Censorship in America 2020

1 Dec

What makes the United States of America different from other countries is the Constitution that the founding fathers saw that other countries do not have. After 1776, with Britain’s defeat from the America’s, the Constitution is to safeguard American citizens from corrupt politicians who have no business in our lives. What is worse is that most of the time, freedom of speech is only presented as figurative language, and not actually met with counter protests from Republicans, unless it was the Million Man MAGA march in November 2020, but the United States government is only concerned with promulgating the China flu that will become as everyday as the common cold, and vaccines will be taken. But the right to freedom of speech means to question the very government Americans have been told to trust, and while there is a debate on freedom of speech in the real world, it is not exhibited on the Internet, nor from private companies. 

            There is the debate of companies being a “publisher or privately owned company.” What is concerning is that freedom of speech doesn’t protect YouTube creators, and YouTube in there full generosity, know how to destroy creators dreams of reaching a massive audience. What is unfathomable is that creative people are not afforded the chance to apply for jobs in the comic book, film, game, and other media that independent content creators are allowed to do. I myself publish more on my own than a publisher would allow. Old school book publishers are merely for the dollar, not for the functionality of entertainment being “entertaining.” For every Stephen King, there is a Jonathan Franzen, but even so, is the reality of freedom of speech in the print world only legitimate based through societal lens of what is acceptable? 

            In terms of independent writers, there are far more creative people than the publishers are allowed to accept. In the internet age, Amazon can censor books, and while freedom of speech should matter under Amazon’s printing press, it doesn’t. When I googled Amazon censors writers, it doesn’t even mention the idea under google.com. What is horrible is that google cares so much about this issue that it will keep the subject hidden. All I get are books are about censorship and they are about other countries censorship laws. While I’m less impressed by this search, it’s my suspicion that creates the wandering mind to think that google will help amazon censor any searches as well.

            After three pages of books about censorship, I change the search words. “Amazon censors writers books.” On the first page, I do get an article about Amazon censoring book reviewers. It’s weird that the article by electric Lit comes up on the first page, but it doesn’t seem to come as no shock. As stated, “Amazon, however, is being accused of determining through some sort of mysterious algorithm who is actually well-acquainted in real life. If we’ve interacted with authors online, the Guardian warns us that “Amazon might decide that you’re “friends” and ban you from leaving a review of their latest book.” (https://electricliterature.com/amazon-accused-of-censoring-book-reviews/)

            That’s nothing new, and dividing reader’s and writers is what insidious actions are taken to make sure freedom of speech is limited. Algorithms do face a powerful threat to freedom of speech, and it is used in China to make sure the royal regime is never questioned. It’s come as no shock to this writer, who has been told to “write a certain way” is a form of limited speech. 

            Imagine if the Algorithm is aware of being a grammar Nazi but changed to look for speech that it doesn’t agree with. It’s not people doing this, but a machine. If a machine can limit freedom of speech, it’s following the bidding of a master program. Big Tech. Which is dangerous to the Internet. If Amazon can hide the very idea of books being censored, or even reviews being censored, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. 

            Censorship, without debate, is tyranny. If people are censored, there will be unrest. While the idea of Amazon censoring writers, and how they will hide to make sure nobody ever questions the logic of a company like Amazon. But that’s not all. Amazon even censored its Prime television show, Man in the High Castle, to erase “the swastikas and eagle-and-crosses were digitally erased from Sewell’s uniform, from Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, even from scenes set in Berlin.” (https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2020/feb/11/amazon-s-book-bans-draws-concern-202002/). Censorship is on display here, but while the company refuted the claim, the question of censorship arises once again in the digital streaming world too.

            What makes Amazon a target is that it targets itself. What happens is that if it can happen to YouTube, and Amazon, the government can attack citizens for barely any crimes at all. United States citizens value freedom of speech and the right to carry out our life in America as we have right to do. Offering more freedom than most. But if America, and her citizens, allow companies to censor book reviews and self-censor their own products, and Youtube can censor independent content creators, then that is a blow to the credibility of American values regarding freedom of speech and the ability to communicate and publish on the Internet. 

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