End of the Year Wrap up Blog!

17 Dec

It has been a trying year for everyone, but after much deliberation, I started my blog back up and I’m so glad that I found a community that reads my content and gives me the time of day. Unlike journalists who go to school and they pretend to “know the facts” I go by the idea that “I’m just expressing myself, and anything that happens, I’m not a Oracle, and if it happens, huzzah, but otherwise, expression is the key.” Right now everyone is experiencing a tyrannical disposition in America facing freedom of expression being taken away. It’s independent content creators that make the world more interesting and viable to creativity and freedom of speech. I follow many creators who are bombastic, intelligent, and otherwise bat shit insane, and we need all of this in order to have freedom of expression. Most of the time, I do not chase many Internet stories, but I do cover things that are relevant to me and the value of expression that I can give. Reviewing games this year has been interesting and using my talents to help spread the word about games, books, and movies that are relevant or need to be noted for my blog. I covered Joker (2019) and it was the most amazing film to come across cinemas for the last five years, and that’s where it started.

I am not going to write anymore essays for the rest of the month, being that most of the essays I covered are going to be published sometime next year, as a book of essay and criticisms. Anthony Burgess was an novelist but he was also a critic, and I think about how he would have handled so many cultural events that took place in America and beyond. People like Christopher Hitchens covered politics, but I cover that from time to time, not that much.

I was so excited to cover so many games this year, and it proved fruitful as this blog remains an independent review, not based on a committee. Some would think I’m criticizing Naughty Dogg too much, but if I do, it’s only out of humor, and sometimes, humor hurts more than the truth, and are intertwined.

I can say that there are going to be a few things I am going to cover: politics, reviewing Berserk from beginning to end chapters, a Nintendo Switch review of Doom Eternal (possibly, not for certain), and a thorough in depth review of Cyberpunk 2077 with the campaign of all three life choices, not just one. Also, I am aware of the bugs and the glitches, as I am aware of. I will criticize in detail what should be criticize and praise it where it can be. Also, it will give me time to wait for an XBOX series X, so that I can see it in all it’s glory. I only have an XBOX One S, and it does pass the grade, for now, but I am more a story focused person, so story will always be first and foremost in a game review.

Also the essays have helped provide more avenues to my books. So please keep buying my books, because that’s how I make my living. Along the book front, there are going to be two, or three, works coming out next year that I’m excited to publish. One is a fantasy work that I just finished editing this year. It’s about a young prince who has to destroy his father, a dark lord, who might not turn out to be so dark. It was my way of adding moral complexity into a fantasy story that isn’t like Game of Thrones, or all pure and pristine like Lord of the Rings.

It’s a fantasy story that means a lot to me. Another will be a story about two brothers, one who follows a healthy career path, of being a writer, while the other joins Anti-Fa. It details how one is successful and the other is learning that groups, like Anti-Fa, come with a price to pay as well. That will be included with the final publication of the collection of essays detailing over two years of essays about writing, movies, games, or anything of that nature. So, be on the look out for three books from me next year in 2021.

If you can’t buy the books or subscribe for a monthly access, please share it around with anyone you know, get the word out. Working on a donation function so that it you don’t want to buy any of the books or writing, you can donate either bitcoin or PayPal. If you want to send me anything, it’s appreciated, but remember to share the video if you can’t do that.

Thank you all so much, and stay safe.

Louis Bruno


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