats speak is, simply put, an obese woman screaming at the top of her lungs, complaining about “why am I so fat” when she’s negative and the food she consumes doesn’t make her happy anymore. The left are a struggle with this idea. They want to be heard and respected, but they can’t stop screaming about “how right they are” and while I’m not too happy about the post election voting scam, I would share one bit of insight. Stop pretending that we don’t see the real issue. If this was a fair election it would be easy to decide, and I would find the silver lining in the situation. But the problem is enhanced by the testimony made online that a woman in Michigan’s identity was stolen to commit voter fraud.

It’s undeniable that most of us are aware that voting fraud is not allowed, and illegal, but this girl, whoever she voted for, is one of possible dozens whose ballots were stolen to use. It’s the issue of voting fraud that becomes the factor of this post election scandal.

What is obvious is that while many do seem to think Biden won, YoungRippa59, a commentator on Blaze TV, obviously disagrees “that the vote shouldn’t even have been close” in his video here, at 8:46:

“no way this race should have been close” YoungRippa59

What is blatant is the unbalanced reasoning the democrats are facing in the post election scandal as more “uncounted” ballots arriving without end. The enthusiasm I found for Biden is missing, and clearly, nonexistent. The voting fraud committed here is dangerous and what can be said is that the Lame Stream Media will not cover the cultural shift taking place in the voting process. If African Americans who support Donald Trump are the shield of the new cultural shift in Republican voters, the Latina women are the spear, trampling over the left, like stampeding elephants, laying waste Donald Trump’s opponents in his election bid of 2020.

So, as far as the leftists are concerned, the cake and ice cream they digest will haunt them for days on end, leaving them bloated, and will die out with a new generation of voters. But suffice to say, too many illegal votes, like ice cream, can kill you as well.

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