Site has gone live!

20 Nov

I just wanted to let everyone know my site has gone live, and this is the only site where you can find all my blogs, musings, links to my books, and any other content I have to offer. It’s been so great to see so many new readers on my site, but I do offer exclusive only content blogs for members. I’m still in the process of setting up a few things that only subscribers can have, but a lot of it will be free to read otherwise. I will take requests for anyone who wants me to review any books, games, or anime that they would want to recommend. I am considering reviewing each chapter of Berserk, studying them with frames and giving an opinion on what I think of it, or how it relates to the overall arc. Also, I am grateful to anyone coming by. I am looking forward to grow the blog and listen to what you guys and gals have to say. Plus, I will sell whatever I have to you guys first, before I put it on eBay. I have a few comics I want to get rid of, but anything else as well. Also, future writing content will be sold through here as well. Thanks so much for reading, and see you soon.



I will accept any donations that you can give, but I’m in the process of setting the site up for that. You can donate whatever you like, and I will review it too.

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