The Importance of Freedom of Speech in Court and Otherwise!

22 Apr

-For the Uncensored!            

In the most important times, Freedom of Speech is the gift that men seek to create words of wisdom by, or our enemies use our words against us in court. Court is meant to help protect a defendant when it can incriminate him. If Derek Chauvin had been gifted the opportunity to speak his mind on the subject, which he was, and even denied malicious intent, and George Floyd died of an overdose, Freedom of Speech would prevail and Derek Chauvin would be a free man. 

            Freedom of Speech, especially used by leftists California representative Maxine Waters, can get away with creating anger and resentment and even encourage hostility toward Derek Chauvin, this should have been an easy win for Chauvin. Freedom of Speech used by lefties are a double standard. They don’t care about what they say as long as they have a D after there name. They don’t care what anyone else thinks.         

            I seem to remember another leader who felt the same way. Oh yes, Adolf Hitler, who was a socialist, a modern day democrat, believed this very same logic. I’m sure lefties would create some circus counterargument that would end up a thousand page long comment feed that distorts freedom of speech, but Freedom of Speech, matters in discussion. The left don’t want a discussion, or the truth. They don’t care about freedom of speech because if that existed, then Derek Chauvin would be found not guilty, because of unpersuasive arguments made in George Floyd’s defense. 

            When Derek Chauvin didn’t defend himself, that was considered a crime. Freedom of Speech is also using that moment to not incriminate yourself when your enemies would like to. So, Freedom of Speech can help protect you in court, but the left will never answer for there speech. They don’t apologize. So, I don’t apologize either when I call them the poster children for hitler youth, and using intimidation through the media to make jurors convict Derek Chauvin for doing his job. 

            So, if we are going to abolish police, and all that bullshit, let’s be fair, who’s going to protect Maxine Waters when the time comes when the left have turned on her. I hope when she dials 9-1-1 and they say, “We can’t make it” maybe this is when Freedom of Speech has turned against Maxine Waters. A race baiting,  hypocrite with no achievements. The symbol of a career politician with no talents that can be remembered in history.

            And while many would believe that journalists are telling the truth, according to article, “Truth Trust and Expertise,” “In recent times, however, both a dismissal of journalism and scientific facts, and a stronger scepticism in political institutions are apparently growing across Europe.”

            If Journalists actually did there job and acted without bias, then freedom of speech might matter, which it doesn’t to Europe or the rest of the world. But the left will refuse to call out the media either, and this also plays a apart of how freedom of speech is under attack against those who dare to think differently, too. But the truth, to leftist journalists, is a foreign concept.

            And to quote a Aaron Sorkin film, A Few Good Men, “You Can’t Handle the Truth.”

            So, with freedom of speech being a test of faith, the important thing is, sometimes good men will suffer. And I’m not talking about George Floyd. George Floyd is Barabbas, a criminal worshipped for an instinctual bias because of the color of his skin and having multiple crimes under his belt, was made into a celebrity out of his own misfortune of dying from an overdose. 

            Freedom of Speech must be protected by action. Freedom of Speech doesn’t matter to the enemy, because Maxine Waters gets away with her words, which history will remember this as grossly incompetent behavior. But the left will never remember it that way. They wanted chaos, even when *President* Joe Biden stole the election in 2020, which by default has hurt the black community more than President Donald J. Trump ever did. But if freedom of speech is directly affected by this, and social media companies, and disgusting leftists journalists, take part, what is the divide we feel?            

            Freedom of Speech is not poison, and to protect ourselves, is the gift of American courts grant us, where most countries don’t have it. What doesn’t surprise me is the anger the left will use, and I’m positive if politicians have more say than I do, then what is the meaning of freedom of speech? 

            All of this only increases division between black, white, brown, yellow, in America (the greatest nation on Earth) and will create an importance around color after that and we forget what words mean. If Martin Luther King Jr. wanted us to see “the content of our character and not the color of our skin” representative Maxine Waters only sees colors, and uses words unfairly. But the left don’t have to be fair. 

            If Freedom of Speech is a right gifted to both enemies and hero’s, the enemy has always controlled the media, they are not the rebels. They will create stories to divide. I want freedom of speech to continue, because if it doesn’t, then America will fall. 

            America will not exist if we don’t have the right to question Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Bill Deblasio, Andrew Cuomo, and all those who would wish to use our words against us. I don’t fear judgement or the people who would use my words against me. Nazi’s don’t always have to be Aryan race, just remember that. 

-Louis Bruno is the author of more than 15 books, including, The Michael Project, The Michael Project: Book 2: The Lost Children of Eve, Thy Kingdom Come, The Disintegrating Bloodline, Apocalypse Soldier, Hierarchy of Dwindling Sheep. His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. He can be found on Gab,, Minds, and Parler Instagram @lbrruno8063 and @louisbrunoofficialbook. He has written for the Intellectual Conservative and Ephemere. Also, he writes on, where you can support him directly, and where he will post one article a day (the bulk of his work will appear on substack officially). Also he can be found on Our Freedom Book His latest, Come Home, Young One, a dark fantasy novel is out now at Link is here:  His next series, City of Sand, will be available sometime this year.

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