Valentine’s Day 2021

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is a day where many of you are surprising your wives’, husbands, lovers, with gifts because they need to be reminded how much you love them. It’s hard with the last two years, but every day you should do something that makes your partner feel special. The things they love. Give them some alone time to have some hobbies on of their own. Or spend more time with them. As you work at home, spend a few minutes when they have the time. Saying “I love you” means a lot today. Love is when two must find their way to communicate and think directly and the problems are just momentary. Couples and lovers should always find some way to communicate and think about how to solve problems. Maybe the word “Love” does get forgotten in the day to day lives. Before March 20th, 2020, the lockdowns did give us more quality time with our families. 

            That might be the only good thing that has happened this year. But today, on February 14th, 2021, we need to do something different. Go have a picnic, or go out to a restaurant to state your love. Make up a game where you and your lover have to figure it out. Treasure hunt. Some partners really love treasure hunts. 

            But you don’t have to do that either. Today, it’s about not listening to the negativity that family members tell us. Sometimes family members don’t like who we are dating. Well, if they loved you, they would accept the partner for who they were. 

            If you go around thinking about what others think about your partner, you’re not really in love. Listening to friends who want to ruin your relationship with poisonous words is not love. 

            Sometimes love is learning to accept what your partner is and not what you want them to be. Unless they are addicted to drugs and they aren’t living up to their end of the bargain in a relationship, be it financial or emotional. But today is a day that all of the squabbles should be left aside. 

            If you are a gamer, play a game your lover or special someone likes so that you know you care. Also remember what they say too, as the littlest things your wife or husband or lover say are important too.

            Show them and be honest about what you think and feel. Honesty is hard for people who don’t know how to express it. Sometimes it’s about learning who your partner is, all over again. Maybe you had time to catch up with each other over the last year?

            Love is hard today in the online world, because many who text don’t want to meet up. Maybe all it takes is a simple message, but if you don’t solidify your relationship, and there is no communion of touch or seeing there facial expressions, it’s time to start figuring out what you two want from each other. 

            Online dating is not good if you don’t want to get out and meet people. There’s nothing like staring at each other, and seeing another person’s lips move. Humor and love are intertwined too. Tell them a funny joke. Learn to make up jokes and make your partner laugh. 

            Love is central to the stomach, and the soft organ our guts represent (as an aside, if you ever watched a sword and sandal film, when a knife pierces the stomach, it’s the most painful thing ever, so love and pain are tied to stomach). Like humor. Humor and love are both intertwined. If you love someone, write them a song or poem. If they love you, they will appreciate it. But if you write a love song or poem, it has to be genuine too. (Putting some pressure on you guys and gals, but you need a reminder). 

            Sometimes its about learning what you think is possible to achieve in a relationship. Love is about learning that you both have to love one another, and do the same work to achieve that love. If one person is doing all the work in a relationship, then that’s duty, not love.

            If you love someone, apologizing is a good thing too, but only if you are truly sorry. Today is the day to mend wounds with your lover and realize that they are special too. And the same goes the other way around. 

            Gifts are a good idea, but gifts should not be expected back. This is a day of being selfless to the one who, for example, takes on more house hold or fiscal responsibilities than you. Realizing that you are your love are one in the same. 

            Love is not just a generic idea, and love in the modern perspective can be allusive today. Love is not just words written in poems, or novels, or songs, but can be achieved every day. Showing with action and words often are what love means. To be selfless and give yourself over to someone, and they do the same, without expecting much in return. 

            Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  

an old but goodie:

-Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, including, The Michael Project, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep (a book of poetry). His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab,, Minds His latest, Come Home, Young One, a dark fantasy novel is out now at Link is here:

Note from Louis: Don’t worry, you won’t hear me begging on this post today. This one’s on the house. That’s my gift to you, my loves.

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