The Doom Slayer and his Toys

21 Jan
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It occurred to me that there’s something crucial in all of Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal (2020). No one talks about it in any reviews, but maybe this is worthy of a deep dive. There are secrets in Doom Eternal and what makes them so fascinating is that while this may just represent Id’s psyche and there humor, but the collectible toys, the demons. You have the option of finding them in the game too, but the weird thing is, no one ever gives it a moment’s notice. 

            As someone who has played the campaign for the fourth time, the collectible demons, remind us that the Doom Slayer is a kid at heart. He wants to have fun too. Slayers want to wear there grill face and fry up burgers and steaks. 

            The Doom Slayer, a man who has fought the same demons over and over again, has now reached a point when he’s not afraid of the things he kills. But it’s the same with hunters every time they hunt. Hunters get used to the idea of death, but they know it could happen. The Doom Slayer is a man too angry to die, and that’s what makes the Doom Slayer appreciate the little things. 

            The collectively funko pop toys along the way, but it’s more than that. Maybe it’s a cosmic joke on Bethesda and Id, but the Doom Slayer sees the demons as toys because he’s not afraid. He sees the demons as his playthings as he has murdered them for eons in his journey in the Doom franchise. 

            What makes the Doom franchise special is that the player is allowed to be the vessel for which the doom slayer and the player are one. The psyche of a man who is an unstoppable killing machine that won’t stop until all evil is dead. The collective funko pop toys in Doom Eternal prove that the Slayer is someone unafraid of anyone or anything, as he will make sure the world will hear his name, and the Demons who come again, will fear all those who actualize there vengeance and become the warrior we need to the invading horde. 

            But even the Doom Slayer has to have hobbies too.   

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