My Essentials for Everyday Existence

2 Dec

My Top Essentials:

1 notebook (moleskin or ring). For me, a notebook is how I started to express my thoughts and also it’s good to have an analog notebook to help you free up your thoughts, because sometimes it feels really good to have a back up copy of you lose the digits copy. It’s also good that if you do write some thoughts on the moleskin make sure it’s not for publications. Moleskine are the famous journals where Hemingway and Herman Melville created there masterpieces. I guess the moleskin is the privileged man’s notebook or you can get a a ringed notebook, but with a ringed notebook, make sure you know how big you write. Sometimes people write over the smaller lines, so make sure you plan as how big the notebook is, so you have enough paper and how big your letters are. Now if you want brand of paper, for large legal pads, A4 is the way to go, and they offer more for those who write there letters larger than a moleskin could offer. I wouldn’t recommend you write on a traditional double space with an A4 Moleskin, but to each there own. You can fit more in the lines, but it is harder to read, so there are disadvantages. Levenger makes legal pads that can help you form ideas on the left block, but then write it on the right side. What you do want is the ability to have any choice of these premiere journals or legal pads for your choice as a tech operator. A regular notebook provides an extra source if all your gadgets run out of batteries. 

1 tablet of your choice with 1 digital pen with a scrambler folio, detraktor, so people can’t spy on you. (Also you can put the phone in there too). Essentially a digital tablet is a good thing if you are a drawer, but it is good if you like reading digital books on it too. A digital tablet, whether it’s an iPad or PC tablet, is a good idea when you need to write on it too. But writers are better off with a remarkable, but be forewarned that a remarkable can only read good handwriting, and if you finish a page, please translate and export it your remarkable cloud. It only holds 250 words a page, but i still recommend if you have an iPad or PC tablet, use an extra keyboard attached to the regular tablet market place. The Microsoft folding tablet is best when you can use it on a phone and can connect via Bluetooth to a Mac system. For drawers who love the feel and look of paper, the Remarkabable is a worthy addition and if you have a Mac, you can transfer your books on it too. So depending on your format, choose correctly.  Now the detracktor folio is for people who want to protect and secure your data as you travel. This is essential today in the modern era. Being alone is a myth now, but it doesn’t have to be. The detraktor folio gives you ultimate privacy as it is easy to invade a phone and tablet and area your information. My choice depends on your scenario: The scenario is different for what your needs are. A government tablet is for government use, while an iPad, PC tablet, and Remarkable are for the general public. A remarkable is for an artist who likes the pencil and pad look while an iPad is for more use with color schematics. So, it just depends but the Detraktor pad is what everyone should have too. 

1 miniature military bible to carry around to peer into. The Bible, in it’s entirety, has had more phrases than we like to imagine. Whether you are a believer your not, you have to have one copy of a bible as a bible quote can help legitimize your work or make you sound smart at times. The military bible is small and compact and the paper is razor thin. It has maps of the exodus journey and maps to help you visualize the story as you read it. Some bibles are larger and have more to offer, but this is if you are on the move. 

2 pens (Levenger) (regular). Levenger is a pen that you use when you are signing papers and they are a decorative pen, not to be confused with pens to write with everyday. Levenger is expensive so it’s best to have one. To show some decadence, if you can afford it. Otherwise, the ballpoint pens are my favorite to use. You can buy the Ballpoint Pen in bulk as well. 

