Berserk Chapter 363 Review

22 Jan

In the latest chapter of Berserk, we see finally how Skull Knight claims his role as King Geiserek, and we learn that Flora, Schierke’s elvish mentor, broke an oath and had to leave elfham. The problem is, we don’t know at this point. What can be surmised is that the fan service of many a year were correct, and while some were waiting 20 years for this arrival, it means that the future of Berserk now hinges on Guts and what the rest of his journey must entail. There’s a slight brief moment of comic relief, but it’s more of a distraction in this chapter, as I was really ready to have more of Guts and what he thought. But it seems that Miura is lessening his pages with Guts because it seems like now, Guts has a decision to make. 

“Then in the end you must determine what to make of your fury. Whether it is to be the breathe that keeps you alive, or the hellfire that consumes you from within.” 

Gut’s Final decision

It’s a moment that Guts realizes that the final breath of the journey depends on whether Guts learns to forgive his past, and know where he must stand in his battle against Griffith. Guts is character that was driven by revenge that only now he starts to realize the battle he faces has happened before, and how he must defy the fate of becoming Skull Knight, or become the very thing he hated. It’s a question of morality, as Guts could stop pursuing Griffith, and after the death of the Band of the Hawk, and all that he faced, could he retire and live his life in peace? 

The problem is, Griffith knows that as long as Guts is alive, Griffith won’t stop. So, safe to say, it won’t be that long until Guts and Griffith meet, and Guts now has the army to fight off Griffith. Guts stares into a window where Casca is, and he knows that he must control his anger and rage as long as he can return to Casca. If he turns into Skull Knight the quest would end in futility, but with Miura, it’s about the soft pain of reality within the fantasy. 

If Guts commits to violence he would never be able to live normally with Casca ever again. But we get one final scene that made me eagerly await for the next chapter. The mysterious elven king approaches Guts, as there must be wisdom he can impart. Hopefully to break the cycle that Guts and Griffith are enveloped in. But it wouldn’t be surprising if Griffith did a 180 and defied the story, but there’s no chance that Guts and Griffith would stop fighting. It wouldn’t make sense, but then, Miura has built Berserk off the chance of the story changing at a moment’s notice. 

The problem is the comedic relief impeded on what mattered. Guts and his journey, but today, the decision that Guts makes will impact the rest of the chapters, and the final battle that is to take place. 

I’m sure we are going to see a storyline with the Bakiraka and Rickert, as the battle is going to take place in Midland as Guts plans his next move. But every second spent in Elfham is more than seven years past in Midland. But the next chapter must give Guts the reason to pursue Griffith, and control the Berserk armor. 

Overall, the comedy does impede the narrative as single comic, but might work in a volume. The comedy does give some break to the intense plot, but overall, the narrative needs to pick back up, but hopefully the side quest comes to an end.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

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