Creativity in 2021

13 Jan

Creativity has been a maligned, and stupid word, and for good reason. If Salman Rushdie can steal from great writers, like Mario Puzo, and use it in the Golden House, what does that word actually mean? Since 2015, the entertainment industry faced such an upheaval as they took a stand against Donald Trump. It debated whether anyone should pay for what artists make. But does something free mean the work you read, consume, or watch, anymore valuable? Before we get started, I urge you to charge for your novel, painting, anything you are making. A normal sum for a book, because communism is not going to help you succeed either. Free art doesn’t mean you are good either. But you are smart enough to decide how much you are worth. With that out of the way, let’s proceed.  

            The problem of art being ruined did not start at 2016 and during 2020. The publishers and corporations ruined art a long time ago. The Democratization of the Arts, trying to please everyone, is not accepting of an individual who wants to be a rebel. Bret Easton Ellis covers this more in depth with his book, White, which is a must read, about the fame and the weird parameters with entering the entertainment industry. Money has more to do with the business of publishing than creativity.  

            Therefore, creativity has nothing to do with the business aspect of writing. Writers don’t think about what makes money and it’s detrimental to learn how. Just learn to write in a genre, but also you don’t have to limit yourself inside a genre. Sometimes you can make something new by incorporating genre elements into literature. It has always worked, but you must understand what you can bring to genre and literature before thinking that you can copy and paste another artists style into your work. Being you is what brought you here, and learning to find out what is interesting to you.

But Creativity is now a word that I would use, and I’m a writer, essayist. Essentially, creativity doesn’t exist. It’s when you have real creativity, you don’t need to talk about it, but the days of wanting to hear celebrities interviewed, when they have no pulse anymore, is a trying time. 

I think the Karl Urban action packed Dredd (2012) is far more entertaining and stimulating than movies would like to be. Social movies don’t make money anymore. As a character, Charles Herman, said in A Beautiful Mind, “Mathematics won’t lead you to a higher truth. You want to know why. Cause it’s boring. It’s really boring” Just replace Mathematics with Social Message films, and you will see the point. But also being subtle about a message can help your art too. I would argue to just balance your social messages inside a tightly woven story. It’s all about balance. Don’t forget the story too as well as creating beautiful sentences.

            Creativity to me is a word that doesn’t belong with companies or people who become slaves to producers who will put more women through a casting couch anymore. It’s about money. When I watched writers being interviewed, I wanted to be interviewed and talk about creativity, but the problem is, what hoola-hoop of hell to jump through to get there, and why should anyone want that?

            The Internet has let normal people become Gods, and with that, comes a heavy price too. If one is an internet celebrity, it’s the same thing as Hollywood, but with less restraints. Apologies aren’t necessary when you own your destiny. So, that’s one part of creativity I impart upon going forward into 2021.

            Creativity is a word best defined individually and not by a broad term or stuck in a corporate machine, either. Making lots of money off your art is not the only win anymore, and once that happened, it ruined the purety of the work, and not so reliant on marketing commercials or media hype. But money you earn by your own merits matters more than being paid by a large corporation either. You can keep the money you earn. Work the taxes at your own whim.

Creativity is when we used to sit all day in a bookstore and we’re not being paid for it. Being paid for your art is good, but is money worth more than your freedom of expression? Is creativity worthless when you have nothing to say? The best news is you don’t have to really work for a publication anymore. Just start your own blog. Buy a green screen for your Youtube/podcast studio. 

            Many will say, “Well, people were already doing that anyway.” Yes, Youtube is fading out a lot of creative people, but go to the Alt-Tech sites, like Bitchute. Personally, my creativity flourished during the Donald Trump era, 2016-2020, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

            Become your own God, because like the Gods you are, we are the new Gods. But like Gods, we must face our own trials and tribulations. Besides, a Greek Myth without tragedy or pain or an adventure is a boring legend.

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Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, The Michael Project, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab,, Minds, 

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