1 hard drive for your data and game memory. 1-5 TB recommended. (I didn’t copy that, I do carry one around with me). Now we get to the fun part. A hard drive is essential to most computers today. On a Mac or PC, you want any available hard drive space, to save your music, documents, photos. WD is the go to for me as they make SSD memory and miniature SD cards, if you have a Nintendo switch. What is important is that you get 1 hard drive for documents, family photos, or videos if you need to transfer your videos away or make another copy of. It’s good to have in any case if your computer is damaged. If you are away from the cloud or internet, this is best to have. Now if you are not a Nintendo Switch player, and you want an external hard dive for your main system, 5 TB and beyond is essential. When I heard PlayStation 5 wants to record you and potentially kick you off for saying “inappropriate language” this is when I forgo PlayStation as a product and a company. I abhor people listening to me when I’m playing a game so I never use a voice in multiplayer form. Also learn to lean away from multiplayer and lean towards single player open world games if you have a penchant for multiplayer. Privacy is a key issue today. But also, having the ability to hold all your games on a 5 TB or beyond memory, for the XBOX is essential. WD sells a XBOX memory SSD versions that comes with two months of XBOX Game pass and if you pay 14.99 a month you have access to a fairly large catalogue of games from the XBOX library. That may change upon the time and when you read this. XBOX, to me, has always cared about the XBOX shelf life, and PlayStation’s anti-customer ethic is astounding. So if you had a fire, all you need to do is grab or unplug the Hard drive and leave. Ultimately you need to keep your system clean so that if you have a fire, you can just buy another system. Depending on the system availability. Make sure you create passwords for both your hard-drives. 

1 analog tape recorder (pocket size). Yes, this is old school but it was essential for me, as sometimes you might run out of juice on your phone and you have to pull out something in case you need to record also. It’s old school and you c an use your phone, but this is for an extra back up, in case the phone turns off. Buy a few mini tapes as well, to keep on hand if your phone is dead or to back up any records you feel are too important. 

 1- handgun with two clips of self defense ammo on your person. Also, we get to another essential in life. No matter what you think about guns, you must be able to use a handgun in case you are attacked in the street, depending on your castle ground laws in America. If you are a Glock or Beretta owner, take a chance on upgrading your pistol with a Micro Roni. Made by CAA, it allows you to put your Glock or Beretta APX Strker into the slide, and it turns it into a short barreled rifle (SBR). It is recommended for 20-25 feet, or to eradicate enemies at close range. An Operator would need this in the field if his main side arm is what he would need, and doesn’t need to lug around a a rifle. The Micro Roni can git into any day backpack. Be sure to carry any ammo you can. Best bet is to use self defense rounds. If you do intend to get a gun, be sure to apply for a conceal carry license and train. I can’t stress the point of training enough. Also, use your weapon responsibly. Also, be sure to get a tax stamp on your gun. Your gun is what you are getting a tax stamp for in order to carry the Micro Roni around with you. The Micro Roni can also be equipped with a silencer, flashlight, a rail for laser sight, and a top rail for a scope. The scope is better than the iron sights that come with it. Always stock up on ammo as much as you can. 

1 small pocket size Listerine for business, health, and sexual purpose. This goes without saying. If you are on a date, or in a business meeting where you have to get close to people, carry a small bottle of Listerine, the same size for traveling conditions. Toothbrush, all of that, are essentials. 

1 laptop and charger. Now Laptop and charger are very important. This goes under the electronics category. I like Apple products, and I know, I know, they are made in China, and you are allowed to make fun of me for that. I feel like a God when I’m using an Apple computer and there are a few things to consider with my computer. Be sure to protect your computer with Malware bytes and if you are trying to search for “explicit” things for “research” TOR is going to be your best bet. I use Microsoft word, and a way to get around buying the 365 version is to buy a single unit, and you can put it on each new computer. Or use pages if you want on a Mac. Always change your passwords too. 

1 back up USB cord and charger for phone and laptop. The cords on your phone always break, so get a durable cord that is made to fit in your car USB cord, and make sure it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Your cord should be either for an apple or android device. You should also have any plugs if you travel to Europe or Asia.

1 phone. Finally, a phone. Depending on the brand, an iPhone for me, has always served my purpose of writing but also taking photos and selfies. Use TOR if you want complete privacy, and you can download it for free but then pay for it. If you do want protection, always enter your password, and don’t use the fingerprint mechanism. 

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