Art and Culture # 27: Ancient Exile

16 Mar

-For the Uncensored!

            With censorship and freedom of speech always under threat in each generation, there are moments when individuals must take there stand in society and say the things repressed society won’t say until a tyrant is gone or dead. It’s hard to stop an oncoming campaign of censorship and violence that follows when group think is willing to silence and harass people for freedom of speech. If you want an example of ancient culture partaking in censorship, one of the shining examples of ancient exile that literature saw, was Dante Alighieri. 

            Dante Alighieri, “(born c. May 21–June 20, 1265, Florence [Italy]—died September 13/14, 1321, Ravenna). With his famous trilogy of the Divine Comedy, “The poem amazes by its array of learning, its penetrating and comprehensive analysis of contemporary problems, and its inventiveness of language and imagery. By choosing to write his poem in the Italian vernacular rather than in Latin, Dante decisively influenced the course of literary development. (He primarily used the Tuscan dialect, which would become standard literary Italian, but his vivid vocabulary ranged widely over many dialects and languages.)” (

Dante’s Inferno was made into a game as well. The game didn’t follow the poem, but it did help provide an exciting road map into the view of Dante’s epic poem, but also enjoyable and best adaptation of an epic poem to game to date. Exciting but definitely introduced non readers to the world Dante envisioned.

            What it does offer in cadence, the Italian poet saw with the success of the Divine Comedy, it also brought trouble in which Dante was forced into exile. Exile, back then, meant that Dante had to leave his house and flee persecution. Now, persecution for a work of prose, nonfiction, painting, is still followed with the same trajectory. For Dante it went like this: “It seems that Dante at first was active among the exiled White Guelfs in their attempts to seek a military return. These efforts proved fruitless. Evidently Dante grew disillusioned with the other Florentine outcasts, the Ghibellines, and was determined to prove his worthiness by means of his writings and thus secure his return.”


            With the limited amount of information when it comes to the crux of Dante’s life, it meant proving that he could survive on his own, and thus make his way back into the literary circles. But in the times before internet and phone, a lifetime could pass and the crimes that Dante committed could be forgotten by the world at large. 

            Even so, what he did in another town, didn’t matter to those who exiled him before. Much could happen in a life when a dictator leaves, as the people might revolt, and depose the dictator in question. It could mean a happier ending for a writer like Dante, as he faded from public scrutiny, he could return back to Florence and write more poems.

            Much of Dante’s life and work, produced in exile, didn’t seem to bother the public after his scandals subsisted. I hope that many who face that same exile know that there can and will be a happy ending, but sometimes, it may not happen in your lifetime.

            Sometimes, exile serves as a chance to change your life and come back when no one expects you to. Mel Gibson even experienced his own form of exile, but like all geniuses, much of it came back with rewards. And anyone who is in exile, you have it easier with alt tech. If Dante Alighieri were alive today, he would probably have been cancelled, because unlike in the past, social media always remembers. 

            But don’t worry, my friends. It can and will get better. Just hold on and keep creating. 

-Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, including, The Michael Project, The Michael Project: Book 2: The Lost Children of Eve, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab,, Minds, and Parler Instagram @lbrruno8063 and @louisbrunoofficialbook. He has written for the Intellectual Conservative and Ephemere. His latest, Come Home, Young One, a dark fantasy novel is out now at Link is here:  His next series, City of Sand, will be available sometime this year.

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