Doom Eternal: the Switch(ed) Review

18 Jan

Doom Eternal, developed by Id studios, published by Bethesda, was a phenomenal hit in 2020. Panic Button studios, which helped develop Doom (2016) which proved that Panic Button studios could develop complicated games for the Nintendo Switch. Which by all rights, Warframe, is the studios best looking game, but while graphically they set the bar, the campaign is nonexistent. Which begs the question, could Panic Button fit the game onto the Switch, and make it work on a system that should run Mario Odyssey, only? 

 I’m here to say…it worked. Somehow Panic Button did the hard work of preparing a game that technically on March 2020, made me question how Panic Button got the game to work on the handheld Nintendo device. 

Doom Eternal was the one of the few games that did catch everything a First Person Shooter needed. Doom Eternal, released on the PS4 and XBOX One in 2020, broke ground trying to add more story to a fast paced shooting environment, while adding Slayer Gate levels, arcade style shooter death matches, in the middle of a campaign. Dash mechanics, as in a Metroid game, if you want to be strategic. (Again, I got distracted and played more. I shouldn’t keep this by my desk.)

All the guns from the other versions are in the Switch version, too. So, you won’t be disappointed Switch fans. Gyro controls are back, to help you aim. Personally, buy a Hori Switch Controller, and it will help you play the game as it was meant to. Online multiplayer, Battle Mode, is available, while invasion mode is not present in the Switch version, at the time this article is written. Plus the medals from all the systems versions are available too so that you won’t feel cheated, either. (Nintendo has yet to use a medal system, which should if it wants to draw hardcore completitionists to spending an extra sixty dollars upon release, plus there are bonus trophies you can win through the account, and get cool skins, if you want to show off in multiplayer mode). 

The in game secrets, such as collectible toy demons, which say more about the Slayer’s psyche, proves the demons are his toys and he is not afraid to rip them apart, or shoot them, with any gun in his arsenal. For those new to Doom Eternal, it picks up 8 months after a hellish invasion where demons and angels are plotting to take over earth as it is “your people’s time to give penance” the Betrayer, says to him, at the beginning of the journey in the possessed ruins of Exultia. And the Doom Slayer won’t listen, and then, demons die, and insanity ensues with hilarious Glory kill moments. Good times. 

The mechanics from all the console versions, are there on the Nintendo Switch. Rip and Tear on the go, and while it took a year, it was worth the wait. It’s one of the best ports to come to the Nintendo Switch. While visually Warframe is the best Nintendo Switch port in Panic Button’s canon, this combines both style and story with Panic Button’s abilities of perfecting the visuals with the gameplay aesthetic that Id is capable of delivering. 

As fun as the campaign is they didn’t cheapen the Nightmare or Ultra Nightmare runs either. So, depending on who you are, a challenge is always good for the veteran FPS’ers but the reality is, it’s fun as it is infuriating. Hydrate, and eat and take a break, because as you learn in Poker, it’s best to leave when you are winning. 

But al in all, after playing it on both the PS4 Pro and the XBOX One S version, the Switch version sets the bar so high that Nintendo will definitely try and push there hardware in the next system upgrade. But funny enough, and I’ll whisper this to you, it still works. Even if you didn’t have another system, I could still honestly recommend Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch. The only con that I can express is that the Joy Con controllers were not built for man sized hands or the hands of a hobbit. I recommend buying the Hori Switch controller, that you can slide on and play competively.

Rip and tear, Zelda players. Rip and tear.

Final Review: 9/10 

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