The Removal of a Patriot: McConnell Pops Out of his Shell Again!

2 Feb

Seeing that this is the new thing today with the GOP to fuck over the people, let’s start this off with a very merry fuck you to McConnell, who thinks he can lord it over the people. What has this asshole done this time? Well, it’s worse when the Democrats move in against the people and Senate Republicans, but hey, let’s not pretend the world we live in is a good one, right? It never was good, to begin with, but hey, if McConnel can pop his head out of his tortoise body to do something with his life, maybe it should be to croak, because hey, turtles croak, right?

            McConnell wants to remove Majorie Taylor Greene, who started articles of Impeachment against *President* Biden for his affairs in Ukraine. I mean, if this can be done to President Trump, then it can certainly happen to Biden, who actually admitted of removing the Ukrainian attorney investigating the Barisma corporation, for letting Hunter Biden work there, with no real experience in energy, right?

            Wrong. If this happens, then it can be all out warfare on everyone, and if you thought her “extremist conspiracy theories” (Villarel, Daniel. Newsweek. Feb 1st, 2021. Found 2/2/2021) were bad, then they have nothing else to remove her for, because suddenly Biden is the only other alternative. I get it turtlehead, you want some peace and quiet, and you want to go back to war in the middle east. Bomb more brown people again, Mitch, right? 

            I guess you have no backbone or spine, because in a free society, we have the right to question the legitimacy of an election. When the Democrats scream you say, “How much will you pay us to shut up and play ball?” Or would you let the Democrats tickle your balls just for that sweet middle eastern oil money? I think you’re already frothing at the mouth to send my nephew into the middle east just because of…reasons. Fuck you and your reasons shitbird, and please remind us who put you in your position.

            I think everyone who reads me knows the real truth about what happened in the United States. If the Senate doesn’t remove Mitch McConnel or the entire batch of flunkies, then America might not be here for the future. 

            What would Mitch say about taking away guns? “It will be fine as long as we have them.” 

            Rules for thee, but not for me. 

            I get it, shitbird. You and Pelosi aren’t any better. I guess the swamp needs your help. Well don’t count on Swamp Thing because he protects the green, and you only protect your self interests. But I guess you want us to be grateful with the Keystone Pipeline closing down, right? And that little migrant crisis with open borders? Please put them in your home, and take care of them for us right. When they know the truth about who Biden really is, come back to me then. 

            I hope all this can be resolved, and Majorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert can be left alone, because at this point, those two have more balls than your entire court combined. 

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