Griffith and the Godhand: The One God to rule them all!

18 Nov

Griffith, the infamous villain from Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, is and has been an opportunist. In the narrative we can trace this back to when Guts and Griffith meet as children, because every moment, to Griffith, is an opportunity to help him meet his goals. In Golden Age Arc, Guts is taken into the Band of the Hawk after a fight with Griffith, and even this, is just one pebble in his way to building an army. Guts is beaten back by Griffith, until his match is met. But what we have to remember is what Guts said in volume 39, where he speaks of Griffith’s journey is a “means to an end” and he will “soar higher.”

Griffith makes the choice to sacrifice Guts and the Band of the Hawk at the end of volume 12, as it’s the only way his physical body can become immortal. As Guts needs to fight Griffith, Guts knows that what can happen is that every step Griffith will use this as an opportunity to kill the God Hand. While this may seem like a weird theory, Guts knows what Griffith is thinking. He would never take the chance and betray someone that he can’t win, but Griffith would only behave as such, because he can’t control what can come next. The Godhand do not know when things will happen, but the beauty of Griffith’s plan is that while the world is sufficiently fragile, Griffith would use this as any opportunity to take out the Godhand, and the Idea of Evil, that he would become the ruler of the dead and the Apostates. 

            Why would he take this chance? We know that it has been tried, but in some weird way, Griffith uses even his new Generals, even when one is willing to betray him in the process. Griffith’s decisions were always calculated and every opportunity to take out all the God Hand and usurp the power over the control of the Godhand is what Griffith might ultimately have as Guts and his army is leading the way against the Godhand and the Elves backing Guts and his troupe. 

            While this may be a theory, it’s the only logical conclusion that could end up in the final battle. While the Kushan Lord, Ganishka, paid the price to try and lead an assault, as he tried to make his own behleit, it might yet prove that Griffith knows how to defeat the Godhand. Griffith, by and large, is a character that hates being driven to some unknown creators purpose. He fought so hard to be a leader, suffering and then reincarnated, to find that he has more at stake. He can be the leader of Midland, while controlling the world. It’s Griffiths dream to be leader, and with that idea of the Godhand being killed at the same time, it would only prove that Griffith held to no authority but himself. While this may seem far fetched, it’s part of Griffith’s nature to be his own man. That’s what makes him so fascinating as a character in manga publication history. The ability to follow his own path, even if it means betraying the Godhand. 


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