Biden Failure #7: Removing Title X

2 Feb
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Just when I think Biden can’t hide his malevolence for the American people even further, he manages to outdo himself. Expect people, especially religious people, who don’t want to pay for Abortion. It’s more than insulting, but the power Biden has is not there. He didn’t propose Removing Title X. Title X, for anyone who doesn’t know, is President Donald J. Trump’s order to let people not pay for abortions through public funded taxation. Kamala Harris, his VP, told him to do this. She’s the main pipeline to the SJW group think. This Indian woman should be taking my order, not being the Vice President. But then, what is clear is the outright indicative hatred for the right, but also to the average American taxpayers. 

            They don’t care about what the ordinary people think. I would happily fund Abortion if I didn’t have to pay for it. If that can happen fine, but the democrats would not want it that way. They think it’s a human right. Is it human to kill a child? You certainly can’t be Christian and believe this, unless you’re a cafeteria Catholic. (Full Disclosure I am Catholic and I make fun of myself too, as I’m not a Church goer, but I defend anyone’s right to practice a religion unless it causes them to wear a bomb on their chest).

            But the democrats will make up anything they want to make people think how they think. It’s called the power of reinvention. Reinvention is part of the Boomer aesthetic as they think they can remake movies over and over again, but they keep trying to sell abortion to the American public when it’s very unpopular to the right, and libertarians who don’t feel like being taxed for a wishy washy reason that democrats will keep selling repeatedly. 

            If Juno was remade today, the young girl who becomes pregnant, would get an abortion. The movie would be five minutes long. 

            The problem is, do we have to pay if we don’t want it? I don’t want to buy a Dan Brown or Stephen King book so I get it from the library. But can abortion be treated as flippant as this. Yes, people should be allowed to not pay for what they don’t want. I don’t pay for any channels on cable I don’t want. 

            People, especially on the religious right, should have the right not to pay for abortion. It’s against their faith, and I completely understand it. I fight for their right to believe how they want and what they want to believe (unless they are committing acts of violence in the name of said faith). I like and love the idea of an afterlife, and while I’m not a perfect, anyone reading this would agree protecting children is good and honorable. They didn’t deserve to be hurt, or born. Adoption is a great idea for many who are pregnant but they are either too young or they can’t afford to take care of it. Remember, that other people, who can’t have children, want them so badly. Life is worth protecting, because at one point, if you’re reading this, you were born too. 

            To hate children, is to hate yourself, and hate the mistakes you made, and not creating a solution to the problem of Abortion. But here’s an idea to all feminists. If you, as a woman, can kill a child, in the womb, you should be able to join the military, and bomb little brown children, because if you can kill a child in your womb, you can kill another child, too. Js.

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