The Shot Heard around the World: 01/06/21

8 Jan

Considering that it’s been two days since the Trump protestors, who peacefully marched on Washington, was superseded by a riot that took place, storming the capital. Considering that there are theories abound about them being “Anti-fa” is up for debate, other democrats think Trump protestors storming the capital is a full blown act of terrorism. Anti-Fa did this too. When Trump supporters since 2015 have been called “deplorables” and “racists” and every single word to demean them, the question is, where was the left in all this? Tim Pool called this “the shot heard around the world” and it was heard, but leftists fell on deaf ears. 

            If the left were for real anarchy, they would praise the protestors and not be for the government. Are they now for police? Not screaming ACAB (All Cops are Bastards)? It seems so topsy turvy. Riots and looting took place in the year 2020, and I’m supposed to pretend Black Lives Matter cares about small businesses. But this is the problem. The situation is grim. Leftists do not care about people. The elites are paid to stay home. Nurses are allowed to dance and be “entertainers.” (Personally, stop doing this before people stop going to hospitals in general, nurses. I would gladly defund nurses if they continue this farce. Also, I don’t mind if you sell your pussy pics on the side in your nurse uniform. Just not at work, as every boss has told me). 

            What this means is that no one trusts anyone. Why should the right honestly trust Donald J Trump after today? It’s because 3 million people believed in him, and wanted to make a difference. To be heard. To be called “crazy” and “conspiracy theorists” only proved this day ended in bloodshed is on the left’s hands, not President Donald J. Trump. It’s the dishonest politicians on both the right and left proving that they don’t care about Trump Supporters. They hate us. They hate the Independents, and Ashli Babbit, who served in the military who was shot in the neck by Capitol guards as she was storming the capital. After that, leftists degraded her twitter profile like the good hate mob they are. Afraid to take there fight to the government, and prove there worth, instead of burning down businesses, like BLM and Anti-fa have done for the year of 2020. (Oh, yes, I remember, but does the left?) 

            Where is the peace? Unity? Who wants unity with the left don’t care about regular people? According to the left, “protests are the voices of the unheard.” For the past five years, the voices of Trump supporters have been banned on social media, mocked, ridiculed, by anti-Semite pedophile SJW BLM leftists, who screamed in DC “Israel we hear you too, you kill children too.” The left could make fun of DJT all they wanted, but no one could touch leftist celebrities. What is the world coming to? If Republicans can’t protest in turn, what can Republicans do? 

            To recap, the “party of the people”, the left, have turned into corporate frauds, and were always this way. Rage Against the Machine turned into Rage with the Machine. Consume. Support Marvel films. Buy video games, not guns. That will protect you in the end. Cause an XBOX can stop a burglar from invading your house, right? That will solve this problem. The cops will come and save you. No, it won’t. Stop buying into corporate logic, because that’s whose winning. All of this sounds like Cyberpunk world, where William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, predicted a world such a would come into fruition. Information worth more than gold. Honestly, predictions merely come from insider info, and people in the know, can talk about these things. 

            Not the general public. The corporations hate us, politicians are spineless, which is nothing new to me. Democrats bleed green, money. This was always known. But the dishonesty Republicans advanced there careers on Donald J. Trumps back was more than just treasonous, it was seditious and wrong. If the cops are only protecting Anti-Fa and BLM, do we really want to trust police too? Republicans backed the blue during 2020, and look where it got them? I still think there are good policemen, but maybe people will form a citizen police instead? Like the Guardian Angels in 1980’s New York.

            RINO (Republican in Name Only) was a word that came to my vocabulary in 2017. It was a word that many Republicans knew before I ever knew. But it’s the lack of transparency that is sweeping across America. Politicians are Cyclops, or Cacodemons, as Americans right now are put into the position of fleeing blue states, as I am considering leaving Virginia, to greener pastures. Why? The left’s ability to corrupt the American Right.  

            If even Nick Fuentes is screaming “Fuck the police” on his twitter page, that’s the worse sign of the oncoming days of a Biden/Harris administration. To put it mildly, Trump is stuck in the White House, with the world against him. He deserved better than this. To be mistreated by celebrities, politicians, and poisoning his base against each other. I think the title of a Mick Gordon song “The only thing they fear is you” is what the American people need to think about. The politicians should fear us and our ability to take the reins of the country if the government we see is ill equipped to run it. It’s in America’s constitution. It’s in American blood to fight for what we want. I can only think of King Novik, a faded king from the Knight Sentinels tell the Doom Slayer, as he pursues the Hell Priests who invaded earth in 2020’s Doom Eternal “What you interfere with now is bigger than you can imagine. You are but one man. They are not your people to save.” 

            Doom Eternal is a fantasy, but today, it doesn’t feel so different. People are dying. Screaming for answers. But there is one thing I can impart on you: to never give up. I urge people to stay calm, but even I don’t think that’s possible. Find opportunity elsewhere and leave your blue states, if you can. Get out while you still can. If you can save yourself and your families, fine, but remember that you have the right to protect yourself in America and the ability to make your voice heard. As of now, there is no difference between Cop and Criminal. Philip K Dick would have feared this day would come, as his seminal book, A Scanner Darkly, is about to come true. When a generation would have to find out that the system doesn’t work. Voting might not ever work again. This is all I can think about.

            If Republicans, like Ted Cruz, are asking for peace, and AOC will scream about putting Trump supporters on lists, then the party of tolerance and acceptance, has failed completely. The Party of Tolerance has turned into Big Brother from 1984. George Orwell’s death bed prediction will come true if America doesn’t take a step back America could lose everything. 

            It’s bigger than us right now. Black, white, Asian, Latinos, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Crip, Blood, we all are on our own, and we have to be kind and help each other.. No one, not even Ashli Babbit, should have died on January 6th, 2021, but today, is fleeing worse? Will that not stop the tyranny? 

            If the government will look like Nimrods one world language, is it that what Americans want? Individuals can make America great, and keep America great, long after Donald J. Trump leaves. If people, like AOC, won’t take a step back, the left are done. No one will vote for party of wealth anymore. But if Donald J Trump had to condemn violence on January 6th, then who is Donald Trump? What was his presidency for? I still think his presidency is one of the better presidents Americans will ever have. He gave people job opportunities, America was a strong nation again, tried to unite Israel with hostile middle eastern countries, such as the UAE, and was successful. Hezbollah was quiet from 2016-2020. But if everyone can be bought, then what’s the price we pay for revolution? 

            The answer is never to believe in politicians ever again. I still support Donald J Trump, but again, who can be trusted anymore? If politicians are like King Novik saying “they are not your people to save” then the system is done for. The only thing we can do now is save each other. I am for the Constitution and for all who want to protect what our Founding Fathers built. If the phony corpos and politicians are in on the scam, there’s no way debate can solve this. But what you do, dear readers, is up to you.

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Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, The Michael Project, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab,, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter, only for shitposting. 


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